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May 19, 2016 | Dukus | 30 Comments

Today 1.0.5 has been released! If you play on Steam, you should get an auto update. On Humble Store, or if you bought direct, you can download the new version by logging into your humble account, or using this tool: https://www.humblebundle.com/resender. If you bought on GOG.com, you'll have to log in and download it. GOG might take a few more hours to update to 1.0.5.

There's a new modkit, available here: BanishedKit_1.0.5.160505.zip

If you want, you can patch from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 manually (the non-steam version). You can use this patch here: BanishedPatch_1.0.4_To_1.0.5.160505.zip. Just unzip it into the directory where Banished is installed.

If anything seems amiss with the new version, contact me.

Changes in 1.0.5:

  • - UTF8 is now used instead of USC2.
  • - Resource files can be in UTF8, USC2, UTF16, big and little endian. They'll be converted to UTF8 on load.
  • - Memory usage allowance has been increased to 1 gigabyte, which should allow for larger mods.
  • - All materials now use custom shading language SRSL instead of HLSL.
    • - Any mods with custom materials will need to be modified to point to the new shaders and/or use SRSL.
  • - Math library can now be compiled without the need for SIMD instructions.
  • - OpenGL is now supported (but isn't currently being released with the PC version)
  • - Data compilation is now in a separate DLL - CompileWin.dll - this can be swapped out for other platforms (consoles, mac, linux, etc)
  • - Shader compiler is now in it's own DLL. Video DX9/DX11/GL dlls are no longer required for compiling shaders.
  • - Added safety code to check for invalid and dangling pointers - this should make catching hard to find and rare issues easier.
  • - Sped up mod details dialog for massive mods that have 10000's of files included. This should make looking at conflicts and uploading to Steam workshop easier.
  • - Beta Mods and Mods newer than the currently released version can no longer be uploaded to Steam Workshop.
  • - Nvidia and AMD GPUs in laptops should now be auto selected for use, instead of an Intel Integrated card.
  • - Textile limit is now available for modders to use.
    • - Cropfields, Fishing, Forester, Hunters, Orchards, and Pastures now have a configurable resource limit.
    • - Livestock has a resource limit for the by product they make (eggs, wool, milk, etc) Note that if a by product isn't created because of the resource limit, the icon won't appear above the building.
    • - Added textile to the Status Bar, Resource Limit window, and Town Hall UI
    • - Added graphs for textiles to Town Hall UI
  • - Fixed a bug that caused fonts from 1.0.4 to not load in 1.0.5. A UCS2 - UTF8 conversion wasn't made properly.
  • - Fixed a bug that caused dropped resources (from citizen death/task cancelation) to drop in invalid places.
  • - Fixed a bug that caused orchards to cause invalid data access and or data corruption if a citizen tried to harvest a tree, but the tree died before he got there.
  • - Fixed a bug that caused potential memory corruption when cutting down an orchards trees.
  • - Fixed a bug that caused a crash if game startup failed before memory allocation was available or was corrupt. It now properly displays an error.
  • - Added better error message if the game runs out of memory due to too many mods loaded.
  • - Fixed a bug that caused a crash when loading old mods that had custom materials. The game will no longer crash, however objects with those materials will not display. To fix this issue, mods should be updated to the newest mod kit version and update the materials.

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30 comments on “1.0.5”

  1. Awesome News! That's made my day.. Thanks for all your hard work on this fantastic game

  2. Really appreciate the work you continue to invest into the game. I know you've done what was promised and are not required to keep doing this.

    But i really do wish we could have a resolution for the mid-to-late game lag.

    If you are unaware: When you get around 700 pop the game slows to a crawl at 10x speed, even at 5x speed it's still pretty laggy. The only work around is obviously playing at 2x/regular speed - but in a game like this that's really not an optimal way to play.

    It's the main thing really stopping me from wanting to continue play as i have in the past. Creating a big city is very fun but at some point it becomes tedious (and not in a fun way) with the lag.

  3. Uhm, I think I should point out that when I logged on to GOG.com, there was no update for Banished. And when I applied the manual patch, my game wouldn't even start anymore. Having it repaired through GOG Galaxy at least allowed me to play again, but it also restored the version number to 1.0.4.

    So it seems like some things aren't quite right, here.

  4. I love you, but please, show anywhere, how much from each crop is produced or how many fields from each crop is build/active.

  5. I am absolutely amazed by the work ethic and the dedication! You are a true example and inspiration for me!

  6. if you could please repost this link as 1.05 released on steam news so everyone knows this game is still alive and well as there it looks like you havent been here since Oct 2015 meanwhile you've been hard at work 🙂

  7. A brilliant game with brilliant devs!!!!

    Thanks for the update, it seems you hadn´t forgotten it.

    i´m really happy to know that.

    Keep the good work!

  8. Amazing game, and I appreciate all the work you do to keep it upgraded.

    A suggestion for a future update is an "apply to all" button for trading posts to synchronize stock and auto buying options.

  9. Lovely! Good luck with the 1.0.6 multi platform update. I hope you'll be able to work on the things you want to do after this (probably new projects?).

  10. Brilliant work. Awesome game. Thank you for your ongoing support of this game, incredible.

  11. Hey really appreciate the update and loving the game.
    Are you aware of the adverts on Facebook ripping off in game footage of Banished to advertise their pay to play mobile games?
    Its a shame to see a game we love being used like this.

  12. All the People love that Patch? No, not all. Many Players (even Players without Mods)reported Crashes when clicking at the Townhall. And many means more than 5.

    Something is wrong with that Patch, so please have a look for that Issue!

  13. Hello, Congratulations on the game, like him a lot.

    In update 1.0.5 there is a problem in the tower hall, which when you click on it, crashes the game needing close.
    I used Google Translator, sorry errors.

  14. Thank you! I'm eagerly waiting for the Linux version then :).

    I seldom boot into Windows, that's why I also seldom play Banished, but I hope it changes as soon as it'll be available on Steam on Linux.

    Thank you for your work!

  15. Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the patch 🙂

    I think there is a small problem with the _name attribute ("RecordXX") of the 3 new lines of the "graphKeys" entry of the Dialog/StringTable.rsc file provided in the latest modkit.

    Indeed, the new lines about textile have the same record numbers than the lines about coal.

  16. Thank you for the new version.
    May I suggest to have the same information provided by the Town Hall available all the time w/out even building it?
    I don't see a reason to attach the game info to have the Town Hall built.
    Best wishes,

  17. Not gonna lie, i'm happy and sad to see this news. Happy that the game is still being looked at, but sad that the success of the game hasn't prompted the hiring of a couple more guys to allow Banished 2 to start development.

    I really like the game a lot but there are a lot of things i'd love to see in the game that would need a sequel to accomplish (better engine for even better visuals + better late game high population support, crop/animal discovery on the map instead of all just buying, idle farmers helping each other harvest, stone/iron needing a prospector to find instead of just putting the building anywhere, rare materials, random map generated resource scarcity so your town's area matters to what it can produce, etc).

  18. Thanks for this. I hate to sound ungrateful or whatever but what can we expect 1.0.6? I switched to a full time Mac user a few weeks ago as my Windows/Linux laptop finally b0rked. I miss playing banished but I don't want to run Bootcamp solely for it. Thanks

  19. It doesn't seem that the bug that caused pastures and orchards to not produce anything when they are surrounded by roads is fixed?

    This bug was introduced with the fix for roads losing their speed bonus during the beta.

  20. I'm happy that the 1.0.6 update fixed what went wrong with 1.0.5 for me. Thank you very much!

    Sadly, I will have to do without two of the three mods I had. But at least, I can play again 🙂

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