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Update to Steam 1.0.4

November 23, 2014 | Dukus | 29 Comments

A new version of the game has been updated on Steam that changes the way mods are uploaded to Workshop. Adding a mod to workshop now requires the original compiled source data to be available to allow uploading. This allows only mod authors to upload their content.

Mods must be rebuilt with Mod Kit 141123 before this will work. Non-Steam versions should still function properly regardless if mods are built with the newest mod kit or the previous one.

Changes for 1.0.4 Build 141123

  • - Uploading mods to Steam Workshop now requires the user to have the original compiled data before packaging on disk (generally .crs files). The data must be in the same location it was build and match the files in the package. For example, if the mod was built in C:\BanishedKit\mymod\bin\, then all files created during mod compilation must remain in that directory for the mod to be added to Steam Workshop.

    Without the original data, the Add to Workshop and Update on Workshop buttons are unavailable. Current mods need to be rebuilt with Banished Kit 141123 before they can be updated.

    No other changes to the game or mod kit have been made, so non-steam users can continue using build 141103.

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29 comments on “Update to Steam 1.0.4”

  1. Thanks for the update!

    Any info about the "officials" bakery and milk mods seen several post ago in a screenshot?

  2. Good update. I don't use Steam but I heard several great mod makers about this (e.g. RedKetchup). It's a nice solution to give mod makers their control.

    Also there's a huge mod I'd like to share with everyone. It will be released today. It's called Colonial Charter and is almost like an unofficial expansion.

  3. thx it is a great addition. but i hope / wished all the previous false copies would be wiped out. 😛

  4. Oh, looks like our posts crossed, LOL. But, I think they're useless unless they're rebuilt for the new version (i.e. won't work), so in effect, they're "wiped out"; I think/hope.

  5. Nice, we will finally have clear view of mods instead 500+ ghost mods.

    @RedKetchup... Yes come back and repost your mods... I love your 2 Floor Houses, and like all the other.

  6. I am happy you did this, even if I don't use steam for the game, when I visited the workshop I was troubled by the lack of policing. I understand this approach since the operators don't seem to care, they should have banned the abusers earlier. Again you show you care about those who love you game. Thank you!

  7. Hey hey hey LOL finally got the game down to pat and have loaded just about all the MODs. Obviously cancelling all the conflicting ones.
    My Country/Province if you will is looking awesome .......... BUT .... LOL.. I want to set a new game using the colonial theme.
    Is there a way to do this?? 😀 Love this game

  8. Thank you very very very much 🙂

    We were getting tired of lodging DMCA takedown requests on steam for colonial charter mod, up to 10 per week.

  9. I am looking for some help downloading the ''Fountain'' MOD but the official site where it is located has a very complicated way of downloading it, so my attempts have failed.
    like the castle and all other fantastic buildings that come with it, so I'm hoping can point me in the right direction. I can't see it on the Steam MODs ??????

  10. @Pieter Not sure which part is complicated. Provided you are patched to the latest version, you only need to click on download mod, and place the file in the folder shown:
    Installing the mod

    To install a mod for Banished, you just need to move the mod file (modname.pkm) into the WinData folder. The default locations are:
    With Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished\WinData
    With standard install: C:\Program Files\Shining Rock Software\Banished\WinData

  11. Hi there, thanks for getting back to me, but this is the part that is complicated for a lay carpenter like me LOL.
    I have attached the page that pops up when I try and re-download the fountain MOD, and I'm sure it means I did something wrong when trying to allocate it to the folder.
    Once I was in the folder a window prompted me to place the MOD. There were two choices and both haven't worked with the second choice effectively locking up the download through adobe.
    I have tried to download it again, but it hangs. Obviously because I already have the download.
    I really don't know what to do to get this right.
    It is not as clear cut as it may seem to you, I am a complete duns at this kind of thing and still learning every day. After 40 years of being a carpenter, computer language and work is a bit complicated Click Me!
    I love the game and would like the best out of it, so if you are able to help in possibly deleting the faulty download so I can trying the download again, I would be seriously grateful.
    Perhaps I need to empty my recycle bin? I don't know, but I'm learning every day.

    LOL I'll make you a coffee table or a dining room chair with my eyes closed but don't ask me to do this, it's all Chinese to me, and I'm still learning to speak Chinese.
    Just in closing I don't understand why the download didn't prompt me to ''Run'' rather than ''Save'' I am not used to downloading stuff in this way. Steam is sooooooooo much easier and it's a real pity this MOD isn't available through my Steam account.

    I did reply to your mail as well, with the attachment.

    Sorry for the long post.

  12. Cosacs or Mathieuso Langlois D. opened his code so any modder can compile and upload his mod to workshop. I can do that (since I have some spare time after my last mod uploaded) but I need first have his approval for that.
    I will ask him for that if you like.

  13. Now that would be seriously brilliant 😀
    I already can't wait. You guys have helped to make this the greatest game of all time.

    A most appreciative old gamer (old as in age old) LOL

  14. LOL mate don't flatter yourself... You are most possibly close to my ages or older couple years. Man is "old" as much he accept that.

  15. I was wondering if you had link or page that tells us what you're working on (either Banished wise or something new?) I'm keen to see what you're up to these days and if you've got some new ideas that you are considering putting into the game, like new animals or wolves, bears etc..


  16. Hello there, I'm PsycoJr from Brasil. I define myself as a Old-Fat-Geek of STEAM and Sony PS3 platforms games. Not a dev, but a infrastructure administrator and developer manager guy. A dilettante of IT as well! I love this game since it was launched on STEAM, and already made my donation to BANISHED mod community (Colonial Charter Team, you have my total support, love your work guys). Could you make more crops, buildings, beverages, animals, very very huge maps, a land merchant house perhaps?

  17. Nice comment LOL. I had a vendor stabbed to death today ''WHAT''?????? And no police station or force to hunt the killer down????
    😀 Perhaps the dev guru's have something in mind there too.

    Love the game and can't stay away from it.

  18. Can I suggest another idea? In a very huge map, when the game engine generate it, a NPC nearby city appears on the edge of map. You could make commerce with them, exchange goods and population, walk through it, or else, interact with them.

  19. I am sad 🙁

    After a spate of difficulties and thanks to a few very helpful friends in the game, I have now managed to download virtually every individual new MOD in the book, and have attempted to install them individually, in the hope that there are very few if any further repeats or duplicates within the individual MODs.
    This is not the case and as a result I have a game that crashes all the time. The MODs are cool, but bring down the pleasure of being able to play a full on and smooth game without crashing using MODs specifically and individually aimed at adding a new function to the game.
    I raised the issue with Luke, and his response was to take the issue up with the individual MOD developers.
    That's all very good and well, but if I don't know which of the MODs are responsible for the crashes, I have no way of knowing who to contact.
    The MOD developers openly admit to possible crashing of the game and give no guarantees. BUT!! Surely a publisher should make sure that his MOD works without fault before launching his product???
    I suggest that Shining Rock make it a rule for all MOD developers to sign a MOD contract which strictly enforces rules and regulations to MOD developers especially those plagiarizing MODs and launching them as their own.
    I must admit that I am a little disappointed in the somewhat slack attitude towards Modders who, by all means bring added pleasure to the game with their products, but at the same time bring it down by publishing a faulty product.
    I am going to be deleting all MODs from now on, and am even contemplating stopping playing the ONE GAME I believe sets itself apart from all other village / city / community / strategy sim games out there.

    Not a happy chappy 🙁

  20. Mate you mixed up MOD's with DLC's
    MOD's are made by players who are willing to share them to community for free.
    You don't need them to play game.
    You don't pay for them.
    Mod's are individual preferences to play.
    Modders are not payed for their work.
    You should be thankful to those who invested time to improve game with mods. Or simply... don't use them.

  21. I forgot... your message sounds like you go to pharmacy and take all drugs in it... and now you complain because you feel sick?
    Game clearly warned you about mods you downloaded conflicts, but you ignored that.

  22. I am not ignoring anything, and am fully aware of the conflicts and possible crashes as a result of using the MODs.
    MODs ; DLCs ? Whats the difference?
    As much as I appreciate the MOD developers doing a great job at bringing more to the game, what I don't appreciate is halfhearted attempts.
    As far as the chemist is concerned you have that a bit backward I'm afraid.
    In this game, as a pure gamer with little knowledge of IT/software dev on all levels, I am presented with a whole bunch of med's that don't work, leaving me with a monumental headache. That in itself is an major negative. It's like going to the chemist and having to guess which med's actually work.
    It's not a case of ''Don't use the MODs'' It's a case of ''The game doesn't work with them'' and to find which ones are the culprits, I know, all you need to do is disable the red ones.
    Well I'm afraid that in wanting to improve the game, I'm sorry, but judging by the conflicting red MODs, many Moders have actually done the exact opposite. One may as well just leave them all out bar a few green ones.
    By the same token, I will make every attempt to try and get the best out of the game until my patience runs out.

    Oh and don't get so up-tight and take things out of context. You want to settle for mediocre for your money, be my guest, and if you are one of those Moder's yourself, you need to make sure your product works before you put it out there.


  23. If you're so worried about mods that don't work, check out reviews and posts before downloading it. If it's an unknown-ish mod, then test it by itself/ with mods you know work before making it a keeper. And if you get a mod you don't like, let others know by making posts.

    Having a "Mod Contract" is simply ridiculous. No need for such complications.

  24. Pieter, that's not how most modding communities work. You're talking about mods like full products which is not something you should expect from modders. Only the best mods will have a level of completeness that are very similar to commercial completed products (and in my opinion most of them are even better).

    I think it's good to remove all the mods if you're having problems with them. You're absolutely right about it that it's stressing and annoying to have a crashing game caused by mods.

    There are however a few things I completely disagree with you:

    - "That’s all very good and well, but if I don’t know which of the MODs are responsible for the crashes, I have no way of knowing who to contact."
    True, except you are able to know which mods cause the crashes ,you only have to investigate it. By enabling only one mod at the time you'll eventually discover which mod is causing the crash (or which combination).

    - "The MOD developers openly admit to possible crashing of the game and give no guarantees. BUT!! Surely a publisher should make sure that his MOD works without fault before launching his product???"
    Software has bugs. That's just a fact. I'm not talking about all the games that EA is rushing (that's a complete different story), almost all software in the world has bugs. So expecting mods to work without problems is a bit naive. Especially when those mods are made by people in their free time without getting paid for it.

    - "It’s not a case of ”Don’t use the MODs” It’s a case of ”The game doesn’t work with them” and to find which ones are the culprits, I know, all you need to do is disable the red ones."
    I actually agree a bit about this, but I don't see it as a problem. Some mods change both the same thing so you can only chose one. That's a choice not a problem.
    Besides when a mod is marked red it doesn't necessary mean they won't work together. It only indicates a conflict so the game will prefer the conflicting code of the higher placed mod in the list.

    There's also one more thing I don't understand. You say:
    "I must admit that I am a little disappointed in the somewhat slack attitude towards Modders who, by all means bring added pleasure to the game with their products, but at the same time bring it down by publishing a faulty product."
    Who are these modders you talk about? You said you don't know which mods are causing the crashes, so who are these modders you talk about?

    I want to add to my reaction that I'm in no way try to attack you and say you're not right. It's great that you share your opinion about your experiences with mods. I just want to address some statements which I think aren't 100% correct. But that's just my humble opinion.
    I do enjoy the mods and the modding community. And it's nice to see how the dev's of these mods appreciate the bug reports people give. Because that's the only way modders can improve their mods.

    I love Banished with mods. ^_^

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