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Beta Bug Fixes

October 3, 2014 | Dukus | 23 Comments

I've fixed some bugs in the beta that dealt with mods, and some other game breaking bugs as well.

There's a new mod kit that has some changes for mouse cursor handling.

As always, you can get the updated beta on Steam. Or you can download the patch here, and overwrite the game exe, dll, and some data files with this patch.

If all goes well for the next week or so, 1.0.4 will leave beta go out officially next week.

Changes for beta 1.0.4 Build 141001.

  • * Fixed a crash when disabling mods that had new map types.
  • * Fixed the toolbar showing empty buttons in certain cases.
  • * The trade UI now dynamically resizes to make sure all items can be shown at once. This fixes crashes when the general merchant comes with many mods that add resources enabled.
  • * Fixed a rare crash that was caused by closing tooltips in a particular way.
  • * xWMAEncode now uses the /bin parameter to located it.
  • * Fixed a bug that allowed combo box drop downs to stay up if the parent button went away.
  • * Added an option to draw the mouse cursor in software in cases where DirectX fails to display the cursor properly.
  • * Moved 'clip mouse to window' option from Game options to input options.
  • * Added a cursor option that allows the resource to specify the hot spot of cursors. This also facilitates the software cursor.
  • * Added a Reset All option to the game launcher. This allows the game to reset to default settings if a setting is causing a game crash. The command line option /reset also does the same thing. Note this will unset achievements in non-steam versions.
  • * Adding an option to the game launcher to disable use of DirectInput. This should allow systems where the mouse doesn't move to work properly, however only the left, right, and middle mouse buttons will be available.
  • * Roads will now always draw roads no matter how many there are on the terrain.
  • * Misc fixes for rare crashes.

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23 comments on “Beta Bug Fixes”

  1. Wait... I cheered too early. It almost works. I think the mod maker has to update some code.

  2. Argh! We knew this would happen right after we released a mod to patch the trader bug!

  3. any of my mods working now (before / after) recompile with new 141001 Tools

    surely i m missing something ...
    anyone else same ?

  4. Even the distributed examples now fail to work. Only overrides work now. Anything new crashes the game when loaded into an existing game, and fails to work when incorporated into a new game from the initial menu.

  5. Uhm dude...

    Updated to the new version and now my mods are loaded and enabled, but not making changes to the game...

  6. @ redketchup Same problem, existing mods in new games (non steam) crash the game.I do get the menu for fences statues, but no green house. selecting any crash the game.

  7. Rebuilt one of my mods with the new kit... but when i run it, not showing any changes in game?

  8. I confirmed all of my items show up at the traders when in debug mode, but my buildings arent on the toolbar anymore did something change with that?

  9. Not even the Apiary "Building" example will show up on the toolbar anymore (the mod that comes with the kit).

    Using the standard /ref /pathres

    i'll open a bug on the bug forum

  10. So as everything has gone belly up with the new update is it possible to roll back to the previous one?

  11. Great there is improvement.
    But it would be nice to get full access to the models, textures an animations and some other stuff, too. ^^'

  12. I confirm everything is running nicely now, modkit is good, toolbars show up. Thanks dev!

  13. Great to see improvements (even if there are some small setbacks along the way)! Love your work on the game. Have you fixed the bug where the roads block buildings even after they have been removed?

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