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The Morning After...

February 19, 2014 | Dukus | 250 Comments

So release went pretty well. I hope most of you are enjoying playing the game. It's great to finally have released it after working on it so long. Thanks to everyone for buying the game and playing!

So whats next? I've got a ton of email to get through, as well as support requests and bug reports on the forums. I know people are experiencing some startup issues, and those are going to take priority.

I'm just one person doing all the support and development on Banished, so please have patience while I'm getting through everything. I'd like everyone who bought the game to have a good experience and know that I'm working on any issues.

Some common issues

The main issues I've seen deal with the game starting and the game not having audio. I'm posting these few work arounds right here, as they seem to be the most common issue. You can also find more info on the forums.

The main issue with startup seems to be that some video cards aren't starting up or working properly in DirectX 11 mode. There are some work arounds for this.

To force the game into DirectX 9 mode, you can rename or delete VideoDX11-x32.dll and VideoDX11-x64.dll. These are in the directory that the game was installed to. For steam, these are VideoDX11-steam-x32.dll and VideoDX11-steam-64.dll.These are most likely in Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Banished.

After renaming or deleting them, the game will startup in DirectX 9 mode, which seems to be more compatible with most video cards.

You can also edit the registry to fix this issue.

  1. Run regedit.exe.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Shining Rock Software LLC\Banished\
  3. You may have to create these folders if they aren't there.
  4. In the right hand window, find VideoInterface, or add it by right clicking and selecting New->String Value.
  5. Set the value of the VideoInterface key to 0.
  6. Try to restart the game.

You can also change the resolution of the game and some video options to reduce the video memory needed for the game. These are the keys and the valid values. All keys are of String type, and can be set just like the instructions above.

  • VideoFullscreen - can be set to 'true' or 'false'
  • VideoWidth - sets the width of the output. The lowest valid value is 800.
  • VideoHeight - sets the height of the output. The lowest valid value is 600.
  • VideoInterface - sets the renderer. 0 = DirectX 9, 1 = DirectX 11.
  • VideoMultisample - sets the multisample AA mode. 0 mean no AA. Higher numbers have internal meaning. Only set to 0 and use in game options to set other AA modes.
  • VideoShadowScalar - 0 = highest. 2 = lowest. 2 uses the least video memory.

The other issue is for people with the standalone non-steam installer. After starting the game, some of you may not have sound. I missed a module that needed to be included in the installer.

The simple fix is to download and install the DirectX End User runtime. You can download it here.

I'll be working hard on fixing these issues and anything else that comes up. Again, thanks for playing, and thanks for your patience while I work through these problems.

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250 comments on “The Morning After...”

  1. Great work thus far, I am by far impressed with the game (better than simcity IMO). Keep up the good work!

  2. I've noticed that, when alt-tabbing out and back, the music usually starts playing, but after a while, the music just... doesn't seem to be there. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with what you describe above, but I thought I'd tell you anyway. I do have other sounds, such as woodcutter sounds and such.

  3. Fantastic Game !

    Bought it today. Played a couple of hours. Around 25 working people. Finally a game which us a city builder!

    I haven't faced any issues so far. And I am amazed at the level of detail in the game. Still figuring out the details.

    Good stuff man. I am blown away by the credits screen πŸ˜‰

  4. Hello, first i want to tank and congrats you for this brilliant game,was waiting for something like this since years now.

    There is an issue with Dx11 and Vsync that me and some other people have reported on steam HUB comments too :

    When playing in Dx11 with Vsync the frame-rate is capped to 50 FPS in a 60Hz screen, when switching to Dx9 the v-sync cap the fps to normal 60 fps, it's really annoying as it makes the game not feel smooth at 50 FPS, tried various things but nothing seems to work to have 60 fps with V-sync in Dx11, well playing in non full screen mode renders 60 fps, but in full screen it returns to 50 fps.

    Thanks again .

  5. Well, first off congratulations onthe first stage of oyur project and I hope with all my heart that your expectations are surpassed.

    I'm yet to buy the game, waiting for my paycheck, but for what i've read so far it's a nice challenging experience and one of been very balanced and as for that I can't wait to lay my hands on this game!

    Best of lucks and good luck with your support tickets!

  6. I haven't seen any major issues been great so far!
    Only minor thing is citizens "Going to the Herbalist" when there is no herbalist to goto and no medicine in storage.

  7. The only issue I have with the game is the fact that I paid for it on this site, but got no steam key or link to a webpage, which would provide me with instructions on how to get my steam key.

  8. Between homework and my college courses, I've been trying to get around to playing it. Fantastic game so far, the only issue I have is when I exit the game, it does that Window's error noise about 10 times in a row. Not even a slightly big issue since the game is perfectly playable for me.

  9. A tornado hit my town, only 8 people left to rebuild. When i try to rebuild they just take resources from the stock and drop them next to it. After two minutes of running back and forth doing nothing they all die from the cold.. πŸ™ Is this an AI issue?

  10. I have been playing for 1 and a half days NON-STOP. This is a pretty good game. But i found one bug. When I built a sub-village with some house and stuff on a island in the middle of a lake, they build the stuff, and every one does what they want. But when i tell someone to build in the main village, the people in the main village build it. But when i build some thing in the island village, the people in the main village buil that. I found that if I destroy thr bridge it solves thet, but i want them to stay connected. But now i have to villages. So it is cool. πŸ™‚ Oh, and shortly after destroying the bridge, the main village burned to the ground and every on died. πŸ˜› the sub-village has one of every building, and a small forest. It has a quarry to. And a decent popolation of 30. So it is good. For now.

  11. Great game, really what I needed !

    Thanks for the amazing work ! So far it works like a charm, and I'm very sorry that I didn't pay attention to the game before release.

    Well, not that sorry actually, since I get to have all the excitement from the release and the game at once.

    Only concern so far...Can I add names for my colonists ? =D

  12. Been following your blog for over a year now. Bought it last night as soon as I got home. Played for 5 hours without realizing... Beautiful, in depth, and so much love put into it.

    Thank you for supplying a DRM free copy, I am even more happy to give you my money when you don't punish me for paying for it.

  13. This is the magical return to REAL city/strategy gaming I've missed for so long. Games used to be of this calibre in the 1990s but have been so dumbed down in recent years. I love the depth, the complexity, and the no simple "slap down buildings and win" solution. I guess some new players aren't understanding that bit yet, but this is exactly how I hoped the game would be. Great job!

  14. Bought, downloaded and installed via Steam client in less than 10 minutes. Was playing much sooner than I thought possible. 6 hours later I had to save and exit only because of RL.

    In short: the game meets all my expectations so far and I have had zero issues. Can't wait to get back to it.

    Thank you!

  15. @Tim for a second I thought you were sharing a real-life story! πŸ™‚

    Luke, I think you need to find a way to manage expectations outside of your blog. This is a great location for getting information to your fans and others who frequent here, but I worry that a great many customers who are looking to the distribution outlets for info are not going to find it and will become frustrated. Not sure if you're mirroring your words here on, say, the Steam hub page for Banished, but I think you should. If you've already got it covered then I apologize for butting in.

    Personally, I have encountered no problems so far and I am enjoying the game immensely. It has been a long time since I've enjoyed a micromanagement sim. You've definitely recaptured the joy I experienced in those older games that seems to have been absent from the genre for a long time.

    You deserve every million you get from this game (and I hope it's many million for you from this and your future endeavors)!

  16. bought it yesterday and already have 12 hours logged. The game is fantastic! I didn't have a single technical issue from install to playing (Steam purchase).

  17. @ Dan ^

    Provided you entered your email address correctly at checkout, you should have received an email confirming your purchase. This email linked you to the Humble Store, where you can download the DRM Free copies and (by pressing the button) receive/activate your Steam key.

  18. Great work. Played quite a bit yesterday.

    First village kind of stagnated due to having no river access.

    New one is bustling, 60 citizens, mostly educated, providing food, industry and tons of firewood for sale at the trader.

    Loving it! Once you get some of the bugs sorted out, make sure to take a break! You deserve it.

  19. Very nice game. No issues or whatsoever on my HD 7970. Keep it up. Hopefully we can have more buildings and more activities.

  20. downloaded from steam in just a few minutes
    no problems with this fantastic game
    three hours in 21 people sit back and enjoy without the game telling me to upgrade roads every few minutes
    well done Luke

  21. Congrats on creating a very nice game!

    However, the UI is amendable, using nice words.

    I am having some major issues with the UI because the most important functions are all buried in sub menus so you can't click directly on them and using hotkeys isn't any better because they are all 2 key presses away. I would prefer to have the following functions or windows directly available because they are the ones most used: General Statistics window, Log window, Professions window, Resource Limits window, Map window, normal game speed, pause and game speed up. Beside that I would like to be able to assign a single hotkey to any function in the menus.

  22. Great game!
    Followed your Blog for quite some time and bought it yesterday.
    Since I am a Mac user - I play it under Parallels. It works fine and is fast enough. Only issue, in the 3 hours (or so) I player yesterday the program crashed 3 times. Due to the autosave I never lost very much.

    Since none of you other customers reported crashes, I assume now it has to do with the VM parallels provides.




  23. Luke how sales are going?

    Are you satisfied from the results? I hope you are gettings tons of money $$$

  24. This game is terrible.......for my health.

    I played for 13 hours straight yesterday. I sure hope my kid remembers what I look like because she wont be seeing a lot of me anymore.

  25. Looks great and has a lot of polish! It would be nice to allow for UI scaling and maybe have sliiiightly bigger buttons on important UIs like the worker allocation menu.

    Also, not sure if the default settings try to 'auto-detect' what will run smoothly, but in my case the default graphics package was gorgeous but a little more than my PC could handle.

  26. Excellent game and very absorbing!
    No problems on my end, works a treat.

    played for 26 years straight, game years that is :p

    P.s. really liking the in game music.

  27. Enjoying the game so far!
    It kept me glued to the pc far longer than I should, as great games do πŸ˜‰

  28. This game is pretty great. The best city building/resource survival game to come out in a while. It is very difficult! I can't wait for the modding tools to come out so that we can see more content.

    I know that you weren't particularly interested in making additional content or expansions for this game, but if you did, I would definately purchase them. This is the first game I've bought this year, and you've renewed my faith in the gaming industry. A person can make a game with honest intentions and sell it for a reasonable price.

    If you could somehow harness the storytelling and personalities of each individual character like King of Dragon Pass, this game would be the ultimate medieval civ builder!

  29. What i want to say is that the storage Barn / Market needs the little arrows like the "trade Depot" or a possibility to allow / disallow to store any kind of good, you can make a storage barn with food, one with coats,
    another one with tools... Please make it Possible Shining Rock πŸ™‚

  30. First of all: Congratulations to the release. Its really a great game and i really love it although i just played 2-3 hours.
    Additionally i am pretty happy for you that you made it to the topsellers.
    I would be really interested in the number of sold copies during the first 24 hours. Will you publish this Info perhaps sometime? Would be really interesting to me.

  31. Smooth release and the game exceeded my already high expectations. Fantastic work! I'll be buying more as the price I paid (with tip) still seems undervalued for what I got. Thanks for the quick audio fix as well. I was one without audio but that didn't prevent me from playing and enjoying with every minute of free time I had yesterday πŸ™‚

  32. My son and I are really enjoying the game. We ran into the issue with no sound, but I just assumed that was an issue of playing Banished in a Windows virtual machine on my Mac. For the record, it runs great in a VM. Haven't noticed any other problems.

    You should really consider using VMs for installation testing. All of my VMs have a "clean install" snapshot of the original OS before any other components were installed. You can test installations of things like Banished in a clean environment, and you would have quickly caught the missing DirectX install.

    Thanks for making the game that an entire company couldn't have made. πŸ™‚

  33. The game is really fun.

    But unfortunatly I think I have found a bug.
    When you build a second bridge the builders and laborers providing it with resorces are running sometimes to one side with and the other time to otherside. And when builders start building the bridge the build 1 of X the run around to the otherside to build 1 of X Im sure that can not be intended. building a second bridge becomes something that will consume all the worktime in running back and forth for litteraly years.

  34. Hi. I still have a problem with starting the game. At the beginning it worked well, then there was still crashing (so I deleted VideoDX11-steam-x32.dll and VideoDX11-steam-64.dll) but now I can't pass through the loading screen. It can load to infinity

  35. Couldn't be happier. Loving a return to the city building I have been missing for so long. I had the sound issue others have mentioned, but installed the DirectX and had it working in no time. My only other issue is that a buddy egged me on, and got me building without running through the tutorials...and after a few years virtually my entire population perished horribly - frozen to death. Still have a few hardy souls left and will see if I can rally. Still, I'd call that user error!

    Congrats, Luke - the game is wonderful.

  36. Fulfills all expectations an d some ! Baby-stepping into it -- am used to SimCity4 -- did an all-nighter of it. Got it not with Steam, install went swimmingly (also playing on a partitioned MAc win 8,1). First tutorial balked the first time in the middle (woodcutter would not be built), but no matter. I don't use music (yet) so didn't get the sound problem. Am learning after killing three villages. Will there be a way to buy back some animals ? The sheep all died from an infestation !

  37. Wonderful game! Been following it for a few months before release and am so happy to play it now. So far been doing good on my first city and I'm fortunate that no bugs with me playing on 2 computers. I hope everyone gets to play the game soon they will be in for a great treat when they can. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into this fantastic game I can't wait to see the direction you take it.

  38. Game is working GREAT for me. Performance appears perfect on the highest settings.

    I lost the first 4 games within 3 years. Seem to have a handle on my 5th attempt. No matter what I do, I underestimate the amount of food I need to generate. Farms were key. Fisheries don't seem to provide more than enough for the people working there!

  39. Game looks great! Been on my steam wishlist for a few months. Found a few bugs and I would suggest that people start out with the tutorials. Keep up the good work

  40. I've been following the development of your game for a long time now. So glad it's released - well done!

    I bought it from Steam just now, and will try it out at the weekend.


  41. I've been playing pretty much solidly, and I've yet to encounter the slightly hint of an error.

    The only thing I wondered about initially was the windows-pinning behaviour seeming glitchy, until realised that it opens all building/people windows as un-pinned, and auto-pins them if you drag the window around the screen. Actually a really elegant touch!

  42. This is awesome. Never played like this game before. This is pure Awesomeness. Max settings no problem.

  43. Everything is perfect. There have been 0 problems and this might be the smoothest starting game I've seen in years. Not a stutter! Oh and it's hella fun!

    You've made a great game here and it's wonderfully refined. You've done this alone and that's a great feat. I hope you get help with the support end of things so that you can enjoy this moment to the max!

  44. I was so excited to play this game and I am really enjoying the few hours I have managed to fit in so far.

    I hope that it is making you a lot of money as it is an incredible achievement.

    Well done!

  45. Thanks for your hint about DirectX 9 - removing the DirectX 11 files allowed me to run Banished on my Mac using CrossOver (a commercial version of Wine). Superb game!

  46. Two issues:
    1) I started playing at 7:15pm last night and didn't stop until 3:45am this morning.
    2) I want to play more right now when I should be working. πŸ™‚

    This is a FANTASTIC game. I have zero technical issues. I'm enthralled and loving your work. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  47. this just goes to to show that one man can make a difference!

    great game, no issues here, thank you for all your hard work.

  48. This is the game we need right now. It's a return to basics. It's relaxing and refreshing to play. I can get lost in it. Thank you!

    The first thing I did was maximize all graphical settings, and it plays like a dream. I'm sorry for those who are having trouble, and I hope the fixes come easily.


  49. The easiest way to fix a DX11 problem, or if your TV is stuck on 24 Hz aka 24 frames is to make a custom 1918x1080 resolution and after starting the game in Dx9 and using this resolution you can again play with Dx11 no problem.

  50. Okay, strange problem here: When trying to install in Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit) it doesn't seem to accept the suggested installation directory C:\Program Files\Shining Rock Software LLC\Banished\: "Installation directory must be on a local hard drive". Changing to Program Files (x86) doesn't help. Any ideas?

  51. Almost 9 hours played thus far. Game is amazing, one of the best games I've bought in the last few years without a doubt. Looks amazing, the UI is amazing, level of detail in the AI is amazing.

    I'm running settings at highest on DirectX11 and the game has ran perfectly since the first time I launched it.

    I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, but the few times I've experienced fires, the villagers putting water onto them seems to do nothing at all. 10 villagers put water onto one building on fire and the fire continued. Just wanted to mention it in case it's a bug.

    Thanks for an amazingly addictive game!

  52. This is the 4th indie game i bought, and i FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Seriously! I always thought indie games were kinda small and boring, but games like these prove they are not! Ofcourse, it's not perfect, but i can live with that. The fact that you have put your mind and heart in the development of this game only improves the joy i get from playing this game! You have some serious talent. I will definetly wait for your next games. I really hope you made some nice profit. Remember to take some time off once in a while. I now some indie game designers who went nuts!

    I am really glad people like you keep the gaming industry intresting for me. Sorry for the long text, i hope you've read it. I'll be patient for the debugs/updates.

    Good luck from The Netherlands!!!!

  53. I installed the game, at first there was a popup which stated that there was a missing executable, which I got around, then the game needs an update, and when I try to update it, it kept pausing and not completing. The progress is then reset to 0MB. I've been looking forward for a long time to be able to play this, and when it's released I can't install it. Can anyone help?

  54. I just want to say I love this game. This is actually my first "citybuilder" - I always get too intimated by all the complex games out there and never got into it. This game is just simple enough for me to start playing right away and complex enough to be fun and addictive. I want to say a big THANK YOU for a game like this. My husband is going to buy his copy today. You are amazing.

  55. Amazing game, has seriously damaged my ability to do any real work... Amazing, did i memtion that?

  56. Great game! I love it! However, there seems to be a glitch where all my villagers suddenly appear at different points on the map. It's causing them to die from starvation and cold because they have to walk all the way back home and some don't make it. Please fix this? It's really making it hard to play.

  57. BTW, you have some bugs in tutorial...
    Well, you have yellow mark on the wood icon, but
    when you scroll it goes up with wood(block scrolling...)

  58. Looks like you made around Β£225,000 / $375,000 last night!
    Congratulations on a successful launch and a very addictive game, looks like your hard work paid off!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you add to this game and/or work on next!

    Thanks again from the UK.

  59. Thanks for the wonderful game. I have no issue playing on my home PC nor office PC.. :-)) It works well. Thanks!!

  60. Thank you, Luke! You are amazing!

    Been playing this game for more hours than I should be! (lol)


  61. Just a note to say congratulations and well done.

    Don't listen to the people whining about the difficulty! It's a challenge and that is how it should be.

    Look forward to see what you do with the game next πŸ˜€

  62. Congrats on the big release I just wish I could play! Steam crashes every time I play it, it says Application Steam 64x.exe crashed do you know what I cando.. im awful with pc's

  63. Mac Users! Purchase on GOG.com and use Winery to install this game. Use winetricks to install DX9. Remove VideoDX11-x32.dll. Enjoy the game. One flaw with the rendering of the citizens (they look like they are flying). Haven't tested the audio yet.

    The author will eventually get a native version on Mac and Linux but for now wanted to support him with a purchase. When Mac version is available GOG usually provides it to purchasers of Windows versions. Note this should also work with Steam but I have not tried it.

  64. My game has just started crashing every time I try to save or it autosaves. I am playing on the steam version.

  65. Wow I'm jealous. Sounds like a great game but I cannot get it to load. Same fatal error as others have had. Tried renaming the dx11 video files, and changing resolution. Nothing working. Don't know how to add something to my regedit. Tried following the instructions for editing the registry but BANISHED isn't even in there and again don't know how to add. Can anyone help and/or a patch forthcoming??? Thanks

  66. Luke..
    Well done! Ignore the naysayers as you work through the real bugs. I also hope that you take the time to read through some of the great things people are saying about your game.

    You're a testament to why the PC remains the greatest gaming platform in the world. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

    Played 27 years in game time before my wife kicked me off the computer.. ruined an entire "work-from-home" day, but sshhh what they don't know what hurt me.

  67. Played it yesterday for 2 hours and love it, but suddenly can't start Banished from my Steam account today.

    "App already running", that's all i got and the game failed to start at all. After the logo screen, i've been kicked back out with notification about dump data or something.

    Already tried any steps above, including edit the registry, doesn't work.

    Any suggestion? πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  68. The game seems to have some kind of issues with my F-Secure antivirus: game always crashes with error message "Steam error Application Load Error 3:0000065432".
    If I shut down the antivirus and then try to run the game I get loading screen but then the game crashes with message "A fatal error has occured and game cannot continue!" message also has path to a dump file which i cannot locate.
    Please patch ASAP!

  69. Absolutely love the game so far.
    Only issue playing it has been launching with a black border which I can fix by pressing alt-enter. Other than that, Banished has been running flawlessly for me.

    I've had some hard times in my town. Mismanagement of my food supply has eventuated into large amounts of the population dying of starvation. While this can be a pain in other games, Banished is such a joy to play that it didn't matter hours I'd spent, had just been wiped.

    So thank you! I haven't put the game down since release. Banished was well worth the money πŸ˜€

  70. Hey man, Loving WATCHING the game, i don't want to rush you but when will the mac side of this awesome game be released, the boys in the boarding house can't wait i have told them great things about this game πŸ™‚ hope mac side comes out soon or will come out πŸ™‚ thx man! good luck

  71. Thanks, been waiting your game and now I am just a bit frustrated because I can not play it from work πŸ™‚
    Nice work, glad to see that itΒ΄s possible to do what you did (dev alone and so on)

  72. Good job! Excelent game. Just one thing i don't understand so far. I got 5 farms with a livestock. 2 farms with chickens. On both chicken farms workers died because of livestock! πŸ™‚ how is that possible? So "pecked" to die? πŸ™‚

  73. Hi.

    The game is superb but I find it a bit lacking in terms of buildings.

    Runs flawless on a HD4850 at 1920x1080 maximum settings.

  74. played for about 6 hours last night ... and enjoyed every minute , cant belive one guy made it!.. do you know Metacritic has scored it a 75 , with a user rating of 8.7 !! ..congrats πŸ™‚

  75. @
    February 19, 2014 4:52 pm

    I installed the game, at first there was a popup which stated that there was a missing executable, which I got around, then the game needs an update, and when I try to update it

    Dear samithfc01:
    Your "friend" gave u a corrupted bansished.exe, there are some "corrupted, spyware, backdoor, malware on market" already. So donΒ΄t use those.
    Buy the game and support software developer like this nice one here, there are normaly no problems with the bought, original banished.msi.

  76. Great game however when exiting the game my screen goes blank and I have to reboot my comp does anyone else have this problem or can anyone suggest a fix/patch please

  77. Great game thx, and a fairy fair price! I hope you can keep up with the support and modding requests πŸ˜‰
    take a break a fixing the starup issues, get yourself some cocktails and some days off !

  78. You and your game are awesome! It's the best Indi-game, I've ever played!
    It remindes me of the Anno series, but in a way, that it has the complex and interessting aspects I've always missed.

    Good job! πŸ™‚

  79. Region locking on Steam? Really? Next time, at least have the decency to do it BEFORE game is made available for purchase.

  80. Had a little side bet with myself how long it would take for a Steam Thread Title "Game Doesn't Launch"

    Sure enough it was quickly there.

    However for me, on Windows 7 64 bit, absolutely no issues.

    Everything works perfectly.

    Great game with lots of expansion/dlc potential (depending whether or not the core game was designed to make that easy).

    Even without that I can see lots of happy gaming hours ahead.

  81. this game looks great! But everytime i start it this appears Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)what do i do? πŸ™ this error doesnt pop up with any of my other games

  82. Just wanted to say how much I'm loving the game - it's awesome and I'm so much happier playing this than some other over hyped city sim games.

    What a joy to be playing on a human scale without the constant assumptions that any settlement relies on cars.

    Big congratulations on producing such a beautiful game.

  83. I have test Banished in Normal mod for 20hr approx...
    Harsh mod is the Best! (except if you have a Heart problem) Tchuuuuu I have eradicate almost 15 colony before to keep one alive hahaha

  84. Wow! Simply amazing that you made all of this all by yourself. I've been playing for hours since the release. This game is the best city builder that i have ever played.
    And this game has so much growing potential too, in form like expansion packs, dlc's and upgrades that adds more buildings and features etc...
    Keep up the good work!

  85. I have been scratching my head for awhile on what methods might be best (seeing as how it is like 2 days old, not many perfected strategies atm). So I decided to look back over the development videos and see some of the gameplay (hoping that many of the things haven't changed completely).

  86. I've been playing this since release. Amazing job. You set a timeline, laid out what you wanted to feature, and followed through completely. You alone outperformed a multi-billion dollar corporation. Damn fine job, love the game. Looking forward to seeing more stuff down the line.

  87. Love it! Had a couple of crashes but thanks to the autosaves it hasn't been too much of a problem. I can't stop playing it! All I would add is a few more buildings.

  88. Hmmm not bad game ... but i can`t make road thru small hill - the same with fields πŸ™ It`s ruining my game. I have small ground height differences around village - and I can`t make roads πŸ™ Only tunnels thru mountains - it`s so unnatural πŸ™ Quick fix please πŸ™

  89. And after 2 days (straight) playing, here's an idea for more money-reaping...the next product for release from Shining Rock:

    Banished: The Original Soundtrack.

    We need that awesome music running all day. (Also, the music fades out/stops over time ingame. Perhaps this should be rectified or options to keep it streaming, like Tropico?)

  90. One of the best Game of the last Years. Thanks a lot for it. Game runs great on my System
    Intel I7 4820K, 16 GB ram, Nvidia 660 Ti, Creative xfi.

  91. Could improve the AI of hunters? They tend to walking around and do nothing but the status bar says they are "working" while the dears are literally just standing right next to them, this is a big problem especially when people are running out of food

  92. Loving the game, hope to see more content for it in the future.

    I play for hours and feel like I've got almost nothing done but keep my peasants alive, but I still love it.

    Great work. Many games are made by dozens/hundreds of people, and don't even compare to this.

  93. @BJ
    Glad your liking the game! I can't wait to start playing.... Hopefully after work tonight. Thanks again for doing the giveaway! I can't wait to input the steam key!

  94. Also have same problem as Kelli,people suddenly appear on edges of the map and have to walk all the way back to village, most of them died on the way home,major problem

  95. Hey there, I'm playing Banished for a few hours now and the only problem i got is with food.

    My workers, go hungry working, even if it has food in the barn and sadly, a 2 fishermen, 2 farmer and 2 hunters foodproduction isn't enough for a 20 people (14 adults and six kids) village.
    Is it supposed to be, that they produce not so much?

    But in the few hours I played, i see, that this game is just great. I'm loving it. Keep it up man!

  96. Have had nothing but enjoyment from the game so far. A relaxing change of pace from other games. Maybe I've been lucky but my first settlement is thriving.

    Only issue to report is that villagers seem to want to collect resources for their jobs from very far away, when a stockpile nearby has the resources they need. Not sure why that is the case.


  97. Great game so far! πŸ™‚

    BUT! The should be a way to stop population boom, when a good few people die from old age, and 2 to 3 houses become available
    they should not be at it like rabbits!

    Oh and the wells dont work too good when you have a fire!

    Fix this please! OR

    Rubber trees and a condom store please! πŸ™‚

  98. Excellent game. Reminds me of Caesar, but without annoying Saracens or whatnot trying to torch my town. I do have one question though: are there any plans to add beautification items eventually? Decorative trees, flower gardens, statues, etc.

  99. Just started playing the game so still learning it, but so far so great. Agree with comments I've seen the music is great! Would totally listen to it outside the game.

  100. @ itchy

    Dude, you can't just make people stop having babies! lol

    Anyhow, congrats Luke. I've logged about 5 hours and I'm enjoying it very much. Even got my ol' lady enjoying it! I just told her it was an un-retarded version of Farmville and now she's hooked too!!

    Congratulations and thank you!

  101. The game (stand-alone at least) has one problem which to me seems not to be intended: citizens assigned as builders seem to do laborers work when no or only few laborers are designated. That means you order the building of a structure and your builders spend happily their time with chopping down trees what you have designated somewhere on the map instead of building the structure. Remove the resource removal and the building is being done at last.

    Another good feature to implement via patch would be the possibilty to prioritize goods at stock piles, so the laborers automatically move your goods to the user defined stockpiles near the refining structures.
    Then the possibility to increase the area of structures like fields, stock piles and farms without removing and rebuilding them.
    The option to show the value of goods at a trader outpost so you can more easily store high value goods away.
    Or the simple option to view a diet chart at the town hall, as the diet composition influences happiness and some foods are produced only once a year in great mass or get imported once in a while.
    Especially stone cutters seem to love their job, when I assign them to a new one they will sometimes work about another month in the quarry before getting to their new work.

    Good game! πŸ™‚

  102. same problem as kenn3111 keep getting a pop up on my steam saying Missing Executable i did all of steams suggestions and any i found on this website but nothing is helping and steam seems to not want to help fix said problem... any help would be nice thank you

  103. I found out the problem about Missing Executable but havent fixed it yet its four files that gets detected as infected and they get immediately deleted when i try to reinstall the game or try to install the files i found two of the files with is : Application-steam-x64.exe and Application-steam-x32.exe

  104. I was a bit put off about the error reports but tried it anyway.
    Took me about 10 minutes from Buy Now to start playng.
    I just finished the tutorials everything works so far.
    FYI, 2,13ghz processor,2GB RAM, Windows XP, Direct X 9, Nvidea GT 440 >
    I'll post again if I have any problems.

  105. This game is amazing! I had no problems running it or with any bugs whatsoever. The game installed in close to 5 minutes for me, which was surprising! I played the game for 17 hours straight without even realizing it! This game is fantastic and very captivating. Great work!

  106. Awesome game! Finally a well rounded city/survival game. Hope for new updates or more great games from you in the future!

  107. Thank you!

    This is quite an achievement. I have played this game for about 10 hours now, and I would like to say this game is polished, professional, and most important "Fun!"

    When I get off work from a chaotic fast paced environment (I manage 34 people) I like to relax with a slower paced game that puts an emphasis on thinking and strategy instead of fast button pressing reflexes. This is definitely the game for me.

    I have not encountered one bug or problem. For a 1 person team this is amazing. Great work!

    If you have any DLC or similar I will be a customer of yours even if I'm not interested in that particular feature. I say this because you deserve to be rewarded for your outstanding achievement in making such a polished and entertaining game.

    Two feature requests:

    1. My left hand does not work as well as my right, and having the ability to rotate buildings with the mouse would be very helpful. As well as maybe a right-click and drag to move camera.

    2. A list of all citizens would be nice with details on age, profession and housing situation.

    Overall I would rate this game 10/10. Great work and if you ever expand to a full company I will submit my resume as a Team Leader.

    Thank you!


  108. After 650-700population in my town i started getting fatal errors all the time but still without saving i got to 900 people so gg πŸ˜€ oh btw if you anyone can help me fix this fatal stuff i would love it oh and around like 800 people had an issue for x10 speed the game fps drop i think that might be because my cpu is weak cause the resolution and display settings could not bring up the fps to where it was other then that it's a lovely game played it like 12hours after ther release and another 8hours the next day LOVE it!

  109. I can't change monitor refresh rate in-game, and if I change it in monitor settings, game still overrides it and can you help me?

  110. If you have problems starting the game from steam consider deleting the contents (all files) of your Banished save folder on documents/banished. It worked for me.

  111. Wonderful game! I haven't had any issues with purchase, download, install, and playing. I've been playing as often as I can, and I gotta say that I'm blown away!
    Great work. I'm glad I decided to give extra. You definitely deserve it and more.

  112. Great work!! amazing that you are the only person making this game!
    For sure a lot will be done in the future but something that could be done first is that when allocating the workers on a certain structure, a display informing how much of that specific item would be produced by turn or when selecting to harvest resources, a time left display. so its easier to keep track of tasks.

  113. Around now, 18,818 are playing Banished right NOW! There was a peak of 19,204 people plating Banished. (All via steam)

  114. I can't launch the game, I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times now, same white screen and loading thing on the cursor, left it once for 20 minutes.... nothing. what's going on here?

  115. I can confirm working in linux via playonlinux. installed x64 drm-free version, deleted VideoDX11-x64.dll, install directx runtime. runs perfectly so far

  116. I have had three sessions so far all ending because the games locks up.
    The first two (after about 2 hours each) have some shards like articacts (as if frozen zooming in or out but not with me zooming..) the third one locked up (froze) after having the game on Pause for about 5 minutes.
    I like the gae though, very absorbing.

  117. Was pretty sure the game wasn't worth the price but after reading the fact 1 person plus musical help did the whole game, I figured some day it will be great and bought it. Very hard on hard but was able to get through finally.

    Looking forward to someday having 'goals' and ability to split cities so people living as laborer on extreme end of map doesn't try to walk to other extreme end and die of starvation or freeze to death or..

    All in all I've had a good 3 days of fun so far. Great job, no crashes at all.

  118. Wow! Thank you for this amazing game. I was up 24 hours frustrated with another game by a fairly well known studio and the incessant 'nullsec' error when I decided to give Banished a try. I ended up playing for another 24 hours and despite hurting on many levels, I just couldn't stop playing =)

    I hope you keep expanding on it, I do love the minimalist feel but I can't help wanting to see more, more, more of this wonderful game. Like perhaps some type of 'experience' bonus to people as they master a certain profession and some incentive to keep the same people in the job they are good at. Anyway, now I'm rambling, I pulled another 24 hours the second day, great game mate!

  119. Sorry that was a 'nullpoint' error lol, guess I've played Eve Online too long. That wasn't the game that caused the error btw, but it was another space game. Cheers!

  120. When i try to launch the game via steam it says: Application load error 3:0000065432
    I have tried everything I deleted all banished files and re-installed them and i did everything what did read in up of this page

  121. I love the Settlers type of gameplay and I wish the game was even more like Settlers! πŸ˜€ When I saw TB's video I was really expecting to see the soldiers... but I guess that's gonna have to wait til the sequel. πŸ˜‰

  122. This is the best builder game i've ever played! Thank you very much for so lot of fun and enjoy well earned money!

  123. bought the game to support talent, 1 man doing all this while big gaming houses at times have trouble getting even the basics done, job proper well done mate, hopefully you make a bank from this release.

  124. Loving the game so far!
    Has anyone else had an issue with hungry villagers walking to a storage barn to pick up food then instantly dying.. wasting the food.

    I've lost half my town and all my food supply as a result haha.

  125. Can't start the game at all. Deleted the DX11 files, edited registry, updated nvidia drivers, reinstalled on another drive, run manually, run 32 and 64 bit versions - each time the exe just runs for a while in taskmgr and then dies silently with no error. Spent two hours trying to get this game running and now really frustrated. πŸ™

  126. @Syrath, This is definitely a game where you need to plan ahead. Getting by on the bare minimum of resources will certainly lead to disaster.

    I think thats why alot of people are so outraged at the difficulty of Banished. Games in the past have been extremely forgiving and so there is little need to stockpile.

    I love that banished is different in that way. Im at 150 population and have been expanding one house at a time, ive only had 1 shortage of food but no one died of starvation.

  127. Working great when running steam through WINE in linux. Not a single issue, loving the game. Already played 12+ hours!

  128. @OPHD, but that's not the issue.. I love the difficulty of the game.. but this just doesn't make sense. why would they all die at the same time at the same location as soon as they pick up food? lol

    yes I have hungry villagers however I just finished my harvest and they all flock to the barn to all die as soon as they pick up the food what a waste of villagers and food.

    If they were going to die from starvation wouldn't they have died before they came in contact with food?

  129. Monitor refresh rate is broken in game.
    I need to set to 200hz and the game always starts up in 60 hz. If i change to dx9 after startup, the game will go to my set desktop refresh like it should be, but starting up in dx9 again reverts back to 60hz. I have to change to dx11 and back again to change refresh.
    please fix as 60hz is really annoying!

  130. Any chance that those of us with dual monitors can be accounted for? I've got a 22" that can go up to 1680x1050 and then a 23" that can go 1920x1080.

    I'd like to put Banished on fullscreen on the 2nd monitor at 1080. But when I take the game out of fullscreen, drag it over to the 2nd monitor, and hit apply, it forces itself back over to my 1st monitor. In fact, any time I change the resolution it throws back over to my 1st monitor.

    Other than that, I'm just getting started but so far so good.

  131. Oops, spoke too soon. Got a crash while reading all the Help stuff during the Tutorial. Guess I'm off to join the forums.

  132. Very nice game thanks...

    Bug Report -
    1.Fire dont get wiped out by Town people (Wells dont work)
    2.In some cases Roads are undelete able, has something to do with Trees. Ex=Build a block of Orchards 3x3 Fields or more and Place Stone Roads, you will see after Trees get old. Roads get undelete able. Same with Forester Loge and normal Forest. When a tree grow near or on Street.

  133. Love the game. Its crazy that such a small scale design team, or just you, could create such a unique and sought after, by me at least, type of game like this.
    However, i do have a few issues to report mainly i had an instance where my citizens went into the middle of no where, far from town, instead of doing their assigned jobs. My only other issue is the difficulty, for me at least, with acquiring and storing food. I've tried everything fishing, foraging, hunting, farming all at the same time i might add and my people kept dying due to starvation. On top of that the people werent reproducing fast enough to adequately work the facets of food production, that is i didnt have the population to do so. Some sort of help or tutorial would be nice. Maybe Tips and/or tricks also? Anything really. Thanks.

  134. Hey there is a bug in the game that is removing people from my town I had 22 people 10min back now I have 16 there has bid no deaths shown ,I have 2 barns full of food I got a lot of firewood there is a doctor and lots more my people just keep on disappearing ??

  135. I bought the game today and I must say it's awesome. I'm amazed at how small the game is and still packs so much detail.
    Good luck with further development.

  136. Royaltin, by default game will not notify you on dead by getting old - open log and see if this is the case (f2 and then 2)

  137. Bug report (Minor, Non Game Breaking, Aesthetic)

    Im running windows 8, running through steam.

    On tutorial about trade posts, when it is showing me the maximum number of items to purchase there is an arrow with a square highlighting the box. If i scroll down the menu, the arrow pointing gets misplaced.

    Like i said, no big issue just wanted to bring it to your attention. Seriously awesome game i cannot believe you made this game your self, you give me hope that I too one day can make a fun game for people to enjoy. Its not even about the money, of course the money is important too if you need but but i think the most pleasing aspect is not checking your bank account its reading how many people fall in love with YOUR creation. Your awesome man!

  138. First of all. This is an incredible game! I'm totally hooked and I can't wait for the updates! The game is hard sometimes but not impossible. You just have to be quick witted and be careful with your every move. Like a complex chess but more enjoyable!

    Currently managing a city with 250+ citizens and I'm aiming for 300.

    Just a few suggestions. Can you make it so that when the quarry reserve is depleted and you need to destroy the structure. Instead of leaving a gaping hole in the middle of your city. Can you change it into a lake after perhaps 10 years of continual rain? And also I noticed that the boat of the trader is without a deck. Wouldn't it sink? LOL.

    Well that is all for now. Congratulations again and looking forward to the games' future changes! ^_^

  139. Hi, great game bought it on the first day......

    Just one thing, any chance of a sandbox mode, in short every village I create seems to have a huge population crash and everyone quickly dies.

    Simply put, easy mode is not quite easy enough for me... πŸ˜‰

  140. Really good game! saw it on steam on his first day of release and couldn't pass next to it!! First of all, i havn't seen any issues for now, and i played many hours and i got my first village to 175 people, about 10,000 food everytime (may come near 8,000 just before gathering my farms)with 300 Tools. Once you have enough food and Tools, everything should turn round! Gabbage May be the best food to start with, since it's maybe a bit over productive πŸ˜‰
    Second, I really love that game to a point that i feel that there is a lot missing in it, even if it's one of the best city builder game i've played since the 90's.... This game has so much potential!!! And DAMN i would pay again 20-30$ to get more content!! any time!!!

  141. I just couldn't wait till i put my hand on this game and I am soo pleased with it. It's the best simulation i have ever played since Anno 1602, DAMN! Since Settlers! this game i so much fun, so awesome, and Cities, Towns you build looks soo natural I just wish sometimes i could be one of townfolks and have a nice walk around the town. I have only ONE wish. In my opinion, sezons could be little longer, and that's all πŸ˜€ Keep up the great work!

  142. I can not play, the configuration I did is RECOMMEND Videointerface = 0 and all the other things but while the game is loading then fatal error crash dump .. i got dx9 and pixel shader 2 . 512mb ram. nvidia mx 4000 128mb

  143. So happy to finally be able to play the game, which is every bit as awesome as I hoped it would !
    Seeing it on the best-sellers list on Steam, and among the most played games between behemoths like L4D2 and CS is unbelievable!

  144. Great game! I saw a review online and downloaded it asap, it is wonderfully soothing to play, and it feels so great when your town is doing well! Nice tutorials to get into the dynamics of the game.

  145. I didn't even need to do the tutorial and went to year 54. Great stuff! Congratulations! THIS is what most games these days are lacking.

  146. 100% working, no worries:
    AMD FX8320
    Nvidia GTX760
    16GB RAM
    (yeah... totally overkill for this game)

    Keep up the good work! πŸ˜‰

    DO NOT GROW YOUR SETTLEMENTS TO FAST! you'll only get everyone killed πŸ˜€

  147. Alright, theres one thing i've come across that is completely unfair.Fires.

    I just had my marketplace set on fire. Instantly all of its contents were destroyed. I was left with no tools, 400 food (down from 8000) and no clothes.

    In one second it destroyed everything, and there was nothing i could do about it.

    That needs fixing. I had 3 wells surrounding it, but because its instant, there is nothing you can do. It should slowly burn away the resources, not just destroy everything in the blink of an eye.

    I just reloaded my autosave - which i normally don't like doing because i like consequences. But seriously man, its ridiculously unfair.

  148. Croatoan grew over the weekend to the point that every building-type has been constructed. Getting the "builder" achievement was truly rewarding. The people are doing quite well, though the population is still modest, right around 60. We've been struck by a tornado and a fire - recovering from these disasters was tough but felt real. It's time to expand the empire.

    I can't get enough of this gameplay. I find it so relaxing and addictive. I do see a time coming when I will get bored, but then I can start a new town and enjoy those first years all over again. That said, I would love to see bears and wolves added - not only would it create another layer of survival, but it would also add a valuable fur trade.

  149. Hey you.

    What an awesome game you have made here.. I have been playing it alot.. Just a really great game.. Looking forward to more content :).. Keep the good work up..

  150. i know probably he took a break but 1 week pass and no words from the developer and tons of pile of bugs keep showing up i would love to see some resource manager specially the brewer always running short of food to make ale because people keep using the type of food he use to make brew.

  151. Thank you so much for your awesome game. It is really just what I needed.

    I go to bed in 3 in a morning because of this game. Haven't felt that for a long time.

    Thank you, man.

  152. I recently bought the game but once I press play it comes up with the loading screen and then crashes. Is there any way around this? I would really like to play the game.

  153. First I'd like to congratulate you for making such a great game, I bought it last week and until today had almost no problem, but this afternoon when I exited the game my computer crashed and crashed again when I tried to start it, when I tried a second I was able to open the game but I found out that I was unable to load any save games, I've tried 5 times every time the screen freezes before the list of saves appears. Does anyone know a fix to this problem?

  154. this is a great game and i havent been able to put it down since the release. i have noticed some small problems or weird situations that have occured in the game. i found that pathing for animals and sometimes people have been off, for instance i see deer constantly just walk through the rivers like they werent a barrier. now they could be swimming but they just go under the water. recently in one of my villages i had a food shortage but i do not understand what could have went wrong. perhaps there was a small detail of how the game mechanics work i did not see but i had 6 15x15 farms and 2 orchards with 24 workers, 4 fishing docks with 16 fishermen and two full hunting cabins and i had about 90 people all together but there would aalways be a shortage of food. maybe the villagers eat 10 units of food a day but i think a better ratio would be efficient in maintaining a bigger populace or maybe a tutorial on explaing the type of ratios you have thought out that work well with your game. i also have some ideas that could provide a better experience to the game such as more detailed notifications. instead of having the empty bucket pop up how about it is an icon thaat corresponds with the item(s) that are running low or filling the capacity such as food is low show a wheat icon and when iron is low show an iron icon, it would help the player visually see what they are low on instead of looking it up. also what if the crops and storage placement grids worked around the land? i think it would be more benificial to the player and more space efficient if it did not have to be a perfect square everytime. the spaces you lose to rough ground or river could also be to the same constraints as 15x15. to recap these are just some small details i have noticed within the game and thoughts i wanted to share. all of this is in constructive criticism and is no way bad mouthing the game. i love this game and cant wait for what the one man dev team has in store for all the players. thank you for sucha great game!

  155. This is one of the best city builders I've played. it's entirely peaceful, addicting, and wonderfully designed.

    when I bought it I thought it would be a mostly easy game, and I'd have a metropolis after a few hours of learning, but after 30 hours of play I'm finding the balance now.

    Dude, you have a space in my top 10 games right now. Keep up the awesome work!

  156. Absolutely fabulous game, like playing chess,SimCity, and AOE all rolled into one. Brilliant work, playing on Win 7 64bit, runs fantastic just doesn't always minimize when alt+Tabbing but no gameplay issues per set. I did notice that the deer go underwater when crossing rivers though. πŸ™‚

  157. Banished is an amazing game! As a developer myself, it blows me away that you were able to build this game by yourself. I just bought the game and played way later than I should have because the game is so great. The amount of polish that you've put into the game is phenomenal. I just wanted to say thank you for making this game and please continue making games. You're one of the great ones.

  158. Dude, you made a great game. I'm hooked on it since the first hour. Good balance good learning curve. It is like a therapy so peacefull! I hope an expansion is coming next year or something. I've got some ideas for you :P. Keep up the good work. Im telling everybody here in the Netherlands what a great game you made. And everyone who bought it until now is addicted. You made my year with this great game!!

  159. You did this as a ONE man job? Wow now im even more impressed. You did a really great game there. Congrats! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  160. You should hire one or two people to work on an expansion. I will def buy said expansion.

    Thanks for the game, it is really inspiring to think that just one person made this title, and this title is better than a lot of games I've played that had multi million dollar budgets. You should be proud.

  161. I love this game, it is so very addictive! I have been playing it nonstop since I purchased it 3 days ago. I am not only impressed with the game itself, but also that you did this by yourself! Wow! Thank you for a job well done!

  162. Hey Luke, love the game, you did a great job, wondering when Mod kit will be released and if you could add a second story option, after the original base home is made, and if families couod be multigenerational, like the medevial times were, 3 generations to 1 home. Great game. Even though it was only 20$ id buy it for 60$

  163. Such an amazing game, The immense detail and effort put into it can be seen right away! Congratulations on your launch, and being #1 on the steam store! πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work, would love to donate if its possible.

  164. I just bought this game yesterday and I have more than 16 hours of playing it. I really really really love it! Great effort, great game, great idea!

  165. This game is amazing. Love the art design, it runs great on my mid-level PC. (almost maxed in fact)

    I am very eager for more content in this game and I am excited for the success of your one man studio. You will know success either way you go about it. The possibilities for this game seems endless and I cannot wait for more content.

  166. Absolutely amazing game. I didn't know what to expect when I bought it but holy crap. I was getting tired of city builders and losing hope in the genre but this has changed my mind.

    Only thing I've noticed is my "Builders" will sometimes idle even when I have the resources for the buildings. It sometimes takes 30-40 real time minutes for builders to start working on something. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if there is a hitch in AI. Either way amazing job on this game.

  167. @TheAnnoyingGunner
    "The game (stand-alone at least) has one problem which to me seems not to be intended: citizens assigned as builders seem to do laborers work when no or only few laborers are designated. That means you order the building of a structure and your builders spend happily their time with chopping down trees what you have designated somewhere on the map instead of building the structure."

    This happened to me with fishermen, so it's not specific thing for builders and is probably a bug. I only had only 1 laborer and now I see there are about five people going to collect the stones. I inspected them and they were fishermen (which are, by the way, the closest buildings to the spot of the stones, so it still might be a feature, although not very good one).

  168. I really did not expect such a good and neatly polished game! I too was kind of fed up with the city builder game genre and was quite dubitative a few months before the release. But I started to watch tons of Let's Play videos a few weeks ago and Banished has gradually grown so much on me!
    Now a week after release I am fully addicted to the game. Banished makes my day everyday.
    It is incredibly immersive. Banished IS a sandbox game..you simply have to develop your tiny community into a village..a town and a "metrovillage". It's all up to you!
    Graphics are stunning on the whole (a few textures/maps could be improved though).
    The game is very difficult if you try to hast things..villages are bound to fail. I think the secret is to play SLOWLY, smartly, cautiously, meticulously, and have all parameters displayed in real time if you want to succeed. This game is absolutely soothing when everything goes smoothly. That feeling is gorgeous.
    I just wish we could customize villages a bit more: like plopping trees/flowers whereever we want. I wish we could build stone bridges for instance too.

    I hope Luke will manage with the bugs and won't discourage. I feel he will.
    So, once again thank you for the excellent work. One of the best games I have played in years...and this is just Banished 1.0..God knows what further versions will bring.

  169. I have been playing the game without problem for a week but now a fatal error is occuring on startup. When I start up a fatal error occurs and it makes a crash dump file.I am playing on Steam. Please help.
    I have tried the fixes above and they did not work and believe me for a 48 year old women it was quite a challenge.

  170. From what i have watched on youtube, great game, however when i go to start the game, it says application error. Does anyone else have the same issue?? Can someone help???

  171. Starting a new game states "An moderate game begins.." should just be "A moderate game begins.." πŸ™‚

  172. Purchased game from GOG and have been unable to run it. Prior to starting,the game crashes to black screen with fatal error message. So disappointed. Based on reviews excited to play, but will have to return to GOG.

  173. Drydock you dont have to return it i can help you get it working can you please provide me your system configuration. you can get in touch we me at sence28@hotmail.com i will help you get the game up and running.

  174. Greetings!

    Just wanted to thank you for creating this game. I will be honest, never heard of it until day before it was released on Steam. But I've been waiting for game like this for ages. Bought it first day and game already has 83 hours of gameplay. I see that you are aware of some issues that the game has and I hope you will fix it in time and continue to work on this game. I realize that you are only one man and you made fantastic game all alone, I admire you for that. I hope you will get some financial benefit from it couse you sure did deserve it, more than most of big devs today.

  175. Major Gameplay Issue!!!!

    Food producers, when caring food should not die of starvation. Realistically if was a farmer and I would harvest I would eat some of the food while I harvest if I was starving...

    Thanks keep up the good work and get a patch faster.
    And Mooding tool and more buildings and upgrades!


  176. This game is beautiful - well done. Albeit, I haven't progressed more than a few hours into the game as everyone seems to die of starvation. Going to have a read through the forums tonight to see what I'm doing wrong.

    Keep up the good work.

  177. Dude - I've been playing RTS games and city builders for over 20 years now and this is one of the best. I love the ambience and pace, as well as how subtle a lot of the game play is. I have recently started a young family so my wife is about to kill me with how much time I MUST put into the game!

  178. It's a fantastic game experience and I have a lot of fun! You should stay indepentent when they want to buy you!

  179. You did a fantastic Job :)...in fact the first game sinca a long time worth paying for it. Keep up the good work, im eager to see more !

  180. Congrats! It Reminds Me alot of "Anno Online" Another great city builder/Simulation Game, I have been following this website for the past year. And i am glad the release went smoothly for you and the development team i do hope however saying this that you continue to update this game even if you do a pay for "DLC" I would not mind as long as i get up to date patches,game content, and bugs fixed!!

  181. Hey, I'm a software developer, so I really appreciate what you've done here with this game. It is truly marvelous! I wish I had the skills to do something like this πŸ™‚ Sounds like you're getting some good feedback so thought I'd add my two-cents worth: Would love a hotkey to toggle hiding all the open windows. And for towns to be able to trade with each other in some way would be cool.

  182. I can't open the game at all. It just crashed the second I click on the game in my steam library. I dont ever get past the "loading Banished" steam window

  183. There has been a problem with the pastures i cant get anyone to work there and i cant get any animals.

  184. Fantastic game, really loving it. Having one issue in that when I try to use trade the game crashes with a "fatal Error" message. Bit of a shame as I have stuff stored and am running low on food; if trade would work this would help. Please can I get some help on this.

    Villagers seem to go all the way home when they are cold rather than to the nearest house and some die on the way - I don't think that's how it's supposed to work?

    It would be great to have some more aesthetic stuff like gardens/civic buildings that would also increase villagers happiness and give more options for customising your villages.

    Also - I had a lot of trouble getting the game to run. I'd purchased from Steam and was just getting a black screen. I then purchased from Gok thinking it was Steam that was at fault haha. I tried deleting the video files as suggested - this didn't work. What DID work was deleting the SPACE in the file name - I think some video cards will work/still recognise the file and some won't. Please give this a try - it worked for me

  185. I have a problem with this game. When i click on the icon in my steam library, Banished is crashing and i can't do anything with it. I think it will be very good game, and i'm waiting to repair this πŸ™‚

  186. I am having the same problem Speedoo22 I really hope this gets fixed soon!! I can't wait to play this game

  187. All these complaints about crashing is reall puzzling to me. I bought from this site and redeemed my key on steam and have had 0 problems.

    But I suppose on PC's there are many different specs.

  188. Hello, I have that 3:0000065432 error too, i tried to start to game from program files, there it says that im missing Runtime-steam-x64.dll try to fix the problem by re-installing the game. But.. I bought it from steam, soo I cant re-install it, cant i? What to do?

  189. @Timo

    With Steam you should be able to right click and select Remove Local Files.

    This uninstalls.

    Then you choose to install it again which should re-download it from Steam.

    Maybe this would fix your issue, but no promises.

  190. Love this game and have had absolutely no problems running it or playing it. Had a few problems with my people doing things that killed them but now have figured out how to manage them. Great game so keep up the good work! Gonna buy another copy so my wife can play also. She has been looking over my shoulder while I play! Thanks again!

  191. Billy I have the same issue. I tried to delete my game files which kind of acts as an uninstall but that didn't fix it for me sadly

  192. i have problem white my scrren dosent show enyting but i can clike on the menu and can hear the music i have renamed direxsX11 and direxsX9 but it dosent seem to help

  193. Hi, i can not see my mouse pointer when the game starts - it's there but it's like the invisible man πŸ™‚
    Appreciate if i can get some help on the issue. Thanks

  194. I recently purchased Banished and have been really eager to play. But there is a major problem - I can't. I open the game, get past the Shining Rock Software logo, then the loading screen, and then after about two minutes of loading, a get an error sound and a message saying, "Warning: A fatal error has occurred and the game cannot continue!"
    I really want to play the game, but I'm not sure how to fix this issue.
    I appreciate all help! Thank you!
    Oh, and to FF, that happened to me, the invisible mouse, so I pressed, Control, Alt, Delete on my keyboard. Then click task manager, select Banished, then click "Switch To". It worked for me and my mouse was visible, until my game crashed when I tried to start a tutorial level. πŸ™

  195. Thanks for the inf. 12squidy - tried that didn't work for me. This is frustrating. To pay for a game that look very cool - but you can't play - hmmmmm!!!!
    So what to do?????? πŸ™
    Developer - give me some feedback please.

  196. I can't play the game at all. Every time I try to start it, whether through Steam or otherwise, I get a Failed to Start message saying that the game is (missing executable). I reallllly want to play it, too. It looks amazing! What's the problem?!

  197. I want to thank the developer for making this unique masterwork.
    I can barely remember when spending money to get such a great and fun game!
    I think the AAA developer should learn and be inspired from this outstading work one person created.
    Thank you for letting me and all the other customers being a part of this. It's totally worth!

  198. fine game.
    i have a problem with banished.
    the audio is on only for few minutes,after
    it is off in all applications and i need restart my pc to have the audio on.
    i hope someone answer me for this problem.

  199. i've got problem with the game starting:
    "the fatal error has ocurred and the game can't continue"
    Downloading "test" version didn't help me(((
    Are there any another solutions?

  200. IΒ΄ve tried all those things you said there and steam still says that error code 51 stuff.....

  201. Hi all,

    I downloaded this game on Steam and it played fine the first 1 - 2 times.

    Then, after logging out for the night, when I tried to start it up again in the morning it says "Game Start Error 51"

    Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

    Well done though, for what I have played it is a very good game.

  202. I must say its a great nice game to play. I like settler games, and this is the Hardest game i played, however i have a request, when we start on "hard mode" (no materials/seeds) and we need to use fishermans and hunters, the food flo goes to fast vs inhabitants we have, is this a wrong valeu? (i mean 8 fishermans on 12 adults and 8 childs humans is hard to start with, and still they starf to death....)


  203. OK first of all for one person to make a game as successful as this should def get an achievment award or something. Im sure this game has sold quickly for you and Im actually inspired to take part in a huge untertaking such as this I have a really good idea in my head but no knowledge or how or when I can start something like this. I suppose I should start by learning and practicing. I would love to know what programs you used so I could try something out untill then congrats man you have earned it its 8.9 on IGNPC.com 3rd best selling game out right now awesome!!!

  204. Hello! I just wanted to say this game is awesome, and keep up the good work! I mean.. amazing for a one man team especially! As with every game, there may be some issues but so far after playing this game for several hours, I gotta say it really keeps me interested. Alot of different strategies at play here. Thank you for the hard work!

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