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Addendum to Optimization....

June 4, 2013 | Dukus | 24 Comments

Apparently a lot of people assumed I was switching to DX11 and dropping DX9 support. I plan to make both versions available. The DX9 version should run on Windows XP and all newer versions of windows. The DX11 version actually will work with DX10 level hardware, and should work on Windows Vista and anything newer. Additionaly, there's also both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of both the DX9 and DX11 executables. I don't really need both versions, but the 64-bit version is slightly faster on a 64-bit system, and the 32-bit versions are needed for those without a 64-bit OS.

I originally thought to ship just the DX9 version since it will work on everything, but the DX11 version shows definite and impressive improvement in both CPU and GPU usage on some systems. For people that can take advantage of it, that's a win. I like smooth framerate gameplay experiences, and I'm sure a lot of other users do as well.

As a side note, at the urging of a developer working on some newer console hardware, I did some additional performance tests for not just GPU performance, but testing CPU performance of DX9 vs DX11 both using instancing and a full set of draw calls. In most cases, while instancing didn't increase frame rate by much, it saved a bit of CPU time. This gives more time for AI, pathfinding, and general gameplay code to run.

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24 comments on “Addendum to Optimization....”

  1. I freaking love this 😀 you keep this going and you are going to be very popular indeed..
    On a side note, GET BACK TO WORK... want game NOW!!! 😛

  2. I am so planning to fill my summer vacation with your game? Hope there'll be a beta by then!

  3. I dream about playing this. I would pay just to participate as a beta tester. 🙂

    Good luck! 🙂

  4. please use OpenGL for available this game from Linux.

    Yes, this platform is not population, but then more games and other program can start in this, than more users can use this platform.....

  5. Very neat! It really sounds like you're making some impressive leaps forward and I hope it all goes to further ensure a wonderful quality product when it's finished 🙂

  6. Yeah i'm happy for reading this news!

    This game looks very nice and had a interesting-looking than Anno 1602 and this was the best strategy game ever!

  7. I would really appreciate a version that is not following the massive move of the industry to abandon older computers. I mean i can barely play any games on my pc with 2x2.5gHz and 3gb ram and 512MB graphics card RAM, so if the game would run on such a computer, that would be a huge bonus for people that don't have the money to upgrade their computer every year.

  8. That is just awesome! Cant thank you enough for the options!

    @ Shinji - If your hobby is video games that's the price you have to pay to play them.

  9. @Shinji Not updating your computer every year is understandable; being a gamer and not updating every 5-10 years thought is really really untenable. At some point you will be left behind entirely in the name of progressing technology.

  10. Still supporting DX9 seems a bit archaic. I mean it's nice the game will be potentially playable on your grandpa's old desktop from 2005, but the customer-base of gamers still on DX9 is probably so small they could be safely ignored to focus on optimizing the game for computers within at least the last half-decade.

  11. I second the comment about being willing to pay just to be a beta tester for this game... (just in case you ever decide you could use an additional cash-infusion in the future... 😉 )

  12. I love this game already and it's hasn't even been out yet. Great building strategy is always welcome and yours will be welcomed most. 🙂

  13. "at the urging of a developer working on some newer console hardware" ... I could see Valve ALL over this game.

  14. I am really enjoying these technical updates.

    However, some of the comments here are just cringe-worthy:

    - "OMG throws money at screen (smiley face emoticon)"
    - "I'LL PAY TO BE A BETA TESTER!!! (emoticon)"
    - "PLLLLEAAASSEE can you release an alpha (double emoticon clapping smiley face)"
    - Ten more comments re. "throwing money at screens" or begging for a demo of some kind etc etc....

    People, try and retain some dignity.
    Acting like over hyped morons with an IQ of 6 is not going to make this chap release his game any sooner. (smiley face emoticon)

  15. I'm only going to be using DX11.
    so I'm glad thats still in 🙂

    I'm also down for pay for alpha/beta as long as it comes with full game.
    You know pre-order now and bet alpha/beta.

  16. PLEASE, ADD CELSIUS; Not only america is waiting for this game !

    And why are you using it anyway ?
    With Celsius, the freezing and bowling point is set at 0° and 100°.
    While farenheit set it at 32 and 212...
    The whole world is using celsius and metric system...

    Update America...

  17. @Paribas - Celsius has been an configurable option in the game for a long while now... I just leave it Fahrenheit since I happen to use it.

  18. Oh this game looks so interesting... You planning on any open beta or just general release? Would love to LP this as soon as I can get my hands on it!

  19. @ Paribas - We use Fahrenheit in the UK too (as well as centigrade).

    Surely it can't be that hard to understand only 2 heat measurement scales?!

    Try harder old chap!

  20. Hi Dukus

    I was wondering if the ETA on this game had changed at all - whether it be delayed or possibly soon to be released?

    I remember you saying some time ago that it may be released either mid year or a little after mid year. Is that still on the cards?


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