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Pseudo Screenshots

March 16, 2013 | Dukus | 10 Comments

So, here's a secret. When making screenshots, a lot of developers will pause the action, increase resolution, move the camera to the best location, and then color correct the images. It makes them look as good as possible as shows of the tech really well.

So far all my images have been legitimate gameplay images - just some with the user interface removed. However the other night I decided to lower the camera angle and take some lower angle shots over an entire town.

For all of development I had kept the the camera pointing mostly down, both for performance and because in a strategy game when you're managing things you tend to look down on the play area. Looking across the tops of all the buildings isn't always that useful, other than looking cool.

But these images looked so good than I'm going to allow a more flexible camera. And looking across the terrain when the camera is low isn't any worse performance wise than zooming high above and looking down. Sweet.

Low Angle Screenshot


Low Camera Screenshot

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10 comments on “Pseudo Screenshots”

  1. Yeah man. Been following you for a couple weeks now. Looking REALLY sweet. Especially like the new camera angle.

    My motto for games is more options = more gameplay = more/longer fun!

    I don't understand why so many computer games STILL, after decades of this stuff! restrict or fail to allow the player to customize their gameplay experience! It's almost inconceivable.

    And speaking of more options, please tell me you're going to [eventually] add combat.

    Maybe? /crossesfingers

    Take care and, well, update more often! 😛

    p.s. a gameplay video would be super. hint. hint hint. 🙂

  2. Hey Chris,

    New web content and videos are actually forthcoming.... should be online sometime early this week.

    As for combat, yes I have a plan. I originally conceived this game without it, but over development I've thought of some great ways to incorporate it. It might be an expansion after release, but I definitely want to add it.

  3. I'd rather not have combat if it is similar to other city building games that add it as an after-thought.

    That being said, if what I've seen so far is an indication, I certainly trust you to do it right if it comes to that.

    I've been following development for a while btw, looking great 🙂

  4. I know exactly what you mean feeling that combat is added as an after thought to some games.

    But don't worry, combat would be within the context of the game mechanics - being attacked would be more of a disaster to control like fire, famine, or disease. It might change city building strategy, but it won't change the way you play the game.

    I occasionally enjoy playing games like the one I'm building without combat. When and if it gets added it will always be an option that can be disabled or enabled as the user wishes.

  5. Yay for combat being optional. I play these kinds of games because I want to do something constructive and positive, not hack even more people to pieces :p
    Beautiful looking game as usual, can't wait to see it in motion.

    (Also, Gilberreke, from the BTW forums? Fancy seeing you here, hah)

  6. This is looking really good. Great work!

    On combat, personally I like having to defend my town against attack - roving groups of which periodically find your town and attack - perhaps the size varies with the wealth of your town. Meaning you need to think about walls, defenses, sieges, etc. Should definitely be optional (I suppose a bit like survival vs creative mode in Minecraft). Are you running a kickstarter or anythng? Steam Greenlight? I'm sure you'd get buckets of support.

  7. Urgh html...'roving groups of [insert fantastical monster]' serves me right for not just writing...spiders or something...

  8. If you don't know it already you might want to look into postcard mode of Anno 1404 or 2070 - it's a special cam mode just for happily looking at your creations, with some extra processing and autohide GUI. They did that really well.

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