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February 20, 2013 | Dukus | 6 Comments


Back when I was graphics programmer making games for consoles we had major milestones we had to hit on our schedule. The big ones were Alpha, Beta and Gold. For the company I worked for, Alpha was generally the all features in, playable, but not content complete. Beta was finished but needing debugging and optimization. Gold was finished.

I didn't have it planned, but last night I finally hit the Alpha stage. The game has all the features I planned (after some serious feature creep...) and can be fully played. Hooray!

Now I need to buckle down and add variety, clean up, and tweak the artwork, handle front end stuff like achievements and end game goals, add game play difficulties, and balancing the game. I also have some fancy wishlist items that may go in if I have time.

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6 comments on “Alpha”

  1. hey this game looks brilliant cant wait to play 🙂 id be more than happy to volanter to test if you wanted 🙂 cant wait for it to be realised 🙂

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