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January Update

January 26, 2013 | Dukus | 3 Comments

The last two months have been busy. Despite traveling around the holidays, and a lack of updates, a lot of changes and additions have gone into the game.

All citizens in the town are now modeled and animated. They use tools, walk around, pick things up, put things down, etc. Walking on roads now allows citizens to move faster.  Audio has been added to the game. Sounds effects are made by citizens as they work and ambient sounds of rivers, forests, wind, can be heard. Livestock makes noises too.

Schools have been added, and citizens can spend a few years being educated instead of working. Once educated any work a citizen does results in higher production of resources. In cases where the work doesn't produce a resource, such as a doctor or a teacher, an educated citizen will perform the job better and faster.

I also added records, graphs, and overall town data that can be viewed at a town hall once it is built. You can see trends of food, education, population, and a slew of other stats. You can also control how much of any resource is produced. This helps manage limited storage and frees up workers if enough of a resource has been produced.

I've added a feature to the game I hadn't really planned on but adds a slightly different play style. You can have a town of agriculture with farms, pastures, and orchards, or you can have a town of hunters, gatherers, and fishermen.  The game can be played in either way or a combination of both.

And last, I've also been starting to working on end game play where the player can really improve the town. My goal is to provide methods of boosting production and reducing resource usage so that the same plot of land can support more people. Education makes citizens do better work and produce more resources. Warmer houses can be built of stone that use less firewood, and warm winter clothing can be tailored to allow citizens to be less affected by the cold of winter.


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3 comments on “January Update”

  1. Great to hear that things happen.
    Really looking forward to see this game in action.

  2. Keep it up, if it happens to have pre-ordering for early bird and it is affordable just drop me a mail 🙂

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