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1.0.7 Beta Version 2

March 21, 2017 | Dukus | 20 Comments

Here's a new version of the 1.0.7 beta for the modding community. There weren't too many bugs reported so far, so hopefully this will be the last test before an official version.
If you use these, please let me know how they work out. If it's working perfectly I'd like to hear about it too. Thoughts, bugs, crashes, etc. Email support (at) shiningrocksoftware (dot) com


  • -This build adds an example to the mod kit so that modders can add custom resources to the auto purchase section of the Trading Post. I overlooked this in the first beta. See the Readme.html for details.
  • -This build fixes a potential crash when the user interface scale is not 100% and clicking on a dialog that is over a selectable building.


Without further ado, here's the beta mod kit:

Here's a patch for 1.0.6 to Beta

Note that you need to apply the patch to version 1.0.6. Previous versions of the game won't work with this patch. Once downloaded, just unzip the archive into the folder where you have Banished installed. This is usually C:\Program Files\Shining Rock Software\Banished\. Please be sure to run the .exe's that are in the archive - some distributions have the .exe named differently.

As always the Beta is up on Steam. If you are using Steam, go into your game library and right click on Banished. Select properties, and then in the windows that opens, select the BETAs tab. Select the drop down and pick Beta Test for 1.0.7.


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20 comments on “1.0.7 Beta Version 2”

  1. That was a quick patch.
    I can't wait to see what other porjects you might want to do Luke, you're talented!

  2. So I hear you have Banished for Mac "working" but not finished. This is tantalizingly close by my ears. I would start playing Banished again if you could release a Mac version! Also, your next game ought to have Mac support from day 0. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I'm running the latest beta version through wine skin on my Mac pc (27" 5k edition).
    I have a decent size town running with about 20 mods installed (individual ones as I can not get CC or MM to run).
    I'm now facing crashes at random intervals. Sometimes the buildings come up blacked out before I build them and then they slow the pc down to a crash. Other times its happened mid trade whilst going through my inventory.
    Would anyone that is knowledgeable please help me and tell me how to prevent this? I'm okay with computers but no expert... some help would really be appreciated.
    Thanks, Gary.

  4. Gary, if you install Wine 2.x direct from winehq (and xquartz if you don't already have it), you can then launch the Banished installer with Wine. The GOG install I bought gets an error at the end of the install, but works just fine. You'll also need to use the offline installer for the June 2010 DirectX 9.0c update to get audio working. After that, you should be able to run Banished 1.0.6 without issue with CC and MM. I'm running on a Mac Pro 2010 with a GTX 980 at 4K resolution and it handles just as well as if I reboot into Windows and run it there.

  5. Hi Tyrelius
    Thanks for answering my post.
    So I have basically done what you said anyway with wine etc and I'm still having the issue. Would you suggest not using the beta version of banished for now then?
    Do you run any other mods along with MM or CC?

  6. I'm just wondering, How come you haven't updated banished in years with any new features?

    The base game is incredible, but i want official updates, even small ones - not mods.

  7. I agree with James ^^

    This looks like a fantastic game, but not knowing if it's even supported... not sure I want to toss $20 down the drain.

    And yeah - 'update by mod' - I can see for older stuff like Fallout 2 or something.... But on a 3 year old game - well, I never have any expectation that a modder will support their mod long term, since they don't make a profit from it.

  8. James and Robert, I think you misjudge the Banished modders a bit. Most of the banished modders are very dedicated and work closely together.

    The whole reason Luke added these flag is mainly because of the dedicated modding community. I love the fact Luke did this. 😀

  9. Once again, thanks Luke! (I just now saw this update).

    Luke has responded to pleas from us, the community. Thanks so much, Luke!

    And now, for a public proposal:

    I, for one of many, would pay another $20 for a Banished:Revisited. This would be a new game that includes even more flags (100?), more graphics options, better multi-core utilization, and so on. We could compile a list of things needed as asked by the community, and Luke could roll them in.

    This game has kept my wife and I entertained for well over a year now, with play almost daily. I haven't bought a game since 2003, except for Banished. I'd gladly buy it again to get the improvements made.

    Methinks Luke has created something bigger than he dreamt.


  10. Hi

    I'm trying upload my mod to steam workshop, I put my mod in Banished\WinData\ and run the game but I don't see any "add to workshop" button appear.

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