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Quick Fixes

May 22, 2016 | Dukus | 29 Comments

I just uploaded some quick bug fixes introduced with the last build. 1.0.6 is live on Steam. If you need to redownload it from Humble you can log in and grab it, or you can use this tool: https://www.humblebundle.com/resender. GOG.com should have an updated build shortly.

There's a new modkit, available here: BanishedKit_1.0.6.160521.zip, though there shouldn't be any changes to it from 1.0.5.

Changes in this build:

  • - Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on the town hall if a translation mod was in use that was built with 1.0.4. Missing text data will now be blank.
  • - Fixed a bug that caused orchards and pastures to not drop items inside their boundaries as was intended.

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29 comments on “Quick Fixes”

  1. I wish I could up vote you, as you're the best development I've ever known.

  2. *penguin wing flapping intensifies*
    BTW, I would like to have the soundtrack, but it's not available. I would gladly pay for lossless drm-free soundtrack.

  3. Yep, still waiting on a Mac version here. I bought the game when I saw one was in beta. Perhaps I misunderstood.

  4. Please fix the lag when you approach 600 or 700 population. The game at 10x speed and later on at 5x speed lags an incredible amount.

    This is an issue many people have voice to have.

  5. Thank you very much, both for continuing to support an awesome game, and for figuring out the orchard/pasture drop problem. You are much appreciated!

  6. I use Colonial Charter. Whenever i reach about 500 pop i just stop playing... It lags like it really shouldnt.

    The game doesnt even get any processor core above 80% (i have 6). Graphic card is like nothing is running right now, disk says ok you can copy stuff meanwhile, no pb.

    I just dont get it...

  7. ehm, why there is no *.pkm files after building a mod?

    compilation ends properly but there is no *.pkm file in bin/WinData

  8. Please could you give us an update on the Mac OSX version? Also, we have the same first name!

  9. I really appreciate your effort in continuing to support this game with bug fixes, improvements, and Mac/Linux versions. Keep up the good work!

  10. FWIW you haven't updated the News page in Steam since October, people who see games are mostly abandoned are much less likely to purchase them.

  11. not sure if you will read this, but thank you for making this wonderful game. i just passed over 1150 hours of playtime and am still enthralled with the majesty of this experience. i've been gaming since i was six. that's 34 years of gaming and this is easily the best experience i have ever had with any video game. Although Rygar on NES will never be un-seated, i suppose for sentimental reasons, Banished is by far the most fun and memorable experience i've ever had. i could thank you everyday and it wouldn't be enough. so...thanks.
    (just wish my pc was capable enough!)

  12. Hello Luke!
    In the past i'd translated many mods for your great game, but since modkit 1.0.5 i'm not able to pack my mods due to a error related to dx11. I've updated directx and all other stuff, but nothing helps. I'm running Win 7 and have no problems with any other games.
    Please help, at the moment are about 40k followers waiting for my update which i can't deliver 🙁

    Here's the error report which appears when i tried to build with the actual modkit:

    Assert: VideoDX11: Failed to create color buffer with format DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM [116x0 1xAA]



    Thank you!

  13. Hey there dev team i have a suggestion to what should you add to Banished "Co-op mode"

  14. Chris Like, what a shame that people working on it don't see that. They have created good game, and they don't want to make it greater (by adding multiplayer).

    Despite the thought that MP will destroy Banished (guys saying something about "if you want to play MP, go to play Anno etc"...

    srsly, those guys are an idiots, MP won't destroy any game. You play it if you want... don't like playing with others? play singleplayer. Simple as that.

  15. "Chris Like" and "Thomas", there is only ONE developer for Banished, and the question of multiplayer has been brought up many times before. It has also been answered by the developer here: http://shiningrocksoftware.com/faq/ being the second question from the bottom. Please take the time to learn about the game and the developer before you throw out requests as you've done. Thank you!

  16. User, fine - yet it would be great if you could say anything that I don't know. Thank you.

    I'm aware that only Luke is developer, but the game is created also by modders and thanks to them - the game has 3-4x more things to play with. Luke could work with them if he would like to, I'm sure that there would be someone willing to help him make this game greater.

    About MP, I've read about this in few places, yet it doesn't mean that I can't say my opinion & dissatisfaction about that - so when players which don't want MP in Banished are quite active here, I've decided to call a spade a spade in my previous comment. And about possibility of adding MP: where there's a will, there's a way. Thank you, have a nice day.

  17. Been trying for hours to download the modkit and just can't, tried other links on the site too. Just me or is it no longer hosted on the site?

  18. Just wanted to say thanks. Your game is very good. I would love to buy an expansion, with more things to do especially "late game". Thanks for continuing developping it.

  19. 1.0.6, compared to 1.0.4: map generates differently from same seed. No mention in 1.0.6 or 1.0.5 list of changes that this is to be expected.

    (For any seed, any option, or some only?)

    Thank you for a game sometimes frustrating bit always absorbing on which I have spent a great many hours for over a year.

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