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September 25, 2015 | Dukus | 65 Comments

Hrm, I haven't gone this long without an update in a while... After working on the same project for a few years now, I found I needed a break doing something else for a while as well as a little time away from the screen. It's probably good for me.

I've also been working on a lot of different things, which certainly slows down visible progress down when there's only one developer working. I'm still working on the ports, but also a few fixes for the mod kit, and a few gameplay bugs, game dev tools, some brand new code for future projects, various experiments, and new game designs and prototypes.

I'm planning on doing an beta patch/update to Banished in the next couple weeks, which should include the following:

  • - The game (and modkit) will properly use the Textile limit, which should make some mods easier to play once updated. It also allows configuring places like farms, foresters, and orchards a type of resource it creates, so a mod could have a farm that grew cotton that obeys the textile limit.
  • - The game will use my SRSL language for materials, so any future ports to other platforms will hopefully just work graphics-wise.
  • - Lots of internal changes to the tech that shouldn't actually change anything but need beta testing. Most of these are things that were changed to enable other platforms, such as using UTF8 for text, rendering changes to support OpenGL and other graphics APIs, and versioning code to load old save games and mods, which have changed format slightly.
  • - Various bug fixes that I'll detail later when I release a beta patch.

I'm doing internal testing of all these changes and playing the game a bit to make sure I didn't break anything too obvious. Once I'm satisfied I haven't done anything too bad, I'll release a beta patch for modders and anyone that wants to test the new code.

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65 comments on “Back to Development!”

  1. Great news that you still are working on Banished, btw. It's a great game, I've done nothing else since May 2014.

  2. Espero poder voltar apreciar o jogo, pois jรก estava desanimado em nรฃo ter muito oque fazer neles...heheheheh

  3. I have recently started playing again after a long absence.
    The reason for this was major conflicting MOD's tearing the game apart.

    Now I noticed a remarkable change in the overall gaming experience, with virtually all MOD's working together rather than in conflict. This has made me very happy, as I think this is the single best city/village building game on the market, and was devastated when I just couldn't get a game to run for a full term without every try at a build, resulting in fatal crashes.

    I have only had one city in the past few weeks that bumbed out in year 92 and wouldn't go beyond that.

    Love the fact that you are still working on improving MOD usage, and love the game.

    Great work Ducus

  4. Hey Luke, glad to hear you enjoyed other things. I would get crazy if I would do the same project after such a long time, respect!

    I agree with Paeng, you made a lot of people happy with that change. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. THATS a Great News !!!

    you said you will allow the textile limit to be used.... did anything to allow full custom limits to be created ?
    a thing that me, and Colonial Charter team really hope: being able to create our own custom material Flags. Please take the time include those, Please.

    Personnally also i hope you will document the changes and not let us in the darkness about the changes you made.

    I really THANKS YOU to have decided to go back and do another update. This is a very GREAT GAME and it really deserves a bit more time spent on it ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Well, that's encouraging. How are you coming on your Linux port? Playing the Windows version under wine is a real adventure in patience, since on my machine running at 10x is like running in Windows at 1x. wine really doesn't properly support your multitasking code.

  7. encouraged that you are still active in Banished. I have been watching since before Banished was 'born' and so admired you for keeping folk in touch with the game as it developed and you had obstacles to overcome. I think I have about 190 hours playing it now, and the mods are a treasure of new enjoyments - which is what you always planned.

  8. My friends have been playing it and loved it ๐Ÿ™‚ It is certainly on my wishlist for when it has linux support ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I like the concept of the game, but I never had enough people so my towns never grew. If i ever got people, i would never have enough food. I wish there was an easy mode With easy food (like trade or something for when i need food quick) and options to get people to move in when I need people quickly... for people who don't find fun in the challenge of a game, but rather the ease of building and maintaining a town.

  10. I don't understand half of what you said--but I'm glad you're back!!! Looking forward to the updates and the new awesomeness it spawns!

  11. Amongst all the MOD's is the ''De-Bug'' MOD
    This will help you to do all the things you mention. It's probably the most helpful one of them all.

  12. Any chance there might be a dev channel in Steam so I can help you test? ๐Ÿ™‚ Can always use Jira to help keep track of issues, etc.

  13. Please release a better modkit. The current one won't allow creation of any of the mods that people really want to see.

  14. Thank you Luke, for modders its a great thing to have a textile limit. You made a great product here which has become a creative hobby for many modders and both we and the non modding players reap the rewards of your continued efforts. We understand that you will completely move on in the future (of course), we beg you please set things up to be more flexible for modding so we may continue to make custom content for Banished have variety and flavour. regards.

  15. I'm really pleased to read this.
    And I also beg you to open up the modding API in a flexible way.
    Animations! Nobody mentioned animations!
    Rotating wind mills.
    And the possibility to include simple functions into modding code like

  16. A long time supporter and avid player of banished.
    Glad to hear about the upcoming update and that you are back from your break, all refreshed.
    There are a few requests from the hardcore players with regards reading limits (increase food limits / auto trade functions / being able to import-export queues etc). Hope you can find time to bring these minor fixes too, which will greatly lessen the micro mgmt of players.

  17. Really great news.

    I understand that you have lots of requests for changes and probably a lot that you would like to see.

    One thing I would like to see, is a change to the save game naming system.

    I tend to run this on a couple of different computers and sync the save games via Google Drive, however, the save game number seems to be different on each computer, so I end up with duplicates and conflicts.

    One solution would be to use the town name and the seed value for a directory under the save location and then the date and time for the filename eg.


    Anyway hope you continue with the support and thanks.

  18. I really like the post by Gordon Dry. I too would love to see animated windmills and ships that sail to hunt whales (Although I am dead set against whale hunting in RL.
    I also feel that food limits could be looked at as the game gets somewhat overloaded with farms, orchards and livestock pastures to keep up with food needed to sustain the population, especially when you get to around 1000/64/102 Pop/Students/Children. I often have to make use of the Debug Mod to fill up food stocks.

  19. Well if you can do some tweaking to give us more performance on big villages, that'd be great. ๐Ÿ™‚
    4 core CPUs are a normal thing.

  20. Firstly - - - Hi and keep up the good work on Banished. If it is possible in the future if some of the buildings like the windmill, waterwheel if they could be animated instead of being static, I think would enhance the Banished experience. Thank you...

  21. I have been regularly opening the site to check on new updates regarding the game's development, especially any update on the linux port. This one is not the one that I was expecting, but it's enough for now. Keep it up!

  22. I have a problem where the Banished , when reaches a certain amount of population , begins to slow down , locking . I took a survey and the problem was because the game uses only one core of my processor . My computer I play Battlefield 4 for example. I was certain time no see updates Banished . He now uses all my core's of my processor ?

  23. One addition I forgot:
    the possibility to assign horses / oxes to carts, guided as a carriage by one worker as an improved vendor / trader with higher capacity (but slower) to any modded building that is a trade post / market.
    The carts could be built, the horses / oxes could be chosen by toggling the pasture where they grow up.

  24. Any chance the game could be improved so that it doesn't grind to a "halt" once population gets above certain treshold (and industries grow correspondingly)?

    As it is now, it's really difficult to enjoy the game past game year 50-70...

    Great game nonetheless!

  25. My current game is now standing at 110 years. There is a definite trick to balancing all aspects of the game in order to virtually run indefinitely. I used to have all my games fatally crash anything between 70 and 100 years. That seems to have been sorted out, and I now am able to create huge cities on the largest maps, implementing just about every element without a hitch. I suspect my end game will be somewhere in the second to third century when the game basically just runs by itself.

    This is a fantastic game and I am very happy that MOD conflicts are now a thing of the past.
    Perhaps Win 10 has something to do with it.

  26. @Pieter:
    You misunderstand. As was already mentioned by Iaion, at certain population levels (700+, for some players 1000+), the game simply can no longer handle the amount of rendering/calculating, and the framerate suffers. Then players must resort to reducing graphics detail, disabling VSync, slowing the speed from 10x to 5x, then to 2x etc. ...

    If this could somehow be improved, that would be great.

  27. Great news. In my opinion the game is great and feature-complete as it is. I suspect that at some point in the near future, it will make sense to switch development to a sequel/expansion/newgame. The porting / optimizing tasks might be a good learning experience if it helps with the next project. Hope to see ShiningRock grow in the coming years ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I am an Banished-addict, it is just too damn good, so it really makes me happy to hear that you're still working on it!

    Really wish I had the skills to help you and take your mind off a bit, but anyway, i support you!

  29. Thanks for the update, really enjoy the game too. Also, nice name.. I have one like it. The modding community really opened up the game quite a bit!!

  30. I love love the game. I just added a few mods and for some reason after a while the game crashed. I was wondering is I sent you the crash

  31. Any chance the path slow-down issue could be looked at? It has been a "bug" since the beginning, however, I'm not sure if its fixable. Thanks

  32. Please, do the language support better.
    With activated language mod are the achievements stopped.
    And thanks for the update ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. One of the most annoying bugs is farmers going to collect resources during harvest time.
    It's unacceptable to have a farm producing 200 units of food with mild weather, size 11x11, housing and barn touching the farm and two people working the farm.
    I am so happy to learn that Luke is back.

  34. Good to know that developer is still active on this GREAT game.
    This is the best city builder out there.

  35. Great to hear that you're still working on it Luke. It's a MASSIVE achievement for a one-man team.

    From someone who has logged 356hrs on Banished, you struck gold with this one!

    I have probably spent another 30hrs designing and developing my current town in an Excel spreadsheet - and it has gone extremely well. Unfortunately at a pop of about 2,000 I've run into the dreaded "fatal error" on save. Having tried ALL the suggested fixes, there seems to be no "saving" this one.

    I really hope whatever updates you make will address this issue, as I have a lot of unfinished business with my town!!

  36. I too am struggling a little at +/- 2000 pop

    My problem is that the game is just not registering the correct food production. With in excess of 700 farmers 120 odd herdsmen and loads of fishermen, bakers, butchers and all the other bits and pieces of working food production, I am constantly on a minus food production at about half of what the consumption is. I continuously have to use the De-Bug MOD to fill food storages. Even my storage can hold over 1M food and goods.
    As a result I have starving laborers all the time, Which I also have to continuously top up.
    The other thing is, the game at this point has become super slow, and is clearly not registering production correctly.

    I do have to say that I also have the odd crash here and there, but it seems to be restricted to auto receiving of ''Steam'' updates. When one comes through, BAM! Crash.

    Love the game.

  37. Great Game!

    However, I would "love to pay" ๐Ÿ™‚ for an addon that expands the late game and improves performance.

  38. Hey man, You have created a very good game and I sincerely hope, instead of abandoning it, hire more people and finish it.

    Could become a Huuuuuuge worldwide success.

    I as a user, would like to continue with my village and reach a city level. With the same speed though ... Step by step, year by year.

    You could add some more small society features, someone said windmills, maybe a bakery, honey gathering & sweet shop...

    That way the user can trade more items for a higher price. Endless possibilities... At some point, big boats will take over the trade process, as the village slowly becomes a city.
    Add some sports, increase the fun level, without changing the serious identity of the game ... Go from Banished to Banished paradise.

  39. I'm mostly fine with how the game already works, I'd just like it to add some specific goals (or new achievements; got them all so far, of course, and it was great fun). I shouldn't just have to maintain my village endlessly without anything actually ever being of any importance. I should have something that I'm striving to; perhaps just new achievements might suffice; but it would be even better if I could reach some technological or historical goals. Or build a wonder or something. Anything, just that I have something concrete to do/achieve, instead of just aimlessly assigning my villagers to this or that job.

  40. I love the game, keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

    A feature I would love to see is some form of crime/bandit/combat system.
    The size of the village generates a crime level where you need some form of police to keep it in check or maybe randomly lose a few resources. when the village grows you start getting bandit attacks from outside where you need your policemen to fight them off. later you could build townwalls and townwatch soldiers to protect the growing city from increasing strngths of bandit attacks. maybe even fight off a punitive expedition from the country that banished you in the first place.

  41. Love your ideas, especially the potential for the country that banished you coming in to attack/plunder your resources!

    It doesn't make the game unnecessarily combat oriented, just adds a realistic situation your citizens could come across in developing the community.

  42. hey, thats nice, but I'm still waiting for posibility to play with other players together, and I'm not talking about fighting with them.. I want to play with them on the same map in the same time. I like your game very much, but MP is the thing that's missing if you want Banished to be longterm enjoyable fun game

  43. I like the idea of MP, however at the same time I think that you would have to have never ending maps to be able to settle a piece of land big enough to create a city as opposed to just a village.
    The last thing you would want is to land up with a tiny piece of space with your neighbours right on top of you.
    I have applied some radical city plans to my games as I go along, and only ever use the huge maps to accommodate my full plans.

    One thing I would like to see is the ability to incorporate new MODs into existing games/cities. At the moment attempting to use new MODs in existing games doesn't work, and also causes fatal crashes.

    Great game, love it and can't stay away from it.

  44. Hi! This game is amazing, Please add me to the Beta test list for OS X port, i'd love to help bring this to other platforms.

    Feature request: I'd love for some kind of crime to be added to the game along with some options for punitive buildings or rehabilitation. (already said by others, just adding to the pile)

  45. This game is one of my favorites, I've logged 90 hours so far for the past year a half and I completely understand taking a break now and then, respect man!

  46. Hi! Thank you very much developer LUKE ! Made my day so much better! Take your time and please help as much as you can the modding community that made this AWESOME game even better and better by adding so much stuff..

    Kind request/proposal! Maybe add the possibility of more disasters or give the chance to the modding community to animate and or add disasters like Hurricane or flood. Furthermore give them the possibility to make defense mechanics for such disasters like fortification for flood or underground base for people to get shelter during disaster. My dream scenario would be for modders to animate ''Titans'' attacking the city and the player possibility to defend himself from such Attacks and be able to take them down using made recourses/weapons.. Imagine ''Attack on Titan'' Would definitely pay for such an expansion!

  47. This game has been on my radar forever. It has everything I like in a city builder, unfortunately I haven't been able to play it due to owning a Mac. I know that's been on your to-do list in the far off future. I'm hoping I can get a PC by the end of the year so I can finally play the game~ Thanks for the updates~!

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