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October 3, 2014 | Dukus | 21 Comments

Apparently I really broke the last beta build. There's two new fixes in this hotfix build.

Changes for beta 1.0.4 Build 141003

  • * Fixed mods not showing up on the toolbar.
  • * Fixed crash when loading save games saved with 141001.

There might be some weirdness with roads if you saved a game with 141001 and now load it - roads might have disappeared until you build more of them. The joys of making mistakes in code!

There's a new mod kit that you can download.
And here's the new patch: Download it here.

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21 comments on “Hotfix!”

  1. Thank you for turning that around quickly. And thank you for fixing the mouse issues! Btw, disabling mods that added new buttons on the toolbar still leaves blanks on the main bar until I restart the game.

  2. is this fix also for steam?
    or do i need some stuff to fix the steam issu
    i have beta and i have 141003 installed and it is still crashing for me while saving

  3. oke did a litle trying to crash it so i made a new game
    build a market on pause mode
    and saved it 3 times with no chance
    did not crashed
    then i loaded the game up (did not exit the game)
    tryed to save the game again and it crashed again

  4. In a purely heterosexual way. I love you man. I love that you admit you made a mistake, and then immediately tried to 'make it right'.
    I plod along occasionally in Banished. I'm not a mad-keen-23hrs-a-day-player (Gotta sleep right?). But I periodically fire it up and I enjoy it. And with these patches, I start going "oh. COOL. I like that".

  5. can not create *.pkm mod file via ModKit... same problem as previous version (create only one .rsc)

  6. i keep getting a network error downloading the kit and its not my pc because i can download other stuff much bigger or smaller please help


  7. Is there some way we can properly view WhiteChicken.fbx? It gives errors in 3ds MAX and, it is my understanding, won't import in several other programs.

  8. Upgraded to the Beta on Steam last night, added in a handful of mods and played without issue for a few hours last night. This morning I tried to load up the save game I was playing last night and I get a crash. The game itself will start up just fine. The crash only occurs when I try to load my savegame. Far as I can tell, savegame was generated with 141003. Have the crash dump if there is someplace I can send it for review.

  9. Hey Luke,

    I was wondering if you and your friend who composed the music would want to sell the sound tracks. I would definitely buy them, they're so relaxing! 😀
    I saw this question pop-up on reddit and was like 'that's a very good idea!'. ^_^

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