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Mod Kit Beta

August 26, 2014 | Dukus | 157 Comments

The first beta of the Banished Toolkit is now available!

If you're playing on Steam, you'll need to opt into the 1.0.4 Beta - to do this, right click on the game in your game library, select properties, then the BETAs tab, and pick the 1.0.4 Beta. No password is needed.

If you've downloaded the game from elsewhere, you'll need the 1.0.4 Beta Patch. You can download it here: BanishedPatch_Any_To_1.0.4.Beta.zip You'll have to extract it into your game folder, making sure to preserve the directory structure of the archive.

1.0.4 Beta mostly adds functionality for mods. While some potential crash bugs were fixed, there shouldn't be any game play changes.

For either version, you'll need to download the mod kit here: BanishedKit_1.0.4.Beta.zip

Extract it to a folder where you want to work on Mods, preferably not the same folder as your release version of the game is in. There's a README.html inside the archive that has some basic instructions on how to use the tool set.

The mod kit has a few examples that show how to add buildings, professions, new crops, animals, and trees, as well as most of the original game configuration data.


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157 comments on “Mod Kit Beta”

  1. Apparently a password / code is needed on steam for this beta. Looking forward to using this Mod Kit though!

  2. Fantastic...I've been waiting for this eagerly.
    Darn, not the first to read & comment this time ... D:

  3. Wow what a great surprise Luke! And I'm happy you also released the beta for non-steam builds. Much appreciated!
    I'm looking forward to what the community will bring to your great game. You've put so many time in it... just awesome!!

  4. Hi. I really don't get it: Im NOT a game developer or a game-modding guy, Im just a Basnished-addicted game player and I want those new buildings, animals professions, and trade items on my game. What should I do?
    Will it come a whole new game update with this new things? Thank you.

  5. I hope steam workshop will open up for Banished now that the mod kit is available!

    Thanks for the hard work, as always

  6. I'm with felipe - never done any modding before and hoping there'll be a game update with some new items?

  7. Nice to see the tools finally released. Now it's time to take a well deserved break, kick back, relax and ponder the future πŸ˜‰

  8. Glad I'm not alone with being confused by how to actually mod things, and also wanting to see the new buildings in an updated version of the game. Or will there be a way to easily add shared mods within Banished? Either way, thanks for the hard work.

  9. Hi there,

    I downloaded the game from GoG and I was wondering how I can update the game due to Gog not offering a Banished update.

    Any suggestions?


  10. @felipe,@Chorley: the modded buildings will come from the community. When created, you will download and install them to your game. Luke will not distribute them.

    @Nuclear7: The community modders will first create the mods. then, you'll download and install them.

    My question: will I need to install the beta mod update to see modded resources? Or, is that beta needed only to create the mods?

  11. @Stoner, thanks for replying to @felipe as that is basically my question too, lol. I'm really looking forward to seeing some mods... hopefully they'll be easy to install as I'm not that computerate!

  12. Thanks @Stoner! Looking forward to see what people come up with as I'm clueless where to begin with these things!

  13. Answering myself: Banishedkit,zip is needed to CREATE mods. Vers 1.04 is required to USE mods.

  14. How do I actually get the mods into the game? I've looked at the README.html but it's not very helpful. I'm not very good with computer shit :/

  15. *laughing* So pleased I'm not alone at not being able to install the example mods into the game - assuming that we can install the apiary at this point without actually using the kit? (Have unzipped the kit so can see the apiary etc in the examples, but no idea how to install it into the actual game).

  16. I'm very confused. Is this something that automatically make the changes or is this some kind of coding/programmer thing that requires a PHD or is it simply an "Add-on" like the one found on Curse.com for games like WoW. Is this something that requires me to learn to create the new in game items or just a tool that I use to implement the changes without writing code/scripting?

  17. I completely agree that a You Tube tutorial would be very helpful. As soon as possible please.

  18. The example files do NOT include a working versions of the examples. They must be compiled and output to the /example/../bin directory. I do wish working versions were included.

  19. @Samantha: the BanishedKit is a tool to convert raw assets into assets that may be used in-game. The beta version of the game allows you to use those assets.

  20. @Jamie: LOL. I've been a developer for forty years and a modder (of sorts for other games) for a few. I may install the Kit just to see it in action.

  21. Ah, thanks @Stoner. I'll wait then until someone actually comes up with some working mods to install πŸ™‚

  22. Just as I thought this is not an add-on with a point and click application. This is full on scripting and is not at all user friendly. It would be very nice to have such thing in the game, but what is required to do so with this mod will be for those who have extensive knowledge in programming/coding/scripting. Additionally according to the README one will need to download and install DirectX End User Runtime and Visual Studio 2012 Redist software and whatever "graphics SDKs is.

    Perhaps someone will develop an add-on or perhaps the genius who created this game will decide that what this mod offers is worth including in some future expansion/patch. Personally after looking at the README I would be willing to pay Shining rock Software another $19.95 for an expansion that included these modifications. Sadly, I'll pass on this one. CRY!!!!!

  23. @Samantha - I agree, I would definitely pay more for an expansion! But if we could get some of the brilliant modders who wanted to mod this game, can make the example buildings, professions etc, into real add-on mods for the community soon, that would be great!

  24. Now we need an official mod website for Banished... Mods're going to be popping up somewhere, it would be so much easier to know where they all are... Especially since my knowledge of programing extends to "it has something to do with 0s and 1s." Lol!

    Thanks for getting this out. Despite me not knowing how to use it, this will come in handy, if for nothing else, than to download ones other's have made... Lol!

  25. Wow, finally there it is. I waited for this so long. Now letΒ΄s edit this magic peace of software.

  26. You should probably make the BanishedKit available in the Steam Tools section.

    Aside from that, great work! Time to mod that game.

  27. High Luke!

    Thank you so much for this Game and the time you spend on making everybody happy!

    And again. Thanks a lot!

    And one word for the modding community:

    Does anybody know which domain will be the main one for releasing the mods?

    http://www.banishedmods.com/ ???

    Greetings from Germany and sorry for the lousy grammar! Cheers

  28. Very shiny! Thanks Luke. And thanks for this fantastic game. My husband is now interested in playing it and will be getting his copy soon. Sure, he could use my game, but we want to support your hard work and effort.

  29. The game keeps crashing for me πŸ™
    When starting up there's un error screen popping up. I've reinstald it but it doens't work.

  30. Could someone mirror the BanishedKit_1.0.4.Beta.zip file somewhere? Downloading from shining rocks servers doesn't work for me some reason, gets to around 7MB and then stops πŸ™

  31. Anyone did the Translation Example? I've got stuck, the command line does not create the pkm file, only the crs one.

  32. Got it!

    This step is crucial:

    Copy the .pkg files from the game data directory to where ever the toolkit is located. In this example, assume the toolkit it installed at C:\BanishedKit\. You'll copy to C:\BanishedKit\bin\WinData. If you're using Steam, the data files are probably in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished\WinData. Non Steam builds default to C:\Program Files\Shining Rock Software\Banished\WinData

  33. Does anyone know if Steam workshop will be available? Has he ever mentioned anything about it in past posts?

  34. Hey man, the waiting just reached a new stage.

    But while working through the README.HTML and having fun doing that I recognized a logical error about the debug tools button withing the examples.

    Example white chicken:

    after you told to run
    bin\Tools-x64.exe /build whiteChickenResources.rsc /pathres ../example/animal /pathdat ../example/animal/bin

    you said
    Like the crop example, you'll need to enable debug mode in this mod to be able to give yourself all the animal types without buying them at a trading post.

    bin\Application-x64-profile.exe /ref whiteChickenResources.rsc /pathres ../example/animal /pathdat ../example/animal/bin

    but this way the debug tools button is unavailable.

    To test the mod by itself, you can run the game forcing it to only use packages. bin\Application-x64-profile.exe /onlypkg The game should have the new mod listed in the Mods dialog and you can enable it.

    didn't turn it on.

    Only compiling the whiteChicken.pkm with
    bin\Tools-x64.exe /mod Package.rsc:whiteChicken /pathres ../example/animal /pathdat ../example/animal/bin

    and then running the Application-x64-profile.exe normally and turning on the mod made is possible to either have the debug tools button available and the mod running.

    It's not that much but what is the solution that the following text area is good to do?

    "Before the mod is packaged, you have to explicitly tell the game to load the resources using the /ref parameter.

    bin\Application-x64-profile.exe /ref whiteChickenResources.rsc /pathres ../example/animal /pathdat ../example/animal/bin

    Start a new game, and use the debug menu to give all animal types to the player."


  35. Is it going to be possible to mod those annoying little non-removable hills? And make them to be removed and used as clay... Clay for pottery that can be used or traded, but also when used make them less hungry due to better quality food/cooking?

    Yeah, I know... it might be too hard, but I would love to see that happen.

  36. Thanks for the mod support ,and the examples on how to use it. Can't wait to make some fun mods for this game πŸ˜€

  37. Has anyone been able to use the new mod in the game. I really unskilled with coding/scripting and the technical aspects of this mod sad to say.

  38. A lot of eager bunnies here - laugh

    If this is anything like the early days of SimCity 4 modding it will take a little time to get rolling, ironing out the kinks, working out what can be done and what can't and step by step advancement to awesomeness.

    Possibly a little patience will be required from those who are waiting for others to make mods for them.

    I'll be checking out the reddit modding forum - http://www.reddit.com/r/BanishedModding and waiting for those dedicated modders to band together as they move things forward.

    I may even dip my toes into the modding waters myself.

  39. @Samantha - yes, I have, the help file spells out how to do this.
    I was thinking the same thing @I.P. Freeley - especially ones like Samantha's comments. The help file was really very well done; very much step by step for what is required for the tool. Yes, you will need to figure out how to implement the details of you mod; like graphics and what fields to change - but, if you had trouble going through the examples, then modding isn't for you. I think people are confusing modding with editing. If we were give a very pretty GUI editor it would look great, but not be nearly as powerful, and would only end up being a glorified text editor anyway.

  40. I agree Sagacity, this is one of the problems with opening modding to a whole community. I do not say that developers shouldn't do this but it will result in a huge amount of confused people that just don't take the time to read. I don't want to offend anyone.

    But... for those people who are wanting to get their hands on mods: good news! DetachableMonkey (Reddit) has released the first third party Banished mod. You can find it here along with information about it: http://www.reddit.com/r/Banished/comments/2enh48/adam_and_eve_mod_dl_in_comments/

  41. I'm translating, but the game can't recognize ` Β΄ ^ ~ as punctuation. If I add as addition characters works, but for now I just translated the menu and the game crashes, the word becomes to big to fit in the sprite and I have to change width somewhere else.

  42. I.P. Freeley

    August 27, 2014 8:23 am

    I think half the retards who’ve commented here don’t quite get what a mod kit is.

    I quite agree many of us do not have a clue what a mod kit is. More importantly many of us do not fancy ourselves the tinkering type. I do however understand what you mean. I see it this way, the majority of the inhabitants of this planet say they wish to learn to play the piano but will not put in the time required to do so. Here is the problem for most learning to play the piano. It requires hours a day seven days a week for many years to truly learn to play the twenty-four Chopin Etudes not to mention the rest of his body of work. Then you have thousands of other compositions to filter through by Beethoven, Bach, Scarlatti, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Brahms, Schubert, Mozart, dare I continue, I think not on this subject. Personally my favorite to play are the Chopin waltz's and the Schubert's impromptu in g flat

    That being said the use of the word retard is a bit much. You never know some of us may fully understand the mechanics of the "M-Theory", or even the "Higgs boson"

    Now for me the issue is not one of in ability to learn to use the method of the mod kit, but is a matter of time. I would rather just enjoy playing the game as it is designed by the creator. Should he choose to create an expansion/patch I will be more than willing to pay him his requested $19.85 or $29.95 or $39.95 or $49.95 or $69.95 which is the amount I will be paying Blizzard Entertainment for their next expansion.

    I here to have fun with the game as it is designed and not re-design the game to suit my own personal taste.

    I will allow some else to hurl insults back at you such things are beneath my spiritual, mental and social sate of being.

    Have a blessed and safe life!

  43. @Samantha

    Well its a given that the dev is not going to make any DLC for this game. I believe he was quite clear about that all along.

    However if you check out http://www.reddit.com/r/BanishedModding and the links at the side of that page you'll find a whole community of people who do want to use the Mod kit and will provide Mods for the game free of charge.

    Along with that you'll find people who want mods and instructions in how to use what have been made.

    I would just give it a couple of weeks to get organised as the mod tools have only just been released.

  44. Greygor, thank you for sharing that site!
    That site seems to have a proper 'GUI' for sharing mods. I'll bookmark it.

  45. Whenever pressing "play" after running the x64.exe of the 1.0.4. version, a fatal error occurs and the game shuts down... Any suggestions?

  46. Dutch

    August 27, 2014 1:21 pm

    Whenever pressing β€œplay” after running the x64.exe of the 1.0.4. version, a fatal error occurs and the game shuts down… Any suggestions?

    Yes against my better judgment and lol using my other computer to read the instruction as I attempted to follow the instructions I am experiencing the same issue as Dutch. So as a result of this issue I have inducted myself into
    I.P. Freeley

    August 27, 2014 8:23 am

    I think half the retards who’ve commented here don’t quite get what a mod kit is.
    Official Freeley's "Retard Club."

    Now I guess the only recourse is to uninstall and start over even though I have a few successful builds I have spent hours on. Perhaps World of Warcraft is the best place for me after all. Who needs the insults and frustrations.

  47. Dutch I did an uninstall of Banished after trying to add the mods and received the same error message repeatedly. To my great surprise and immense satisfaction all my previous builds were saved and in tact. Initially I believed that doing a complete uninstall would result in a loss of all the hours of work I've put into these builds. Not so, thank God! I hope and pray you can resolve the error issue. If ever there is a next time for me I will make a copy of the game folder before making any changes. That is my normal procedure but unfortunately failed to follow that standard with Banished.

  48. To all who see me as a retard and what ever else you may wish to label me as is perfectly ok with me. I just want to continue to enjoy the game as it has been brilliantly rendered by it's creator.

    Have fun with your apiary, improved fishing docks, white chickens, jet planes, railroads, sail boats, curved screen TVs, and cow dung for heat. I'll continue to have fun with it as it was designed. If the creator does not see fit to make changes to his game then nor do I.

  49. Good Kit , but we can see it still a beta πŸ™‚ , too much complicated to install/compile/enable , ect... for everyone 😑 but a GOOD kit anyway :p

  50. Samantha did your problem is with somethin called : "externalfactory.cpp" or something like that ?

  51. Not sure what the issue was. I downloaded the mod for docks, coal and one other. I had the instructions on my desktop while I tried to implement them on my laptop where my game is installed. So I was looking at the instruction as I attempted to do so. As I have stated in other post I am totally ignorant of scripting/programming/coding stuff. Notice I did not say incapable of but ignorant of. the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness (of scripting/programming/coding). lol, I am far too busy learning how to use Finale Notation Software, expanding my knowledge of Quantum mechanics and entertaining mendacities of silly television shows. HAHAHAH! I am sure I did something terribly wrong, but it has now been corrected with an uninstall/reinstall and now I am back to enjoying the game.

  52. It might have already been posted but I have found that the mods only work with a new game not a previous saved game. You can, it seems activate them in game but this has to be done each time you load.

  53. I may be missing something major but when I tried to run the resource batch file in command prompt i get this error:
    Warning source resource //filepath// does not exist, and compiled resource not found in pack!

    Break in the debugger?

    Any ideas?

  54. Peter

    August 27, 2014 5:51 pm

    It might have already been posted but I have found that the mods only work with a new game not a previous saved game. You can, it seems activate them in game but this has to be done each time you load.

    Excuse me if I have misunderstood this, but is there a new version of the game. I am using 1.0.3, is there a 1.0.4, if so where does one get the download for it.?

  55. Answer for Samantha. The new game I was referring to was a new game started within the game instead of a previous saved one. The 1.0.4 is the new patch which is at the top of this page. I have found that the patch does not work properly with any save games previous to installing the patch

  56. Many thanks Luke for releasing this modkit!

    Fellow modders, I got my first mod to build and it works well, but Tools-x64.exe /mod isn't giving me a .pkm in bin/WinData, only a .crs in my local bin/. This is the same issue Koil and Alex reported above, and happens with all the example mods as well. I tried again with a fresh modkit and fresh data0.pkg and data1.pkg, to no avail. Has anyone else managed to solve this issue? Thanks!

  57. I already started moding some stuff added a some stuff to options so that people can change between languages the problem is that all the text is all over the place so its difficult to incorporate all together..

  58. I guess that it could be time to update this website's FAQ about first the future stance for the game release and now the availability of a beta mod kit and mods support. πŸ˜‰

  59. You could always just NOT support Mac and Linux, since neither have appreciable market share, and people who are serious about (PC) gaming should be on PCs or (or consoles I suppose, if you wanted dumbed down and stripped down games).

    Is it really worth the hassle of development and support to tweak the game for platforms that aren't as heavily used, and even less so for gaming?

    I wish certain games like Uncharted were available on the PC, but they're not. The only way I could play it would be to buy a specific console, when I have zero interest in any console. Oh well, woe is me. My choice.

    People who choose to use Macs or Linux are basically intentionally limiting their gaming options - and it's their choice. They don't require special treatment because of their choices any more than I do because I refuse to buy a console to play 1 or 2 exclusives.

  60. I also don't really care about modding. I'd much rather see development put into the game itself, since I trust the developer to put out consistently quality, tested, and balanced stuff.

    There are some great mods out there for games and I play some, but for any game there's usually a sea of mediocre, crappy, poorly done, poorly balanced, garbage such that the ratio of good to crap is pretty extreme.

    In some rare cases modders go on to become designers or game programmers but overall, I consider the mod scene to be a bunch of wanna be devs or config file hacks that almost treat modding like a game itself, and I just don't have that high of an appreciation for that. If you want to make games, make them, don't butcher other people's games.

  61. Another thing I have found is if you load a saved game after installing the patch and look at the task menu in the left hand bottom corner, in the centre there is a small black square with a dot in it. Click on that and the game crashes. Start with a fresh game and this does not happen. This is without a mod installed. Has anyone else noticed this

  62. is it just me, or others having this as well?
    after putting in the patch 1.0.4 everything seems to be working, however some text strings seem to be missing, like :
    - amount of 'clearance', wood, stone, iron, 'build' missing in the info box of a building (when being build)

    - amount of citizens : adult / student / children

  63. TD: removing the dots in my path got me over a hurdle. Thank you! That was driving me absolutely mad!!!

  64. is it has a mod,the house under construction will collapse in 50 or 100 years later.

  65. Thank you for the ModKit, love it πŸ™‚

    One small 'problem' - how do I get the default Banished font back? Everything is now in a very thin (kinda ugly) font... yes, I installed the FrankophilSans, to no avail).

  66. @Voqar That's the worst logic about platforms I ever heard. I'm not trying to offend you but it's true. Supporting other platforms will only make to platforms wider accepted. What you suggest is the reason they're not good supported. I think you also completely miss one point: Linux is used a lot. Most machines in your home are running on linux and you're probably not even knowing it (e.g. most routers run on a linux distribution).

    Think it's awesome that Luke wants to make Banished available on other platforms. It might even optimize the graphic systems (although it's already really good).

    And i case you wonder about being biased: I'm a Windows (7) user.

  67. i cant see the mouse in game i deleted the game and re installed but the problem keep goin. i need help

  68. MasterMind

    August 29, 2014 2:19 pm

    You can already try the 1.0.4 patch without mod , it work perfectly πŸ˜‰ just use this link : http://shiningrocksoftware.com/patch/BanishedPatch_Any_To_1.0.4.Beta.zip

    mentioned into the news πŸ™‚

    Forgive me for having to ask this, but is patch 1.0.4 a patch that does not require the modkit. Is this the next level of improvements in the game and will it apply to saved builds. There has been so much confusion here and I have already had to uninstall and reinstall the game once.

  69. Hey Samantha.
    It's really easy. Download the 1.0.4 patch here: http://shiningrocksoftware.com/patch/BanishedPatch_Any_To_1.0.4.Beta.zip
    And apply it on top of your existing installation. You don't meed the modkit to use mods.

    It is compatible with previous save games and there are no game related changes as far as I know. the only thing that's changed is some game loading logic and a new button for managing mods.

    So what you have to do is:
    - Download patch
    - Copy files on top of existing installation
    - Run game

    I hope this helped.

  70. Oh and I want to add this:
    If you are interested in mods you can find most of them here: http://banishedinfo.com/mods/downloads

    If you aren't interested in mods then there isn't really a reason to update your game. Maybe it's even better to keep with the previous version because this version is a beta. And beta means that most bugs that are caused by the mod functionality are solved but there might still be some left.

  71. Jon. I agree with what you have posted but if you load a set of mods then start a new game that's fine. Everything works just fine but if you install more mods and open a saved game then the mods you have just installed don't work, only the original mods that you installed with the new game will appear. Starting a new game will make all mods appear. I hope that is clear. It's a bit annoying

  72. I still have the problem on BuildResource.bat, I am sure there is not dot problem and when it was executed, it generate crs files but not rsc files, and it pop up error messages like
    Warning: Sprite Sheet 'Build\FontLargeSheet.rsc:resource' isn't large enough to hold all sprites.


    Break in the debugger? Cancel to exit.

    May be it would be faster for someone to post the decomplied file in zip format

  73. @Voqar: Could we PLEASE stop saying "PC" if we actually mean Windows? My Gaming-Rig is running Linux and oh wonder, oh wonder, it's still a PC, not a toaster (although about 99% of all things in this household that run software are linux-based :p)

  74. Peter, I don't think it's annoying because some mods might conflict without the game detecting a conflict. Luke mentioned this system in one of his previous blogs and I think it's a very nice idea because now you can have multiple saves with different mods enabled.

    If you save a game and add mods you can enable them by loading your game, press ESC and go to the mods section where you can enable/disable mods for that specific save. πŸ™‚

  75. Thank you John. The work around has been exactly what you suggested. There has never been a conflict just that initially the mods would not load on the opening screen on a saved game. But anyway all sorted for now and enjoying the extra content

  76. This game has been fun to play, and satisfies something inside of me that I keep coming back to it.

    I have also realized that this game will stand on its own, without mods.

    I am ready for the next Shining Rock Software creation. πŸ™‚

  77. Hello! Now, since your game can be modified (and a few dozens of mods are ready to use), perhaps it could be a good idea to create Steam Workshop for them?
    It would help keeping all the mods in a single place. It's very useful, as I can see on example of the game "Don't starve".

  78. I think it's better to wait some more before creating a Steam Workshop. The mod tool is still in beta and could use some improvements. Also detecting conflicts between mods (e.g. with maps) needs improvements.
    I think Steam workshop is a good idea when the whole thing is out of beta.

  79. This game is phenomenal Luke. I thank you for this game. I've been thinking and praying for a game like this, and here you are! My only problem with the game (not the game's fault or yours =). ) is I can't keep my population stable haha. I keep building and such. All in all, this game is 9.5/10 for me. Hopefully there will be a retirement home mod hahaha xD so I can kick out those old futs outta their home for new couples! yay!.. and can't wait for day and night cycles, crime control, wild animals like wolves and cougars killing citizen and have like town guards protecting citizens.. that be nice. O and flowers, mod that lets you place and change trees. Map editor/creator yeah!!!! that be nice. Thanks again = )

  80. To be fair I've in no way exhausted playing the game in pure vanilla mode.

    But it's nice to know when I do get bored there will be a Mod World to explore πŸ™‚

  81. This is an overdue kudo's post.

    Wow, guys, I have to say mods have made Banished so much better. Running with 'Adam and Eve', 'Huge Maps' and 'A Year is a Year' on slow mode is absolutely incredible (ok there's three endorsements :). You have to carefully plan each construction project, every tree and stone harvest, and really think ahead. There are some real nailbiters when splitting tasks like woodcutting and food gathering to survive the winter. Each birth is celebrated big time. And with such a little pop you really feel tiny & lost on the giant maps. Amazing what this community has done!

    This particular setup changes my natural inclination of building a thousand+ pop metro into a much smaller and spread out countryside. When working on this level there is a much deeper understanding of the game's mechanics and citizen tasking and behaviors.

    Anyway kudo's and big thanks to SRS and the modders for making an A game A+!

  82. uh so what happens if you pressed yes to all when extracting to game and now you can't play the game anymore?

  83. Any chance we will get access to the png files that came inside the game, so we can reskin the existing buildings?

  84. It would be great if translation mod could contain strings for other mods (eg. apiary, honey etc.)

  85. Hi there
    Perhaps I'm being stupid, but I have a problem reducing my game screen????
    Is this normal? and if so, I think the ability to reduce the game screen will help to keep the game going while busy with other stuff.

  86. My god, I can't stop playing again since you released this kit! My husband and animals are starving because I can't stop playing to make dinner. Help!

  87. Pieter can you give a more precise description of your problem?
    What do you mean with 'reducing game screen', I've no clue what you are referring to. Do you mean the resolution?

  88. Hi Jon and thanks for your response.
    What I mean is the ability to make the game screen smaller. At the moment I have to exit the game altogether to do something else like answer an email that has just come in while I'm playing the game.
    I play online games as well, and am able to reduce the game screen to be able to show each game window individually, and virtually play them all at the same time.
    LOL all online games hang for hours as buildings ..... Well... Build, ans troops recruit etc, so I play them all at once.
    Sounds like I'm a game junkie LOL but I'm not really.

  89. I'm running Banished (purchased from gog.com) on OSX using a wineskin wrapper from http://paulthetall.com/banished-mac/. It continues to work fantastic, but I don't think I can use mods. Does anyone know if that's true or have any idea how one would install mods if it is possible? Thanks

  90. Hey Pieter, yes minimizing is what you mean. I understand it now. As far as I know that isn't possible (yet). It's not really a bug but more how Luke made his engine. alt-tabbing should work, although I've seen some people commenting that the game crashes when they do that (I never experienced that so that's probably system related).

  91. Naaaaa .... It doesn't work. It brings up the top bar, but none of the actions work πŸ™

    It would be very cool if this issue of minimizing screen, could be part of the next development update.

  92. @Brad : I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use the mods if you can run the game. Seems the mods are just some new files that you have to put in the game directory, and then that you have to enable them in-game so if you can run the last version of game, I think you should also be able to run the mods.

  93. Hi!

    I'm trying to translate the game into Portuguese of Brazil, but I need to use characters:
    - Γ§
    - Γ΅
    - Γ©

    but I can not. Can anyone help me?
    It's the same question that the "Alex" had.

    Thank you.

  94. I'm playing Banished in a Mac thanks to paul the tall wrapper. But i can't install the new files to get the 1.0.4 version of the game… every time I do that, the game crashes at the beginning, I just get the first screen where you can manage video and activate the mods.
    Does anyone knows what could be happening? Can anyone also explain to me what "preserve the directory structure of the archive" means?
    Thank you!!!

  95. Hey Pieter -

    Have you tried running the game windowed - eg, smaller resolution than your desktop size in a window. That way you can still see the desktop and click on other programs to use them while the game is still running.

    Under Options/Video, pick a smaller resolution then uncheck "Fullscreen." I used to it all the time. Don't know if that's exactly what you want, but ... it's one option. And IIRC I could minimize the windowed-window to the taskbar, as well. πŸ™‚

  96. **Postscript:**

    It's possible if you run it at desktop resolution _but_ with "Fullscreen" still unchecked, that the minimizing to taskbar might still work then, too, since it's still considered a window even if it's full-screen sized. Not sure, don't remember doing it and I haven't played in a while.

  97. You guys are geniuses πŸ˜€
    Managed to get it set up in seconds.

    Thanks a bunch for your help.
    Just a thing to remember as well is to un-tic the fix cursor to screen.

  98. I am having trouble unzipping the beta package. When is says to put it in your game folder, does this mean the main Banished folder? I keep getting error messages that it can't open files. Getting frustrated.

  99. Getting this error when I run the BuildResources batch file:

    Warning: Sprite Sheet β€˜Build\FontLargeSheet.rsc:resource’ isn’t large enough to hold all sprites.


    Not many are running into this issue it seems. I've followed and refollowed each step to a tee and still get this error. Fairly annoying.

  100. Confused I've seen some modders mentioning that error and a workaround for it. I can't remember on what site though, maybe Google knows it. :p

  101. Multiple issues..

    First. The Patch file. I purchase Banished on Gog and therefore don't have access through Steam. You say: "You’ll have to extract it into your game folder, making sure to preserve the directory structure of the archive." When I try to extract the Patch file into my Banished file, it says that there is already a copy of these files. SHould I replace them?

    Second, for the Mod kit file that I extract into banished Kit. In the bin file, there is no WinData folder so that I can copy the Data0.pkg file into it.

    Third, there is no Data1.pkg file in my Banished/WinData folder...

    Im so confused

  102. @ France,
    1) Download the file : BanishedPatch_Any_To_1.0.4.Beta.zip
    open the folder where banished is installed, most likely :
    C:\Program Files\Shining Rock Software LLC\Banished

    replace all the files (.exe and .dll) in that folder with the ones in the downloaded file. Also put the files patch0.pkg and patch1.pkg into the WinData folder.

    2) for the modkit, you can copy the data0, patch0 and patch1.pkg from the original game folder.. see 1) There is no Data1.pkg

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