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1.0.2 Available!

May 28, 2014 | Dukus | 88 Comments

So, after several bugs, mystery crashes, multi-monitor issues and an annoying period of time without internet access, Banished 1.0.2 is ready to go.

The build has been uploaded to all the distributors and should be live very soon, if it isn't already.

Thanks to everyone who tested and gave feedback on the beta patch - it helped me track down some additional crashes and problems, save game issues, and start up problems.

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88 comments on “1.0.2 Available!”

  1. Woot.
    Just to confirm though... you aren't releasing anything yourself this time?
    We'll have to wait for the distributors to ship it out to us?

  2. @hmmm
    That's a pretty short-sighted comment you made.. and come to think of it, a troll comment.

  3. How do we get the patch if we bought it straight from you? Do you plan to upload just the client patch here on the site?

  4. If you bought it from the website, it mean you bought it on humblebundles so there update should be downloaded there.

  5. Drat forgot to mention this much earlier...

    ... the woodcutters still cut down fruit trees in orchards.

    Otherwise much more stable regarding the food/starvation & freezing issues. Did spot a couple of folk starving but walking past ample food storage though, but couldn't be sure the AI had calculated there was enough time to get them home to eat!

  6. Ide have to agree with Mr. Man on that one, the way simcity made multiplayer kinda ruined simcity for me.
    if it was via lan that wouldent be so bad, but really requiring a internet connection for every pc for a city builder is kinda crazy.

  7. also sorry for the double post but for those of you that bought the game via the humble bundle yes the update is on there , you can get it via the following link,
    https://www.humblebundle.com/s?key=(note in this area you will have to put in your own software key , haha im not giving you any of mine, it should be located in your humble bundle email from when you bought the product)

  8. To my knowledge, this was never advertised as ever going to have multiplayer and I fail to see why anyone would desire it. I am glad it does not.

  9. I really don't see the problem with releasing the patch on the site though. No need to wait for the distributors if it's already done.

  10. A difficulty for me is the cascading failure caused by the tool maker: if his tool degrades, he will make degraded tools for everyone else, causing cascading efficiency drop. A toolmaker should be able to fix and improve its own tools first, right? This might be true for other professions which consume their own product. Any plans to fix this effect?

  11. If I bought the game here and didn't load it into steam which 'distributor' should I seek out to get the update?

  12. Wat the only problem with that is , its not a update file its a full installer, strangely it isnt a patch.

    the update is on there , you can get it via the following link,
    https://www.humblebundle.com/s?key=(note in this area you will have to put in your own software key , haha im not giving you any of mine, it should be located in your humble bundle email from when you bought the product)

    The best way to find out what distributor you got it from would be to look in your emails, most likely if you bought it off of this site it is via the humble bundle

  13. again sorry for the double post again
    for those of you that is having a hard time finding the email, if you have bought the game right when it came out it will be around
    2/18/2014 I hope that helps a bit x.x

  14. This game is only available in english language and i dont like to play it. But there is a big community, who want to help and translate it in different languages.รค

    I cant unterstand why you do not work on your mod extension ASAP... It is more usefull as such bug fix release, cause i dont play this game at this time and since month. may i will forget it.

    Please let the community mod your game, and let help you please work asap on this feature! Dont waste your time with others things, it is not so important.

  15. Hey I think I can speak on behalf of most banished players and say to keep up the good work I and others appreciate how much time and work that has made. Thank you for making it so entertaining I have countless hours on banished.

  16. I bought the game direct from the site and the last patch was released on the site so Where can I download the latest patch. Not through Steam or Humble?

  17. This update is great! Great work. And to be honest. I never really had a crash or start-up issue or anything happen to my sub-par compy.
    Although I haven't played in a few days I saw the patch downloading so I was excited to give it a try again. And it just seemed to run a lot smoother. not sure what you did but it seems to be a great improvement.

    I love being able to select the different model types for some structures.

  18. no prob Mike, hey "Player" the reason for him not working on the ability "forsay" not to mod it is because there was larger issues then him creating the modders package at this time.

    The best way is to put it this way

    what good is it to have a modders package when no one can use your product.

    Also its not impossiable to make a modders package , its just hard in its present shape, as of right now on my game i have already made unlimited rock mines, and iron mines...

    as well as a file location change (saved games from a networked drive, no longer in the documents folder)

    I have not tested um on this new version but ill import them in soon, and test them.

    but ofc. those are only the changes that i have made... Im sure there are others out there...

    Also you can also use cheatengine to change the values of how many resources you have, might want to give it a shot? cheat engine 5.6 was the version i used, that was back before i attempted to mod it tho, but it does work.

    You can download cheatengine at Cheatengine.org , also look on youtube on how to use it , its a handly lil program that modifies memory values.

  19. sorry again for the double post, haha i seem to be doing this a lot.

    Michael, if you bought the game directly off of this website you automatically bought it off of humblebundle

    simply a recap of one of my earlier posts for ya
    "you can get it via the following link,
    https://www.humblebundle.com/s?key=(note in this area you will have to put in your own software key , haha im not giving you any of mine, it should be located in your humble bundle email from when you bought the product)

    for those of you that is having a hard time finding the email, if you have bought the game right when it came out it will be around
    2/18/2014 I hope that helps a bit x.x"

    so the best i can tell ya is to look in your emails at around 2/18/2014 and you will see a download link in the email.

    the email will be titled "Your Banished order is ready" from "Humble Bundle"

  20. Is there an actual changelog somewhere? I'll look at the Steam store section in the meantime.

  21. I have also just made a post about this on the shining rock software forums haha, hopefully this should help clear some further confusion in the future up a bit, ill also release those "patches i made" some time or another, haha havent gotten around to it , really sadly havent even played banished in quite a while till touday that is when i seen the update email x.x anyhow here is the link to the forums posting


    Its kinda all in one spot and should help explain it to everyone further, if any other questions toss um my way as i will try to visit the banished forums more often ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. AHh haha i love double posting, yeah Mr. Man there is a change logg, haha ill have to get it for ya , one second.

  23. http://steamdb.info/app/242920/history/ That link should show you all of the changes via change numbers, not that it is that helpful for ya "Mr. Man" if not ill compile a list of all of the updates kinda in a more english text for ya haha, of what each build and the changes that was made onto them for ya, just give me a bit for that one ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Congrats for update going live (soon or now) and thanks for all the hard work...love this game so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. sadly to say Horasm at this time I do not see the new update applied to GOG at this time, The best i can say is check back in with "https://secure.gog.com/account" and login there when the file size is "101Mb - 102Mb" in size that will be the update version, as of right now they dont have it up x.x

  26. oh, and you will be able to download it in the "mygames section" once you do login there, forgot to tell you that, ahh wish there was a edit button here

  27. I bought the game from onlinekeystore but it only gave me a link for download.. When the previous update happened I uploaded directly from here to patch.. how am I supposed to update this one?

  28. My first reaction was HURRAY, but reading the comments I am now pretty confused. I bought my game from GOG too. IS THE PATCH --installer, whatever -- THERE OR NOT ?

  29. The reason the patch isn't applied to the gog build atm is, from what I gather, that gog puts it in their installer no it will take gog time to patch it since its just now released.
    For those that bought it on humble store, if you have a humble account there should be a link to you download page for banished at the bottom of you "My Library" page.

  30. Since this beta patch villagers will not travel more than 30 tiles away from the town buildings to collect resources.

  31. No, there's no patch. I think you have to download/install the whole game anew; the full installer has version 1.0.2.

    still don't understand why this guy doesn't just publish the patch on this website. can't be that complicated to post a file/link.

    instead this chaos again...

  32. I am going to get so much hate and rage for this, but:
    ... I had no problem at all on Steam. It started downloading the patch before I even knew what's going on. Even this post came later...

  33. I'm so sorry. There is a patch on humblebundle. I have not see it, because my blogger was active.

    By the way: In my opinion it is not a good idea to serve the Patch outside of the home-url (because of Bloggersoftware).

  34. Luke you're the best! Thanks again for this fantastic game and the updates!
    Did I already mentioned that you're the best?! ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. Euhm... I'm still grateful for all the work but my game is now crashing when I open the options from the title screen. I installed the new version (x64) on top of my previous version with the beta patch you released.
    Trying a fresh installation now.

  36. Hello everybody...
    hm...i canยดt find the patch on steam to download! PLZ help thx

  37. I must be missing something here.

    V 1.0.2 was pushed to Steam as beta. SRS said more bugs were found and squashed, and then released the same version 1.0.2. If 1.0.2 went to test and came back with bugs, then fixed, why is it still 1.0.2? Should this 1.0.2 be installed over the previous beta 1.0.2?

  38. There is no patch to download from steam or humble, you are correct that for humble you need to do a complete reinstall to get the update. The steam version will automatically download and install. Try restarting steam if it does not, or it may already be installed.

  39. I bought 2 copies of your game, but haven't got around to playing it at all since original release. Just wanted to get you the $20+ Luke, well earned. Thanks for getting an update out, have a great summer.

  40. So I got the game on GOG.com and installed the wineskin into my Mac so I could play and it worked great. Does anyone know how to install the update if you have a Mac?

  41. I hope luke will not ๐Ÿ™‚ i would rather first see some new game more game balancing, bugfixes as they raise their heads and maybe the mod tools. then when the game is solid work on releasing it to other platforms.

  42. Anyone else having an issue with idle laborers/builders even with tasks needing to be done?

  43. @Robert, yes I am too having issues with workers who are idle even when work needs doin, it happens when I cancelled a job so they can work on another. seems like their job que is not cleaned of cancelled jobs

  44. I didn't have any serious problems (1 save/crash), so I didn't expect anything of the new version. But you fixed bugs about citizens (food, freez, fire....) Thx for that!

    You also did this:* Fixed water showing inside merchant boat. But you "miss" something more significant for me (I hope i didn't miss it in Steven's list , thx to him by the way!): the amphibious animals. Watch how chickens, cows, sheep cross a river regardless of the depth of the river is so funny, but not very serious for a mayor. I stop every thing to watch them & laugh like a little monkey boy. My almost 800 citizens begin to mistrust me. So you see, it's a big problem.

    ThX again!

  45. The Beta patch on steam is optional.

    The official patch is automatically downloaded and installed by steam in the background. You don't get to see it at all.

    I started the game today and the patch was already installed when on Wednesday it was still release 1.0.0.

    About the only problem I have with the patch is the workers idling while there are jobs for them to do. I have had mass die offs due to them not harvesting wood, iron and stone...

    Other than that, it's a great game and seems to have become slightly better with the some of the bugs fixed.

    Regards Brad

  46. Hi!
    Thx for a great game, first of all. Have been playing this almost since release, and is superhappy about it.
    Secound, the new update made my whole city die in 30 sec; In "late winter" my city went out of firewood, and then the whole city froze to death at the same time. Before the update, some of the oldies died when firewood ran out, but now the whole city went down, even thogh all of them had all they needed, like warm clothes and food. Exept for that, the new update looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep ut the good work!!

  47. What a great game! Thanks for the update!

    @hmm you're just a troll! 20 bucks for this is nothing, when you see for how much some stupendously broken games are sold...

  48. Absolutely fantastic game, update is working well for me. Just wondered now if there is anyway to scroll through students or children now, I used to do it through the labourer bug but it has been fixed. Again love the game and have spent many hours having fun.

  49. I, for one, am thrilled to FINALLY see an update and I've been critical lately since it had been a month for the "within a week" timeline. I still know there will be fanboys who will scream "ONE GUY", but I'm finding this update has actually caused *more* problems than the buggy game to begin with.

    To all users, Banished has a dirty uninstall - meaning his uninstaller doesn't work properly. If you are having issues, do the uninstall from your control panel, delete all folders associated then do the following:

    Click on Start and in the box type REGEDIT.

    Accept the warning.

    Scroll down to Shining Rock Software and delete the folder. ONLY DELETE THIS FOLDER. Regedit is not a place for the lay person to fumble around in, but since the uninstall doesn't remove all the stuff Banished installs, this is the only way to remove your previous install completely.

    Then install the fresh new release.

  50. Seola I agree completely (ESPECIALLY the first paragraph!). Thanks for the tips.

  51. I assume you only have to drop the new files into the application folder and over write the existing exe, runtime, and video files depending on whether it is 32 or 64 bit

  52. @Wood Cutter, no, in most cases except steam you need to perform a complete re-install.

  53. Anyone have any suggestions other then getting a new pc, experiencing super slow 10x speed, try to lower resolution and get this weird clipping effect.

  54. Seola or other wise soul, would running a registry cleaner after the uninstall help or does the clean up still have to be done manually?

    @ hmm , my norm is to ignore trolls .... tonight's an exception to the rule. I didn't pay $20 for this game I chose to pay a slightly higher price based on what I know goes into creating a video game. I'm happy with my purchase and consider it money well spent.

  55. Mama - most cleaners only clean up things that shouldn't be there. It will not remove this folder. You need to still go in and manually remove the folders in REGEDIT or the cleaner may just display the folders anyway and you still do the same process. To be sure it happens correctly, I suggest just doing it manually.

    Sometimes, things can get hung up between the registry and a new install. It can help solve little corruption issues that are impossible to determine who may or may not have them because it can depend on so many factors that even the dev can't help. This is sort of why it's called a dirty uninstall. It leaves things behind, in places most people don't know to look, that can cause problems later.

    I hope this gets fixed with 1.0.3 for two reasons. One, so no one has to go into REGEDIT and do this and two, the replay factor of games like this depends on clearing out achievements. As it is, without doing REGEDIT deletion, you cannot clear out the completed achievements. I played to 100% on the original build and wanted to see if I could knock off both the no schools and no trading posts achievements at the same time. I couldn't attempt that again with the dirty uninstall.

  56. Thanks Seola, given the need to mess with regedit I too hope a clean uninstall reinstall or patch only process gets worked out for the next update; and might not update until one is added.

    Since I haven't completed all the achievements yet, and might not for a while, well I would hate to have to start over.

  57. hum, me too, not using the seconc beta patch, but having very sluggish laborers though there are still well in nice walking distance of the village, and easy access, more or less, to the resources. Using the priority tool has absolutely no effect on laborers, apparently (on builders, I think it does) And they don't have jobs all over the map, either. At some point, 9 laborers and 6 farmers, In winter there should have been a line going there, but no, just one or two stragglers. What gives ?

  58. I'm experiencing the same thing. It's as if they're refusing to work. I scrolled through them and saw most of them milling around in the graveyard(!). No one had died yet. No graves, just a bunch of idlers hanging out in the cemetery, like a Banished skid row. It takes a long time to get anything done (harvesting resources, clearing land for buildings, etc.) Once the land is finally cleared, the builders go right to work. It seems to be only the laborers that are having the issue.

  59. I too have notice lots of idling workers. I had lots of nomads in and tried to get them to quickly build homes and places to work. I only counted 5 of 30 workers actually working.I changed them all from builders to something else to "wake them up" and they still continued to idle. After a few homes were built near where the new fields were, they started working again but it did seem to take them awhile to get "motivated"

  60. Hey man,
    um will there be a mac version of the Banished? and i have been desperately wanting to know this since last year... thnx man best of luck with the game!

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