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Questions and Answers...

February 5, 2014 | Dukus | 114 Comments

Lately I've been getting a lot of email and questions about the game that have answers scattered around, but they aren't easy to find. So with that in mind, I've put together a place for frequently asked questions to be answered.

Here's the answers to the most common questions I've gotten lately. I'll add more as they come up.

When will Banished be available for purchase?

  • Banished will be released on February 18th, 2014

How much will the game cost?

  • The game will cost $19.99 USD.

Where can Banished be purchased?

  • You can buy Banished here on the Shining Rock Software website through use of the Humble Widget. You'll get a DRM-Free version, as well as an optional Steam key. You can also buy it from Steam, the Humble Store, or gog.com.

How big is the download?

  • The DRM free version is around 105 megabytes. The Steam version is slightly bigger.

What are the system requirements to play Banished?

  • Minimum:
    OS: XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core processor
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card (SM 2.0+)
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    Sound Card: Any
    OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8
    Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core processor (or greater)
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 10 compatible card
    DirectX: Version 11
    Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    Sound Card: Any

Is the game available for Mac or Linux?

  • Banished is currently only for PC's running Windows. However, I'd like to make Mac, Linux, and SteamOS versions in the future.

Can I mod the game?

  • A mod kit is is being worked on and will be released sometime after Banished goes on sale. The initial version of the game won't have mod support.

What languages are available for the game?

  • English is currently the only supported language. When available, the mod kit will allow the community to create translations and language packs.

Can I beta test the game?

  • Since the game is close to release and ready to be shipped, I have no need for more beta testers. After release I'll be pushing test patches and content into a beta branch on Steam before they go public to everyone. At that point I'll be happy to have help making sure the patches, the mod kit, and new releases function properly.

Will there be more features added to Banished in the future?

  • It's possible, but undecided at the moment. I have a lot of ideas for expansions but I also want to prototype and make new games as well. The focus after release is going to be on the mod-kit and ports to other platforms. After that's done I'll decide what's next.

Does the game have multiplayer? Will it ever have multiplayer?

  • Banished does not have multiplayer. The code for Banished wasn't built with multiplayer in mind, so it's very unlikely that it will be added in the future.

Can I make videos of Banished and put them on YouTube and Twitch? Can I monetize the videos?

  • Yes. Shining Rock Software gives permission for the players of Banished to make videos of gameplay and publish them to YouTube, Twitch.TV or other similar video services. You are free to monetize the videos through partner programs that allow advertisements.

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114 comments on “Questions and Answers...”

  1. Thanks for the update. Really stoked for the game. I hope you can squeeze in time for a well deserved break after release. I trust your efforts over the past three years will be well rewarded. As an aside, I was wondering if you could speak to the maximum size of the maps. How many units/squares are they across in breadth? And are all maps square in shape?

  2. It's incredible that you have to include the last FAQ entry. The fact that it's nessecary to explicitly allow such actions just shows how rotten the game industry is today.

    Kudos to Shining Rock though for nipping it in the butt and allowing it.

  3. I'm going to have to find a PC to play this on until it gets ported to Mac.

    That said, is anyone planning on making this work with WINE?

  4. Just wondering, after this part:
    "Will there be more features added to Banished in the future?
    It's possible, but undecided at the moment. I have a lot of ideas for expansions but I also want to prototype and make new games as well. The focus after release is going to be on the mod-kit and ports to other platforms. After that's done I'll decide what's next."

    And after reading on the steam community I noticed your game is missing quite a lot of features, and resources, like for example bee hives, or producing clothing. Do I have to rely on mods then, since you are not really planning on adding more features but focusing on ports and stuff?

  5. Suggestion: go ahead and add a placeholder for the widget you mention, perhaps with a countdown in it. It's slightly confusing to read about it in the present tense when it is nowhere to be found.

  6. @Florius: Let the Dev have a Rest after 3 Years of programming this game alone. It looks far better made than Sim City or any other AAA Citybuilders that are out at the moment.

    By the way there is nothing bad, with relying on mods for niche features or add ons to the gameplay. If he is smart he will do it like the Starbound guys are currently doing it and integrate popular mods into the base game after some time.

    Let him do his ports first, even if he doesn´t add anything soon it will keep me occupied for quite some time. So much to explore. Definetly going to test that trade system to the max;-)

  7. So, I understand players can purchase it through Steam, but if I were to purchase it through your website, would you get the full amount paid or is it still split between the companies hosting the game?

    I want to give you as much of the payment as possible to help support your future projects.

  8. *squee* Looking forward to the release date SO much.

    In terms of mod support, make sure you add statistics to the mod API!

    Stuff like, food per hr, or # of sheep over time, etc etc! All the stats!

  9. @Atlanis: Yeah ofcourse, but I hate it when developers abandon me, which has happened with several games to me before. And relying on mods has his advantages, but also disadvantages.

    The system with Starbound looks good, that would be something which could work.

  10. I'm not even going to be able to play this game, and I'm going to buy it. Eventually, I'll have time, and THEN I'll play it =)

  11. Can't wait, my purchase is already guaranteed.

    $19,99 price point - wondering which method they'll put it in euro's on steam...

    Are we gonna get €19,99? Will we get €18,99 or will we get the actual proper currency exchange?
    €1 ~= $1.35 atm
    19.99 US Dollar -> 14.76 Euro // add in 21% VAT we'd be looking at €17.86

    Its always a surprise which method they end up using ofcourse.

  12. @Sue: buy from the widget he'll add on the website so he gets the maximum percentage cut (90 or 95% I believe)

    It also has the side bonus of giving you both Steam & DRM-Free versions

  13. Its my birthday.. sadly i won't have time to play it rigthaway! 🙂

    Thx! Very much looking forward to playing it...

  14. The release of Banished is so tantalizingly close, but I feel sad. The game looks and has looked amazing for a long time. Your dedication to the game has been evident for many years now. But getting back to my original point; I feel sad not because of the wait to release, or the price of the game, but sad because the posts that have become almost a tradition at Shining Rock Software will probably end.

    I am sure that many of you feel the same way. So please keep the posting up. I feel that people got to know you quite well throughout the years.

    Your friend in Gaming,

  15. The end is near! I am also interested in which method will mean the biggest cut for you!

    On a side note... I am so jealous at those that already have access to the game. Ive been watching some Lets Plays by Quill, and the game looks AWESOME!

  16. Can you tell us how much it's going to cost in the EU? Or can you mark the price for it or steam auto sets it?

  17. What is the release date?
    Can I be a beta tester?
    Do you need me to translate it into Latin, cos i can totally do that.

  18. REally waiting for the game to be released!
    Also translated all your new info into german on banishedforum.de 😉

  19. @Dave
    The one through this site of course.

    I suggest reading the whole post, that should answer your 'question'.

  20. My new job will start on 17.2. thats so unfair ;). Sofar I loved the videos quill18 did put on youtube for this game.
    I don't care if I have no time to play it, but to watch it while I work the houshold or while training will be enough for me to buy it, so you will get your much earned reward 🙂

  21. @money
    My thought exactly - when was the last time I saw a new game that would fit on a CD, six times? 😀

  22. There are a lot of comments on money, my guess is he cannot comment on that(maybe a Steam requirement, im not sure just a thought) but there are 2 sides of this arguement. If you buy from other sites he likely gets a bigger cut and you do get steam key so I have read. If you buy from Steam he may get slightly smaller cut (not sure what gog or humble get) but it helps in that if enough people buy from Steam directly then it gets on their "Hot" list or whatever list they have and may get much more attention. Those extra people buying from Steam who may not even know this game exists represent a nice addition as well(7 million+ users) If you activate a steam key ive been told that does not count towards "top sellers" lists. Either way im sure is fine, I just want as many people to see this game as possible cause it looks great and I have no doubts this will be great. So I say buy how you like, just please pay for it, as well as all your games, but definitely for one where 1 guy did all of this, give him his reward($)

  23. I'm incredibly impressed that you were able to make such an impressive game in a footprint of only 105MB!!! How is that even possible? Impressive.

  24. I really, deeply, sincerely hope that you will create an official forum for the game, so users don't just end up on the steam forum alone.

    I think this is critical to have a successful modding community.

    (Incidently, if you need any advice regarding hosting or maintaining a forum I'm sure I'm one of many people who can help out).

  25. I'll second the 'WINE' question / comment. Native ports are always much preferred, but I'm wondering if anyone has tested this with WINE.

  26. How would you prefer people to buy the game, if you had a choice.

    I use Steam a lot. Since I would get a key for that buying directly from you, would that better for you?

    I'd likely just buy it on Steam if it really doesn't matter either way :p

  27. Available on the humblestore AND gog? OMG! YES YES YES YES YES!!!! I'm gonna skip buying from steam (having it on steam is great, but having the DRM-less install would be wonderful!)

  28. Also, asdfg there are a whole lot of videos around of gameplay... You don't need to "play" it to know how it is... I mean, that mentality is just... shameful... If they wanted to give you an option to "try" before buying, then there could have been a demo, or at least you should ask for a DEMO and not "will the game be on pirate bay?"

    for shame... anyone who puts this on piratebay is even more shameful on their own right.

  29. yeah !! its only 20$ ....whats the problem ? its like 1-2 or maybe 3 hours of works.... and you help a dude that build a game that looks amazing by himself!!!

  30. Oh man, I so excited about this game! Good job and I'll miss all the posting and reading about what you went thru. Trying to get my kids interested in it. Might see me buying 2 or 3 copies. Take a breather and watch us rock this game!

  31. I cannot wait for the Mac version and would love to test the port for you when you start doing that.

  32. Simply the most fascinating game I have seen yet, and even more incredible that one man created it. Worth far more than a mere $19.99. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  33. just 12 days left my wife has given me my birthday present today 20 quid and a card lovely all set for the game of the year i hope lets face it it cant be any worse than the rubbish games out there game shops have a sale on but they cant even give them away

  34. Can't wait to start modding the shit outta your game 🙂

    How is that gonna work ? How does your dev kit works out ? Did you create your own unique language(I hope not) or do we have access to more "complete" languages ?

    To be frank, I find that the base game lacks a lot of features and I can't wait to embellish this game !

  35. I sympathise with Kenan, I'd very like to see more posts. Not necessarily on this site but anything else you do. Please, consider informing us (through another blog?) about any of your next projects.

    Waiting for the 18th...

  36. I am so stoked for this game man. I will be buying directly from you. I love steam but you deserve as much money as possible for this.

  37. It's ever so slightly amazing how he can get such a game in such a small footprint, both in system resources and file size.

    Like, seriously, what dark magicks are you using?

  38. Thank you for this information and all the updates. I guessed the price already at $20 but I wanted to be sure since it wasn't coming up on Steam at all. I'll make sure to buy it here at launch.

    And I greatly anticipate the mod support. As a fledgling programmer myself (Python), I may not be able to do much modding. But I agree with you that it could really improve the longevity and popularity of your game.

  39. Just LOVE!!! that you are publishing on gog.com as well!

    Thank you for making the choice that rewards ethical gamers wiling to pay for DRM-free software. (And please folks, don't abuse the privilege and trust.)

  40. I'll just repost a comment here I made elsewhere regarding this game, developer and particular blog entry (re: "Where can the game be puchased"):

    This guy is just brilliant.

    How can a single, lonely developer do so many things right? Meanwhile I'd buy that game even if wouldn't be interested in it at all. Just to support that guy.

  41. Right 105mb in size, I know size ain't everything in a game. But is it only 105 mb because its super compressed? Because it seems weird because some of those screens making it look like the art work alone would cover that.

  42. Impressive feat all the way around! Great looking and very desired game style in a tiny package! And the price is a winner too! Especially to those of us burned by EA with SimGarbage. 🙁

    As a lover of city simulators from the original Simcity to Ceasar, Zeus, Settlers, Anno, etc I must say I cannot wait for this release!! Thank you for your passion and giving gamers this treat.

  43. PS. You should give the folks at Tilted Mill a call...maybe they can write you a fat check to finish Medieval Mayor for them.

  44. just got out of bed do you know 10 days to go for banished i spent most of my time watching quill 18 mother in law at a kiss4luck playing this game with the help of her pet dog she plays the game and falls to sleep and is always late for work the mother in law not the dog anyway a another day nearer have a nice day everyone

  45. Have been watching Quill18's videos on this game and I can't wait! I've been looking for another city building game. It really has a lot of potential for updates as well which I'm hoping are going to be fully leveraged!

  46. >Shining Rock Software gives permission for the players of Banished to make videos of gameplay and publish them to YouTube, Twitch.TV or other similar video services. You are free to monetize the videos through partner programs that allow advertisements.
    Does that mean putting a video on your own site is forbidden? What if it's behind a paywall or if you ask for donations?
    Why not just allow people to do whatever with their videos?
    Do you even have any legal rights on gameplay videos?
    etc etc

  47. @SkySkimmer He does. LP-ers need express permission from the developer to post videos of a game they are recording footage from. Some devs, like Nintendo, almost always forbid footage of their games to be used for monetary reasons. Rockstar usually does, but requires radios be turned off because you need permission from the artists who made the songs. Other devs are okay with it, but might take a cut from any money made from the videos. So the fact that he is allowing unrestricted use is really cool!

    Judging from all that, I'm sure it would be okay to do it through your own site, but you should probably send him an email to be safe. Indie devs usually *encourage* videos of their games, since it's like free advertising for them.

  48. I love the game and cant wait for the Mac version to come out (hopefully it is coming out).
    Though i do wished there will be a future dlc for banished which features different cultures and time periods, like a stone age african village, or a celtic village, greek city state and etc
    thank you

  49. I really hope you will continue expanding the game, at least for a while. It looks like it has huge potential, so I think it would be bad to just drop it fast. Im sure you will make alot of money of this game, so please continue the support

  50. @SkySimmer "other similar video services" includes any possible way you could display the video on the Internet.

    For the pay-wall part, you'll have to email him to know for sure (but I don't see why he would mind it more than his game being used to display video ads)

  51. Gamestar's Releaselist brought me here, I'll definately buy it and recommend it to my friends.

    Keep up the good work

  52. 8 more days! at to satisfy my cravings, I eagerly await Etalyx's youtube series playing banished...

  53. i am so depressed playing sim city how much more can one take
    still only 8 days to go can i hang on i will give it a go

  54. I'm so anxious i want this game so bad put up the pre-order i keep trowing my money at the screen but it wont take it................

  55. I really loved Quills videos on YouTube, hope you'll be able to make a Mac port so I can play it too!

  56. Great a FAQ! 😀

    I wonder would it be possible to add custom music to the game? Because I would love to add some tracks from the game 'Robin Hood The Legend of Sherwood'. Tracks like 'Sherwood' and 'Lincoln_D'. What do you think?

  57. why did robin hood steal from the rich ?
    because the poor were skint
    oh well this time next week it will all be over

  58. From Japan, Nice to meet you.
    For foreign language translation, please double-byte character support in the MOD.

  59. @Tim There's 70 million steam users in total 🙂 You probably saw the concurrent connections on at that time.

    I shall be buying directly from Luke, the developer, as you get a steam key anyway 🙂

    Can't wait only 6 more days to go. Luke is gonna be rich! 😛

  60. while waiting I've been trying to play omsi a Berlin bus sim this rubbish came out before Christmas the only thing it wasn't finished and now there trying to fix things with patches that dont work
    Luke did the correct thing not to release banashed untill feb 18 fingers crossed a completed game

  61. Will I get a steam-key if I purchase through gog.com?

    I do accept Steam as DRM, but I would rather support gog.com.

  62. No multiplayer or lan? :S it would be nice if you can create a town and trade/visit with friends on the same map like sc5.
    not buying if no mp or lan support 🙁

  63. @John

    You can't please all the people all the time. One of the big complaints about SC5 was that many people didn't want the multi-player option (especially as it required being online all the time)

    I imagine as this was designed as single player, off-line from the very start it is very unlikely it will get MP. I could of course be wrong but I would imagine that would require massive code changes.

    For myself it's not an issue as this seems to be giving me exactly what I want.

  64. I have a question, too!
    Where should I buy if I want YOU to get the greatest benefit? I'm leaning towards buying it on gog, but I have accounts on every platform, so...

  65. Just have to say that for me the price is to high for no guarantee that it will be expanded or even supported further more.
    It is still kind of a prototype for my taste and what I heared so far and just not worth this price compared to other games of that kind.

    Maybe I have a look at it when it's on Humble or some Steam sale 🙂

  66. This game looks amazing - I just watched some videos on Youtube and I'm really impressed.

    As someone said, I'd love to beta test the Mac version 🙂

  67. I am so impressed with this game that I would like to propose an idea for a future game. It would involve space, settlers (from either earth or some alien planet) colonizing one or more planets with similar features of Banished. Exploration would be part of it, as well as development of specific land and aircrafts, resources unique to each planet, research, etc. Congrats on Banished, and I would eagerly follow any ideas you have for future games.

  68. Adrian - there are two games out there in beta, one called "RimWorld" and another one called "Spacebase DF-9" that may tickle your fancy.

    Now, I've been enjoying Banished MUCH more, but RimWorld is fun as well.

  69. I enjoy playing Banished so much. However, I can not hear any background music or any sound when I am playing the game or in the menu. What are the possible reasons that lead to this situation? Thank you:)

    My system: windows 8 64-bit

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