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More Video!

April 24, 2013 | Dukus | 65 Comments

Those screenshots yesterday were nice, but the video of the same town is even better. Enjoy!

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65 comments on “More Video!”

  1. Still looking great. Hope to have the chance to play it sometime :p

    Any plans to have massive maps? Then be able to build lots of cities around the huge map and have them interact witch each other?

    Maybe eventually building up to a Capitol city, and all cities interacting with each other.

  2. Excellent! Glad to see another video. Thanks for taking the time to post this for all to see.

  3. That is amazing. Well-done dude, I think you will be able to pay for your retirement after this is out.

    Personally, I think you dont need more mechanic-devs. You seem to have coded everything in such a way to make it easily expanded upon. The only thing you could grow is art, lighting, and sound.

  4. Wow! I am truly impressed with how refined your game looks! I cannot wait to be able to play it, but I can clearly see that your approach to game development is working. Keep up the great work!

  5. Is there a length limit to bridges? Maybe education can be a factor for strength and length of bridges in the region.

  6. It's wonderful seeing this as it develops with the passion that you're investing in it. I genuinely wish you all the best with and greatly look forward to more videos in the future.

  7. I am so excited for this game to come out. Keep it up man, we're all rooting for you!

  8. I really can't believe how clean and functional the UI is at this stage. It's really amazing. Smoothe UI, lots of choices in buildings and crafting, logical simulation... this really is looking great. Keep it up.

  9. It's looking better each time I see an update. I was curious about clothing the villagers. They seem to already have clothing - do you intend to tinker with the design of the characters as they become "clothed?"

  10. Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this. Makes me want to play the game even more.

    I was wondering, can you specify in the market place a maximum stored for certain goods? (I saw there is a total maximum of goods that can be stored.) This way you can make sure that the market place isn't just filled up with 2 goods, but all the goods.

  11. This is absolutely awesome, good sir!
    I'm a gamedesigner myself, and your work on the "Banished" is a great source of inspiration for me. Can't wait till playble build available!

  12. Dat transition from normal to winter. :v
    Also, what Nick and Tjeerd said is quite interesting.
    So looking forward to finally have a peaceful building simulation again. Been missing such a thing since Casear III back in 1998. And this looks exactly like what's missing on the market. Great work. :3

  13. Woooot!! Amazing!! I can't wait to start farming... and thanks for giving away another herd animal.. Sheep.. hehe. I now know of 3 herd animals. I wonder if you're going to add a few more surprises?
    p.s. You know you're killing us all inside slowly right??

  14. I think this could work nicely on Kickstarter. You could get a huge extra cash income that could probably help you in development (in some way)

  15. Looks great but there needs to be more than just build as big a town as possible as a goal. Pls bring some people on board and make this multiplayer

  16. I think it all looks great but wasn't Banished supposed to feature from Bronze Age to Iron Age culture/technology? The houses and city hall and school all look very Low Fantasy Middle Ages or I might just be seeing them wrong.

    Anyway, looking good.

  17. @Daveo

    For each cry for multiplayer I am sure there is an equal number shouting for it to remain singleplayer.

    I also understand that the focus was to be on getting singleplayer complete and out there as a solid experience. Many games once switched to multiplayer/coop lose that singleplayer feel and thus a large part of their customer base.

    I'm pretty sure there was reasons posted in one of the FAQ's at some point if you read down the articles.

  18. Can you provide some technical information about the citizens pathfinding, nav mesh, etc?

  19. Wonderful stuff, I've been lurking a while, but just wanted to drop in a comment of support.

    I love the way the town hall has real purpose - as far as I can tell, it's a way of building a more complex management interface. It's a very elegant way to explain the menus, that you need an administrative center to effectively administrate.

    Overall, that's the thing that strikes me most about the entire game - your singular vision has lead to a very elegant interface all round. Plenty of complexity handled in as straightforward a way as possible.

    @Daveo - I think the goal of building an enduring and thriving town is perfectly compelling. Goals in these kind of games always feel contrived for the sake of giving the player a false sense of progress. Banished seems to be shaping up to be a game where the simple pleasure of playing the game is its own reward. I haven't felt that since the first Settlers game.

    Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to play it!

  20. This is the first time i've encountered your project.

    This is fantastic, as an aspiring (and studying) designer myself this gives me all kind of chills to see what is possible without a massive team of people.

    I can't even imagine the amount of work and pressure you've been under, but from the looks of it, this'll pay off.

    Can't wait to play it!

  21. Will you allow people to set the temperature meter to °C ? I feel this could be important for Europeans

    Otherwise impressive work, this looks quite good

  22. There will have a translation from english to french ? If you don't have many times I could help you [:

  23. Was just pointed here from reddit and I have to say, your studio is the future. With AAA titles turning into what they are, this looks absolutely awesome.

    I am another who, if I didn't read your FAQ already, wanted to send you an email asking if I could help code. Speaking of the code, thanks for all the posts about how you are implementing and solving certain issues and giving us actual code snippets. Us developers eat that stuff up.

    You are a god among men 🙂 Keep it up, we'll gladly give you our money for such a promising looking game that (I'm going to take a wild guess here) won't have any kind of DRM attached to it; at most it could have Steam I guess, which is still fine by me.

  24. @Stuart I agree with you. A strong SP setting for this game is pre. Although a coop, like anno has, would be very much welcome. Enjoying the SP component with a friend.

  25. I cannot express my excitment for this game to have a alpa/beta to try it out and then buy it when it hits the time of sale.

  26. Looks fantastic! You, good Sir, can have my money. Take it, I implore you.

    And no multiplayer please. Keep focused on on the single player experience.

  27. Great job, game looks awesome.

    I think you can add option to demand for goods from merchants, it would be good in later stage of game when u could run out of specific good.

  28. @razK: There is no limit to the length of bridges - however they cost more the longer they are.

    @Nick: I don't know if i'll do more skins for the characters. It's something to think about.

    @Tjeerd: The market is auto-balanced on how much each resource type is used. And it will always store some of every type of every resource.

    @André Perdigão: Sure, I'll write an update at some point on the pathfinding.

    @dylanstrategie: Yes there is a Celsius option.

    @Matik: I've actually been thinking about adding a option to place orders with merchants and they'll come by at some time in the future with what you want. Really just needs an interface and a little code to make it work.

  29. @Dan . but the settlers had soldiers:)
    Dont get me wrong. I love the way this game is turning out.
    I am just after uninstalling the joke that is simcity 2013 (not comparing this to SC in anyway btw) but that game also suffered from the - when the city is built and working properly there isnt much else to do

  30. Ive been following this for a while. You are doing an amazing job. Really cant wait to play this game for months upon end. Keep up the great work!

  31. Awesome game! I would like to know if the buidings have some radius of influence? Personally I like it better when the people are able to go over the whole map, since it gives more freedom for city design. If you don't place the buildings well people will take longer to reach what they search for, so you still have to make deliberate decisions, but you don't have to count the spaces to have them working at all and are not forced to build so cramped if you don't like.

  32. Not sure if this has been asked before but any chance of a day/night cycle? I realise that at this stage that it would be a massive change but I've always found the thought the atmosphere of an isolated settlement at night appealing.

  33. Awesome, If this gets released in time for me to play it in my summer break I will devour it. On the clothes, I have absolutely no knowledge on game graphics, but it shouldn't be too difficult to add small tweaks to clothes, like just retexture and colour depending on what they are wearing? Well maybe retextureing would be difficult and I wouldnt want to compromise the general quality of graphics, however I just think it would be a bit of an issue if you cant tell the difference between a 'naked' person and someone dressed in the best clothing available.

  34. @Daveo - Hehe, I know even Settlers 1 had soldiers, but what may have seemed to some at the time to be a lacking combat system, I've always seen as something simplistic by design. It wasn't a huge factor in the game. I very often played without any opponents, just for the simple joy of seeing my teeming empire expand and work. From Settlers 2 onwards, they focused ever more on the singular goal being military conquest, and I rapidly started to lose interest. There were hundreds of strategy game that did it better.

    Hence why I'm overjoyed that Banished isn't even bothering with combat. At last, a game where the simple joy of watching your town thrive is reward enough, without needing something to "beat".

    The Anno games have almost satisfied my desires in this regard, but I find their rigid structure takes the fun out. There's far too much balancing the correct number of buildings to precisely tune a settlement, and it results in the path through the game feeling identical each and every time you play. Every advance requires the entire preceding tier in place, so it ends up just ticking boxes on a checklist.

    From what I've seen of Banished, it appears to take the fun approach. You can build all building from the start, the only limitations and structure being based on the random elements of the world itself, and your choices.

  35. This all looks amazing! I can't wait to play. Great work here. Definitely keep us posted on how we can contribute or help beta test. I would love to get my hands on your current build and start poking around in it!!

  36. Just read through all the archives starting at the beginning. I feel like i've been part of the journey. Game looks great, super excited for this. Simcity meets AoE...

  37. I continue to throw 20s and 10s in various combinations at my computer screen but the darn things just bounce right back! Can't wait till you take my money! You are doing a brilliant thing here..I am at peace! 🙂

  38. I can't wait for this game to come out, be it beta or full release. I know that you've set certain standards that have to be fulfilled before you release and thats a good thing for sure. But don't wait to long - there might be some good feedback to be had and there seem to be quite a lot of people thirsting to try out the game as of now.

  39. Do they use the same amount of firewood in the summer as they do in the winter? There seems to be the same amount of smoke coming from the chimney.

  40. @sakasiru: Some buildings have area of influence, but that's more for work boundaries - it doesn't stop movement or expansion.

    @Autarch: I'll probably implement more weather effects and seasonal effects before a day/night cycle, but it's not out of the question.

    @David: I may do multiple sets of clothing but this is low on my priority list.

    @Jack: The amount of firewood used in summer is much less. The smoke is more an indication of the house being occupied and doesn't reflex firewood being burned.

  41. Is there chapels and priests (or anything similar) in this game? I don't see a relevant profession in the profession window shown in the video. I assume people need religion to go through tough times, or they just need religion anyway. And I assume that weddings and funerals need a place as well.

    Also, are the townspeople allowed to build some monumental stuff, say, after they survived an extremely cold winter, overcame a disastrous natural disaster, or won a perilous battle? (maybe upon their requests?) I realize that most times the resources are limited, but that's what human beings do, right? --They need something to remember the past, both events and families and friends.

    These buildings or monuments may be assigned some benefits. Say, reduce diseases and deaths during plague, because they have faith and believe in themselves. 🙂

  42. @Hensy - A few people have asked about adding religion to the game. Personally, I'd prefer it if it wasn't. To me, it just doesn't seem to fit the down-to-earth, practical sensibilies of the game design. Food and clothes and firewood and stone buildings are necessities for survival. Religion is... well, if I was being cynical, I'd say as a game mechanic it was about controlling large populations, it fits far more with a large-scale game like the Total War games, or Civ.

    They're "Banished" - there's no connection to an outside organised religion, you can't really have churches and priests without a Church authority to answer to.

    If there was going to be any kind of spiritual "flavouring" to the game, I'd rather it was something tied more into the atmosphere of the game. Worship of the sun, the earth, praying for good harvests, druids roaming the forests. Classic peasant superstitions and whatnot - Keep it Pagan I say 😛

    I still don't think there should be actual literal benefits, like reducing disease. If there was some kind of happiness system, it could work as a component of that I guess.

  43. Looking forward to this reminds me greatly of the old Ceasar and Zeus ( i think it was called that :)) games.

    I really hope you add some sort of Military/Police element into the game it gives it a bit more flavour. Doesnt have to be something huge just a little small focus going on there.

    Really cant wait for this game.

    My question to you Dukus:
    Q: How will you distribute this game? (please say steam!!)

  44. I've fallen in love with the game. Always loved to just build towns and settlements in AoE and Settlers.

    Question: As catastrophes / accidents are based on naturally occurring events (Fire, famish, "work accidents" etc.) what do you think about adding wild animals - Bears/Wolves/Boars?

  45. Great to see more updates. I love that you have to actually wait several ingame years before you can even put new citizens in school, much less doing full work in the field.

    I also very much like that the only goal is survival. I don't think achievements or multiplayer will be positive addition. It will scatter the laser-like focus the game seems to have now.

    I would also love a video or article about the things that can go wrong! Starvation, fire, disease, etc.

  46. Please check the possibility of releasing it on Steam's Greenlight. I would support it right away! It seems I'm not alone with this suggestion so you would receive lots of support from us.

  47. Been following development for a while now, still impressed by the quality of your work. Amazing.

    Many can't wait to play this game, but please take your time (really). You are potentially sitting on a gold mine and all those who have been cheated by EA/Maxis may turn to you to find what they always wanted.

    I also think that the Steam platform may be the most suitable (and profitable!).

    All the best!

  48. Please consider making a kickstarter! I would love to throw some money your way, and Im sure many others would too!

  49. This look really really good! I have play many city building games and so sad this recent year has so few good games. I'm looking forward to your game!

    Only thing I want to request is option to change Fahrenheit to Celsius. Metric user here.

  50. So excited for this game to come out. I'm a huge fan of resource management/city building games.

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