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Hunters and Orchards

March 3, 2012 | Dukus | No Comments

Between some backpacking, traveling, and contract work, I spent the last two weeks getting hunting working properly. Animals roam around the area in herds. By placing a hunters lodge, you can set an area that hunters will explore in search of game. If they get close, they'll kill the deer and bring them back to storage for the towns people to eat. The number of deer is dependent on the size of undeveloped land. As your city expands, the deer population decreases. Too many hunters will also decrease the population of deer.

I've also been working on orchards. You can now plant fruit trees in a similar manner to crops. Each year the citizens will harvest the fruit. It takes a few years for the trees to become mature and produce a large amount of fruit. Older trees will die and require replanting.

Now that all food production methods (Livestock, Hunting, Fishing, Fields, and Orchards) are in place, I'll be moving onto implementing other needs of the citizens, such as health, happiness, schooling, and trade. I'll also be tweaking resource production to include weather, soil quality, and other environmental effects.

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