Trading post doesn't seem to be working
  • hello,

    I have built a trading post in the year 3 to get some seeds/animals from the traders.
    I'm now in the year 14 and haven't seen any trader yet. Is this normal or?
    The trading post is placed next to a lake with 2 small rivers connecting to the lake
  • Traders won't go up small streams. If there isn't a wide river leading to your lake the trader will never come.
  • ah oke :/

    I'm not that extremely far from a larger river so i will just make a new trading post over there then.

  • If you demolish the current one you will get back half the resources at least.
  • Yup...the trader is a big boat and will only come up large rivers with flowing water you can easily see moving, not little streams.
  • And I made the mistake of running on 10x when my first trader came by to my trading post. If you ignore them for too long, they'll leave. Bummed me out! :) I learned to slow the game down to 1x speed or pause while I see what they brought with them.
  • I built a trading post on the largest river on my map, it is not one of the smaller streams, but an actual river, and I have yet to have any traders visit my small village. I am getting worried as I need to be visited by a live stock trader for sheep or cattle or some type of sustainable food.
  • as far as I can tell the trader only shows up one a season most of the time in the winter time. at least on my game winter. If the trader does show up its a little difficult to tell. there is a different sound but its hard to hear the sound also there is a little blue boat that shows up in the notification area at the bottom right side of the screen. I missed the trader more than once from not seeing or hearing when the trader shows up
  • @Tel would be nice if there is an option that autopauses the game when traders arrive, or at least turn it into 1x like it does with disasters.
  • @Sholf

    I agree, that would be a nice feature!
  • Well the trader finally came for me, however it seems very sporadic, there is no set pattern as far as i can tell as to when he will come.
  • I read about 2-3 times a year - must have misread, it surely meant to read like 2-3 years in between. ;p

    Can the merchant always pass bridges?

    If it is really true that the trading post must be stocked to a certain value, than this information seems to be missing in the game?
  • I think I get two different traders per year per trading post. They do pass bridges. I don't think you need to stock anything to get them.

    More posts means more variety in traders. I get a food trader at each, a seed trader, and beyond that maybe a resource, livestock or general goods trader. I think they can all appear at each post, but haven't actually paid attention to be sure. I know I get the first two at each.

    I've watched the boats row through each other, so no collisions there. Suspect the only issue is whether they have large stream access (either on the large stream, or on a lake with a large stream inlet/outlet.)
  • Despite a search I still have no idea how to use a trading post. I never seem to be able to trade anything.
  • @withcatswill you need to stock an inventory in your trading post. Then when a trader arrives, you can offer those items in trade for what they bring that you want. On the Trading tab, click on the left side for how much you want from them and on the right side click how much you want to trade in return. The numbers at the bottom of each column show you how much trade value you need and have offered. Then click TRADE and DISMISS. I would also go to the ORDER TAB and click any items you would like that trader to try to bring next time. The PURCHASE tab can let you setup some more automated options for goods once you get a good inventory or items in-house.
  • Also @withcatswill: Be sure to employ a couple of traders to move goods into your trading post. They don't have to hang around after that so you can put them back where you got them from after they have moved your trade goods into the trading post. Many traders will not take food for trade goods. Your best bet is firewood, which sucks if you have a problem with that item. If what you are offering is not acceptable to the trader in question, the little up and down arrows on your side of the equation will be greyed out. Also, if you click too quickly on the trading post after the trading boat arrives, none of the little arrow buttons will work. Let a heartbeat or two go by before clicking on it.

    You can save the game just before the boat docks and keep re-loading until you find something offered that you want to buy, if that is an acceptable approach for you.
  • Make sure your trading post is connected to a large river or lake that goes out of the screen.
    On another post someone said 2 trading posts is best and i've found they're right. A boat was always visiting but then the next 1 would ignore me, now i have 2 boats visiting at the same time sometimes.

    As for alerts make sure the window that tells you of births and deaths has all the buttons on top of the window in white. Traders show up as blue writing, just click the little arrow on the left of the writing and it will take you straight there.

    Hope this all makes sense it was 5am when i wrote this.
  • Are we 100% positive a trader can't come up a smaller stream if it's connected to the big river? Coulda sworn I put a trader on a lake that was only connected to the main by a small stream and still got traffic.

    Edit: ooh, it being on a lake was the difference.
  • I read about 2-3 times a year - must have misread, it surely meant to read like 2-3 years in between. ;p
    In my 2nd map, it was two visits per dock per year (twice a year). On my 3rd and 4th maps, it's 1 visit per dock per year (once a year). This didn't increase with population, what/how many goods I make, etc. but did increase if I built more docks.

    Maybe it's a variation between 1 and 3 or something, and when you create the map, the game picks one. Or my 2nd map was glitched in my favor. So much about this game that we still lack concrete info on. :)
  • I'm on a medium map. My pop has never gotten over 70 (total).

    I get a trader once each year, although the season shifts. It seems to be something like every 10-14 months (if I'm allowed to use "months).
  • OK. I have a very nice town going and no-one has died of either starvation or freezing. There are about 100 people plus kids and they have a Town Hall, a quarry, a mine, two fishing docks, a market, and everything. They are doing well. I have a Trading Post at least half full of all manner of stuff and boats keep coming up. I click on them and it shows what they have. Then I click on trade and a list of what I have appears on the right hand side. However, I can't trade anything because if I click on what I have a number comes up saying I am overpaying or it just says I need more units and the number keeps going up and up. Please can some one help. What do I do?
  • @withcatswill on the trading screen you have two sides.
    On the left is the list of what the trader has to trade
    On the right you have your list of items to trade

    On the left, click the little arrow next to the item you wish to trade for. It will set a value at the bottom that you will then need to match by clicking the arrow next to an item you have to trade on the right of the screen. Once the two bottom number are equal or you are offering more, you click TRADE and then if you are done DISMISS.

  • Ah, thanks. I'll try that. I have already sent three traders away because I didn't know what to do with them and despite searching I couldn't find out.
  • Success. Thanks for the info.
  • Must add that traders are constantly arriving. I have no idea why some people don't get them.
  • If you move the trading post screen to a different spot on your screen when the ship first arrives and pin it there you can keep the ship there indefinitely.

    I have a problem where the items i select for trade don't get restocked again especially if i add more inventory to the list later any suggestions? Cheers

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