Pastures never produce any meat despite being at/over capacity of livestock
  • Hi, I am currently playing the latest CC beta (which by the way is excellent) however my pastures do not produce meat, they are all 22x22 with 1 herdsman on each and all are at the maximum number of animals for the pasture size however there is no meat being produced from any of them. I get other byproducts like milk, wool, eggs etc but no meat whatsoever. It has now been many years since I first put them in and food is getting tight. Is this a known issue for the beta, is there a solution or fix for it
  • The same is also true for my Orchards which I have just gotten round to putting in. None of them are producing a single fruit/nut despite being manned and like the pastures being full of potential food... Most frustrating.
  • If you have mods, did you try playing it without them? A mod might do this.........

  • Try reducing the number of cows with a herdsman and see if they are slaughtered.

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