1.05 update causing runtime-x32.dll fatal access violation error
  • Came back to play banished after some time and noticed the 1.05 update and applied. Could not load game, simply gives a spinning hourglass on a black screen. Tabbing out gives above error message (such as it is).

    Deleted all mods, cleaned registry and deleted all save games and the menu settings. None of this made any difference.

    Reinstalled 1.02 working. Updated to 1.04 working. Updated to 1.05 error message again and same behaviour.

    Running 32 bit vista. I did install the mod kit for 1.04 at one stage but that shouldn't matter(?).

    Anyway going back to play 1.04 hopefully with 1.06 it will all be good again. Crashdump attached.

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