Game crashed as I quit to main menu
  • I just started a new game with Colonial charter 1.66 and didn't like the start location. I had no save and when I quit to the main menu I got this error report:

    A fatal access violation has occurred in Runtime-steam-x64.dll and the game cannot continue.

    I am running the Colonial charter 1.66 mod. As well as the enhanced herbalist.

    Crash dump file:
  • I repeated this process and the exact same thing happened. When I try to restart the game it says that the app is already running. I deleted the appcache but it doesn't solve the issue. The only way to rectify this is to restart my computer.

  • 1 . you dont need to restart your computer. just open the task manager and select the game.exe and click the button to close the process.

    2. there is whats happening with your game crash when you exit and how to fix it.

    you open the game. select the mods you want to use. click ok. then : dont start a new game yet, dont load a save game yet. just close the game. exit completely. and then after that, restart the game. and you can play and exit without crashing.

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