lots of bugs in modkit
  • Hey, recently I've tried to run latest modkit with latest beta package of game

    Game (pkg):
    Modkit :

    I can't even build resources from that packages. I don't know if this is modkit or game issue.

    Few examples (there are many different errors, but they occur dozens of times in one BuildResources.bat run)

    1. Failed to compile shader 'Material\UI\UI.srsl:Normal_vs'
    ---- http://ctrlv.it/txt/3560/3696504361

    2. Failed to compile resource 'H:\Games\BanishedKit\resource\Material\UI\UI.srsl'
    ---- http://ctrlv.it/txt/3561/843876774

    3. Failed to compile shader 'Material\UI\UI.srsl:Normal_ps'
    ---- http://ctrlv.it/txt/3562/1461462074

    4. _vertexLayout != NULL && _vertexProgram != NULL && _pixelProgram != NULL && _renderState != NULL Render pass must have vl, vs, ps, and rs!
    ---- http://ctrlv.it/txt/3563/2827189170

    5. Failed to compile resource 'H:\Games\BanishedKit\resource\Material\Debug\Debug.srsl'
    ---- http://ctrlv.it/txt/3568/2526374069

    6. Failed to compile shader 'Material\Debug\Debug.srsl:Texture_vs'
    ---- http://ctrlv.it/txt/3566/3302121152

    7. Failed to compile shader 'Material\Opaque\OpaqueMaterial.srsl:Normal_vs'!
    ---- http://ctrlv.it/txt/3567/2926424048

    8.. at this moment I killed that process but I'm sure that there is problem with many more shaders

    Modkit 1.0.4 + game files from 1.0.4 works just fine.
  • just tried to run BuildResources.bat with modkit 1.0.5 + game files from 1.0.4 and the same errors occur, so I believe that is modkit issue

    1 extra bug that I've never seen before

    Assert: hr == S_OK Error, failed to create vertex layout
  • did you copied over again the data.pkgs and patch.pkgs before trying to build the resources ?
  • of course

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