1.04 - traders won't remove ALE from inventory
  • I noticed that I was accumulating a LOT of ALE in my trading dock (I was buying it regularly). However, the traders (I had 6 assigned to the dock) refused to remove it from inventory, even if I set desired quantity to zero or a low number. You have to mark the trading dock for destruction to get them to unload the ale. Once unloaded, however, the little buggers sure to drink it quickly!
  • yeah . the only place they can store ale is in taverns.
    (it cant be stored in a vanilla barn)

    unless you use a specific mod that add some ale storage.
  • I'm not sure why I was bothering to purchase ale in the first place...kinda a role playing thing to do. Makes sense about the storage, though. I'll just have to manually clear the docks from time to time :)

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