Can't Save Any Game
  • Hi there,

    I seem to be having trouble saving the game. The game saves fine on my Windows 8.1 Laptop, but on my desktop which is using Windows 10, I can't save the game AT ALL.

    I've tried Googling for some solutions but, all of them seem to be pointed towards the fact that most of those other users have more than one local drive. I only have one local ddrive, which is my local drive C:. I can't find the saved file within Documents or Documents/MyGames.

    Can someone please help me? I really love this game, but this problem is very frustrating. Thanks.
  • There's no solution there, like I said there is no Banished file within my Documents folder. I can't even locate my saved files anywhere.
  • gotta be that your documents folder is write protected. From the link RedKetchup supplied:

    Now fixed.

    While the folder that holds save games had full control permissions for the local user and administrator, adding full control for 'everyone' allows loads and saves to work again. Yippee!

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