(MISSING WARES) 1.05 (latest version 11/15/15) Pecans don't exist.
  • So I just got back into Banished with the new patch (1.05 released 10/30) and realized that at least one ware isn't included anywhere: Pecans (Nuts, not Seeds)

    I have a few flourishing Pecan orchards which build up Yield, are harvested, but don't produce Food or nuts.

    At first I noticed that Pecans weren't an option to add to my Trading Post. Sure enough they aren't listed in my Inventory tab at my Town Hall, or in any of my Markets/Storage Barns/Houses.

    Overall, it is really a pretty minor bug, but it was a pretty major problem for poor Defores, The Forester, who starved to death expecting to be eating imaginary Pecans that never came. :'(
  • I sent my villagers over to your town to take strip your orchards. ;)

    When they got back they setup at the market with a sign, "Dez Nutz".

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