Dangling pointer report
  • I haven't had too many crashes before, but whatever's going on now crashes within a few seconds of opening this save, every time. The last thing I did was ordered a pear orchard to cut down and then increased the number of workers possible for that orchard. To test, I loaded the previous save, and was able to reproduce the crash by first ordering an orchard to cut down and then increasing the number of possible workers. I'm running some mods but haven't made any mod changes since I started this town several dozen hours ago (with no crashes). Mods enabled that affect orchards are: Pick Me Up, Better Fields, and LongerLivingOrchards. Files attached.
  • I reloaded the autosave and was able to stop the crash from happening by quickly removing the orchard before the game crashed. It ran for the next few hours without crashing, until I called it a night.
  • Thanks, and yes cutting down an orchard currently causes the crash. It will be fixed in the next beta build.

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