Computer turns itself off after a few minutes of BANISHED
  • Computer turns itself off after a few minutes of BANISHED. simply turn off.
  • When a computer turns itself off while playing a game (like Banished, which needs a lot of power) or using a big hardworking program ,is mostly because the computer (cards, harddrives, etc) are overheated (a way to protect its componants), either from dust accumulation inside the box or a defective part, such as the video card or maybe even a defective fan.
    Check this and you'll find the problem.

    Whether the ventilation (cooling) of the video card or a need to change is usually the cause number one. First open your sides of the computerbox and use compressed air (in a little spraycan that you can buy in stores) to clean the elements such as fans and cards, this should be done regularily because dust will help to increase heat just like an insulation and heat is "deadly" to these computer elements. (Please do not touch anything directly inside the box while it is plugged, electrical shock might be the result) If this does not cure the problem, then your videocard is most-likely tired and should be replaced.
    Myself, i have the sides of my computers always open and a surplus small fan will always bring fresh air into it on top of the already incorporated fans. You can buy these 6 to 8 inch clippable fans anywhere at a low cost. Mine was 12 Dollars Canadian at a hardwarestore. Plus the cleaning with airpressure is done at least once a month. No more turning itself off, nor any other problems like overheating hard drives etc, plus a longer life for most componants.

    ;) Hope this helps.

  • unfortunately temperature is not the issue.

    I play battlefield 4 without problem, where the temperature of the video card reaches 60 degrees celsius and 70 degrees celsius processor and nothing happens .

    Playing banished , even not even coming close to these temperatures ( I monitor with specific software ) my computer simply shuts down
  • Well, if temperature is not the problem, then your computer has other problems and reasons to shut down. I doubt enormously that the cause id the game, which I consider as impossible. I am not a specialist in computer, but I know that a computer shuts down to protact itself from further damage caused by a malfunction of a componant, probably the videocard. Try cooling your videocard with an extra fan, if that doesn't help, see an expert. ;)

  • check your drivers and your directx

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