Co-op in the future?
  • Hello, I just popped in to tell you how much my girlfriend and I love this game. It's nice to play a strategy game where we aren't running around killing everything in sight or being annihilated by an overpowered AI. I realize that this game was not written for multiplayer support but I am hoping that you will release a follow up game in the near future that allows for co-op on local LANs. My girlfriend and I are gamers that are looking for games we can play together. You know... a couple that games together, stays together.
    This is a REALLY great game and we thank you very much for releasing it.
  • I know this isn't what you're looking for, but I have been looking at doing a succession campaign ala Dwarf Fortress style. Each person takes control of the town for 10 years then passes the save file along to the next person. Have 3-4 people do this and see how interesting the town would look like with the different play styles.
  • Would be nice to of had Co.op in this game

    And 5m4llpox

    That's not Co.op now is it .

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