Game crashes when saving or just randomly
  • My game always seem to crash after I have 150 people. I tried no mods at all or just the colonial mod. I tried to run it by clicking on the application.exe directly from the installation file. I tried to run in Direct x9 and 11 and I'm still getting a runtime dll error when I play either at saving or randomly playing. I have a new built computer and I will appreciate if you help me please :) Is this a memory leak?
  • Having the same issue. I thought it might be one of the new mods, but I started a new town without the mod and during an auto-save it just crashed. I would love to continue playing, but it is getting a bit frustrating. This time it happened on year 2 so I did might have had about 50 people? the prior cases I had about 100+ and the game kept crashing when I was trying to set up my trading post inventory.
  • you should update your banished version to 141123. this trading post bug should have been fixed
  • I have version 141103 and I do not use Stream. Per notes for version 141123 ''No other changes to the game or mod kit have been made, so non-steam users can continue using build 141103.'' I am still having the crash issue every other night and it's quite annoying and I cannot find help anywhere. Can anyone help me please? Here is a new crash file I had today

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