• another great idea for farmers is that they should help to finish all the croping BEFORE they go help other people, because it makes all sense first to help working mates, after that done go help other guys wich is great too.
  • one more good idea to maximize productivity areas for farmind is to use those death spaces we cant use because the field has 90ยบ, in one hand that would increase substancialy the food production, but in the other hand it would make our cities even more beautiful, think about it shining rock
  • Allow for fields that are not rectangles to maximize available farmland. An example would be allowing a field to follow the curves of a river.
  • exactly wudchuck
  • To expand on Wudchuck's thought, I would suggest the ability to add on to a plot of farm land, or delete it for future building. For example, a user would place a farm building that is 8x8 in size, after selecting the building, you can add 1x1, 4x4, 8x8 plots as long as it's connected and fit the land. Then as a person adds onto an existing plot the number of resources to manage it should increase or decrease based off the size of the land. This would allow users to "mold" the farm land to which ever landscape. The other piece of this would be if the land got to be a certain point a user would have to either build a new farm or an outpost/barn to distribute workers appropriately otherwise run the risk of not getting everything planted or harvested.
  • sriley
    that is an excellent idea.

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