Common Startup Issues...

  • Common Startup Problems...

    There's a few issues that crash the game on startup that have cropped up that can be worked around. Here's a few of them and the solutions. These all assume you're using version 1.0.3 or greater.

    These first two issues usually occurs on laptops that have both an integrated card and an NVidia card. You can also try to update BOTH the Intel and Nvidia drivers to the latest version, in addition to the fixes listed below.

    • If the game is crashing in igd10umd64.dll (or similar), try switching the game to use DirectX 9 instead of DirectX 11. You can do this when the game starts up in the Video Settings Menu. If the launcher isn't coming up, hold CTRL as the game starts to make it come up. Change the Graphics Interface option to DirectX 9.

    • If the game is crashing in nvumdshimx.dll (or similar), try switching the game to use DirectX 11. You can do this when the game starts up in the Video Settings Menu. If the launcher isn't coming up, hold CTRL as the game starts to make it come up. Change the Graphics Interface option to DirectX 11.

    Other general issues:
    • If the game displays the logo and then crashes, the file Documents\Banished\Save\Menu.msc may be corrupt. Simply delete this file and restart the game.

    • If the game crashes saying a display mode isn't valid, try changing the resolution before the game starts. This can happen if the game is minimized and is closed. Note that if you have video hardware that doesn't fully support shader model 2.0, this error message is probably valid.

    • If you're playing with Steam and the game says you're missing an executable, make sure your virus scanner isn't blocking the download of the game. Some scanners and anti malware software have been isolating the Banished exe files. You can see an additional list of programs that can interfere with Steam here:

    • If you're looking for the latest version of Banished, you'll have to redownload it from where ever you bought it from. Steam should autoupdate the game, new versions are available from, and if you bought the game from the Humble Store or from Shining Rock Software, you can download the latest version using the link you originally received to download the game. If you no longer have the email, you can get it resent using this tool:
  • i get the display mode is not valid error. Actually it says ...
    Input signal out of range. Change settings to 1600*900 - 60hz

    but i don't think that my system does not support the game. It is quite good ... Pls help
  • I was trying to start up a new game in Banished and the game crashed. I followed what Steam recommended in deleting Appcache and restarted the computer. I loaded Steam via "Run as administrator" and tried to start the game again. It crashed again.

    I tried to change my display and even, stopped my mods and it still crashed.

    I have a current game that is running fine, but I am running out of building space and wanted to start a new game. This is the first time since I started playing the game that it crashed.
  • Okay after going though some start up problems I finally figured out one of the more common, and frustrating crashing problems.
    If you have an ATI/Intel hybrid card with Dynamic graphics switching and have Catalyst installed, and you're getting errors about missing .dlls:

    Make sure you have Catalyst AI set to at least Standard. (From the Catalyst Tray: Right Click>Graphics Card name>3D Settings> Catalyst A.I> Standard)

    It's been a general problem with me ever since I upgraded my drivers, especially since now it doesn't play nice with Source engine games.
  • My achievements does not work in Steam

    First, sorry for my bad english.....I really hope it is at least readable xD

    I'm throwing nearly four months, and usually play several hours.
    The problem is that my achievements not unlock, and I already did pretty much almost all challenges. At first I thought it was my operating system (which was 32bit), then formatted and placed 64bit and bug remained. Already tried a case like the net and did not see much. I wonder if there is any possibility to fix it
    Sem título.jpg
    1500 x 843 - 133K
  • if you use any mod, whatever the mod, even if it is only 1 mod, you cannot get any achievements, if that's the case that happended to you.
  • Hi
    Open Nvidia control panel and in manage 3d settings then under the tab global settings you will find a drop box where you select "high-performance NVIDIA processor".

    With this you will always use you Nvidia graphic card.

    If you want to save battery, you can alternatively do this in a profile only for games having the save problem. With such method, you will use Intel graphic for common tasks

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