How to Report Bugs & Issues
  • When reporting bugs, please follow these guidelines - they'll help track down issues more quickly.

    • Check the 'Known Issues' thread. If your bug is already listed there, please contribute to the conversation - the more information available on a bug, the easier it is to track down. You can also search for similar bugs to see if anyone has reported an issue.
    • Please include the game version you are playing. This is either the version number (1.0.0) or the build number (140210)
    • If the game won't start, please include details of your system configuration, as well as the error message you received.
    • If the game crashes with "A fatal error has occurred and the game cannot continue!...." and it says that it output a crash dump, please upload the crash dump. It's located in Documents\Banished\Save\crash.dmp. This helps debugging immensely.
    • Please include any steps required to reproduce the bug, or any details that might be helpful in tracking it down.
    • If the crash is repeatable, please upload the save game that shows the bug in detail. Save games are stored in Documents\Banished\Save\
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