Ale doesn't leave the Trading Post
  • Version 1.0.4 Build 141123

    I have bought Ale from different merchants and it happens that my Vendors don't move the Ale to my Storage Barn what exists right next to my Trading Post for shortest possible way to deliver it for my Traders.

    I have 2 different Trading Posts one holds 2200 Ale and the other 600 and my Vendors are idling instead of deliver the Ale.

    Dont know what to do...
    I even tried already to add Ale so the Vendors maybe can trigger the storage and empty it, but only adding new Ale and dont deliver it.

    1920 x 1080 - 427K
  • storage barns and markets dont accept ales. the only place it can be stored is in taverns.
  • but even taverns dont get the ale and i have 6 taverns.
  • yeah it is hard to get to.

    ale is totally useless anyways, should never buy, it is only an economic output allowing you to trade easily for essential goods and materials.
    not sure it is really supposed to increase hapiness... but you can have 10,000 ales consumed in a few minutes and have the impression to not see a real effect on hapiness 'stars'.

    btw edit: i see your alcohol limit is set at 500. have you tried to put 9999 instead ?
  • No i didn't and it doesn't matter if i put it up or down.
    The Trading Post ignores the limits.
    If i buy 8000 food and have a limit of 3000, the trading post delivers the full 8000 to all barns and my worker will stop to produce and collect food until i am below 3000 again.
    Only ale isn't affected to it, because they don't have a place to deliver it if ale isnt stored in a barn...

    That's the "bug" in this game.
  • yes, the trading post ignore the limits, not the taverns

    and the taverns need to receive the ale.
    and keep in mind each tavern has a max capacity of 300.
  • Yeah but as you can see, none of them has ale in Stock, so i dont see a reason why ale will not be delivered.
  • do you use mods ? and if not, are you planning/want to ?
  • no and no not yet, i'm close to the last achievement and steam disables those with mods.
  • oh ok
    unfortunately, not much can be done with ale. never buy them. it is a resource to be made and sell to be able to buy essential things for your city...

    it is not a real bug, thats the plan that was intended.

    good luck with your achievements :)
  • Well that's kinda stupid but ok if that's intended.

    Thx, i just need only the last one :3 500 People after 200 Years and then I'm done with.

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